players (where destiny plays ) 28

Thank u guys u liked it…it means a lot….

The episode starts with Aryan n mihika coming in to the house…th are at the garden…
Aryan: u go I will come just now after attending the call
Mihika : okay, come soon
Aryan:(in phone) yeah, I will inform u…OK I will call u bhai…
Aryan was about to leave
Ragini :(facing his back ) one minute MR AB….
Aryan stopped there turned and shocked: ragini.
Ragini : yes… Mr aryan deshmukh kab se tum AB ban gayi…
Aryan looks here and there…he catch her wrist and says come u will tell u everything…with that he drags her near the lawn..
Ragini: jerking his hand… What their to tell…we believed u alot…what will happen when ur brothers will come to know that you are AB..the person who is helping kiran and safeguarding her….once you could have said us this…is this much is your trust on us….
Aryan : no ragini its not like that…I am under a mission so I can’t open up…so now kindly will u say how u got to know I am AB
Ragini : don’t forget I am a journalist…I have my source…leave all that r u going to say me who is you know him and how come you become AB…
We will say u everything…sanskar said

Ragini turned and looked…there were all expect swara…
Laksh is too confused..he goes to her and asked

Laksh : what is happening here…y r u all so serious n ragini when did u become so serious…
Ragini : laksh u kno wat..( something strike her) wait a minute , sanskar u know all this…
Jeevika ; not only him…we all know it…
Laksh : what’s going on here…what u all know
SanSanskar : i will explain u,,,,but before that ( looking at mihika )
Mihika : no swara wont come here…i had given her the medicIne she will sleep for more than two hours….
Laksh : again u give her medicine….this is not fair …n what u guys are talking I can’t understand anything…
Viren : come sit here…before that do u guys get ant letter…??

( I hope u remember a letter which is for laksh and ragini and they are getting shock)

Laksh : yaa I remember…some thing about players
Ragini : yaa I too know…
Viren : hmm okay…I hope u know what is players….
Laksh :????
Ragini : players are group of people assigned by government of every country…here in India too one will be there…they are most powerful but can’t use their power in front of the world…the are here for safeguarding the country …. Their words are last and they are powerful than anything…the people in players are unknown..they live a common life in front if others and for the gang are players….THE PLAYERS WHO PLAY BIG FOR THE COUNTRY……

She said all this in one breath and laksh looked astonished…

Ragini : Kiran is member of player and he is (point at Aryan ) is her
Sanskarn: AB
Ragini shocked
Ragini said everything laksh till she know….
Laksh : now will u guys speak up ( he too become serious….till now he was acting funny but now after knowing that all the people who knew for him feels like a stranger to him …same is going with ragini….)

Mihika : we are the members of players…
Ragini and laksh hpget shocked
Sanskarr : Kiran is none other than swara….
Jeevika : we know we had hidden many things from u guys but it is the part of our mission….
Viren : and now too ragini knew all this bcoz we want her to know…but u r fast..wenjust give a simple clue and here u r
Laksh : what’s going on here….
Aryan : u r the new members of players…
Sanskar : are u guys ready for the mission…
Laksh : missions???
Mihika : s mission u guys tink we arenhaving office work right…actlly we are at mission jeevika and viren will come out by saying mission and we three thatnis aryan me and sanskar in the name of mission…
Jeevika : that is y u guys ragini laksh n swara feels exhausted in our house…because we used to speak daily ….
Ragini : but swara is a me!Ber right…then y now she is not here..
Laksh ; yaa exactly
Sanskar : bciz swara lost her memory…now she don’t know that she is kiran…she is third head of players… After me and aryan…
( now I think u guys u got to know the person who aryan calling as bhai is none other than sanskar.) she don’t know we are members….actually we all don’t know we r members…we had become member in different way…n recently we come to know we are all together…
Laksh : that means u guys are in players before itself I mean when we are in London..
SansKAR : no that time only me and kiran was the memeber
Ragini : so u know swara before ryt????
Sanskar : I don’t know swar…I know kiran …s before itself we know each other we had been in contact for many mission…now recently our head said this to me…
Ragini : HEAD??
VIREN ;players have a head …. Our head is durga prasad maheshwar…we call him dp..he is e one …he know all of us before we know each other…he is the head of players gang ….now he retired…
Laksh : retired means…then whonis new head
Sanksar : the old players will be replaced by new one after ever 5 years….and sometime it will be same for years…swara is the new head because she is working for players for 6 years…. But now she don’t remember anything
Mihika : its important to gain her memory back..that’s y we are mixing dose in her food ….
Jeevika : now I think u got all the answer
Raglak noded
Aryan : now we have two mission..first one is to make award gain her memory fast because without her we can’t starry mission two…
Sanksar : u guys no need to be tensed…we won’t eat u…u both are our siblings and always will be so just take a breathe

Ragini and laksh are full serious actually they don’t know how to react ….after this they releved where as others laugh at their act…

Screen freez
So how is the eosode….hope u guys like it …shocking right ….

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