players (where destiny plays ) 26

The episode starts with everyone coming back to dining hall…all are silently eating food….mihika and aryan dintnwant more..swalak plan hit at core…th kept all the file aside silently have their food

Swara and laksh enjoy all he scenes….there is someone who is noticing this two…offcoarse sanskar….he had doubt that all that happened a few minutes ago was their plan…he checked his chutney…paratha and juice when all it is confirmed he became ready to eat

Swara POV

Ohh merit hubby is cross checking…but u forget Mr sanskar kapoor …I am swara …. My plan will never fail…do whatever you want you don’t have any idea what I store for you….

Swara POV end

Sanskar pa enter

Sir, mr guptha said to kleep the meeting soon

No problem, tell him to come here at home…today is Sunday so I an free

Okay sir. Pa leave the half

Swra : ohh so u want to make meeting here …that to Sunday …
Laksh : Swara..our Sunday programme all got cancelled…
Swara : nothing will happen laksh…I think we should change plan C
LAKSH : then what the new plan….
Swarta : wait and watch….

Al swasan room

Sanskar today why white short
Sasnakr was wearing white full sleeve shirt which is folded ….

Woh today I have meeting naa..that’s why..this deal is important so…
Swara I will be in lawn with aryan…u TAkE yuour medicine okay…

Okay swara smiles
She keeps folds her hand and so Mr kapoornis ready for the meeting…now its time for the plan

At a cafe ragini and karan is having a talk..
Karan : ragini, its two week we are back of Koran..we only know the NA!e ..we don’t have any other information about him..
Ragini : I want to know …and I will use my complete source
Karan : y u want to know…look ragini…he is doing a good job…u know right how much bomb blast highjackes kidnapping and many more he had saved…and do u think if he come out of the world he will be safe…its better he do the job in same way..
Ragini : no karan you are not getting me…I know if he came and face the world his life would be in danger…and I really don’t want that…I know if he have the power to know all this then he have the power to safe himself too…u want the world to know him…you know what every news channel just shows the bad things happening around the world…people feels like only bad is happening police and other officer are just for name…I want to show them there are people who plays with their life risk their everything avoid all the happy things just to safeguard their country…and kiran is my stepping Stone…but the problem is I don’t know anything about he a girl or boy …which place nothing…

On a dark road
Two people were talking
Per 1: AB what we should do…ragini kapoor is back of Kiran..if she comes to know that swara is Kiran then???
AB : no till kiran got her memory back..we can’t do anything…
( yes Koran is swara…I don’t want to drag that is that our her mom Dad and dhruv s accident…she fell unconscious on road…since shekhar is an army man…the army people came to rescue him but they were too late…the took swarta to hospital and said about black people….

Black people as name suggest they are people from different back ground whose life have any meaning…their life’s have been destroyed by the rules of country…most of them will be poor..,their minds are brain washed by black people and will make them the member….their main sum is to bring calamity and destruction in the country…as their life become hell they want all to face it…and if some one try to go against them then that are gone ( as what happened with shekar )
Swara who know all this joined the army secret group…she work for tm for 5 years under the name of kiran….and AB is her partner…she never seen him but have full faith in him..he is the one who protect her from blacks

At nest villa
Sanskar : ramu kaka everything is ready naa…
Ramukaka : haan beta as u said I made all the arrangements….
Swara : sanskar pls take kush naa..I willmcome right now…
She placed kush in his lap and run
Sanskar: arre swara I don’t known to take….before he complete she keeps the baby and run
He slowly sit in sofa and looks at the baby

Swalak behind a wall looking sanskar while hiding

Laksh: swara will it works
Swara : I don’t know now its all in the hands of kush…
They look each other and give hifi

Sanskar : arrey swara ki bachi kush ko lekar jao….(in mind ) any time they mr guptha will be here

They heard the sound of car ….

Sanskar being shocked

Screen freeze

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