players (where destiny plays ) 25

The ep8sode starts with everyone coming to to the dining hall…all seated ..

Swara is all okay …laksh asked while coming to the hall with swara…

Yes now its time for action

Both looks at each other and smiles mischievously

Laksh where is ragini…..jevika asked looking here and there

Bhabhi..she had urgent work so she went with karan…she will be here at noon…

At dining table….

Aryan…did you talk with Mr mehtha…sanskar asked while looking his phone…

Haan sanskar… I called him he asked to fix the meeting within two days…as he will be out of town

Yeah..this deal is important and we had done half of our presentation now little more is left mihika said

Arrey swara why the plan is not working,.,

Wait laksh sabar KA phal meet a hotha hain

Aryan is having a file in one hand…he is doing double job eating and reading t file…. He took the tea…add some sugar from the bowl and drank it…

Yek…whaty is this… Aryan spill the tea…

Kya hua aryan mihika asked…

Its salt not sugar he said while pointing at the sugar bowl….

Haan,.its salt that we all know what’s the big deal in it…swara said innocently while stuffing a piece of rotty in her mouth,,,

But how come salt bowl come here mihika said while examining the bowl..,
Abb tho gayi laksh said which I’d heard only by swara…

Chip KAR laksh swara mutmered

I brought the salt bowl….swara said….actually I need salt for butter tyhats why….

But you ate eating Rotty naa…sanskar asked…

Its my wish what to eat…and waise bhi he should have look NA who told him to do double work…we are here to have breakfast and saugar bowl is just near to him..he was concentrating too much on that file that he pour salt instead of sugar….

Anyeway leave all this you were talking about mehtha presentation ryt…mihika asked aryan who was still in which because he used to more sugar in his tea…and youguys well know salty tea..that too morning…

Swra and laksh chuckles and give highwife under the plan…

Mission A WORKS now mission B

Baa…mihika starts to vomit…she immediately goesa to washroom …..after sometime she came back..

What happened mihika are you alright aryan asked while rubbing his palm around her back…

Yeah…I am fine…

Should I call doctor… Aryan asked with concerned…

Arrey aryan baba…its nothing to worry woh mihika beti shayad ped we hain ramukaka said which shocked everyone and swara and laksh control their laugh.,,

Aap ko kaise patha aryan asked innocently for which mihika give him a glare look…

Are meri biwi bhi aisi hi HAR kat KAR rahi this jab WO ped se that…
Ramu kak said while remembering his old days…

Wow mihika you are expecting ….I am too happy for you…swara said while hugging mihika and controlling her laugh….

Aarrey arrey…whats all happening.,,its not necessary that she will be pregnant just because she vomited ramukaka aap bhi naa..and swara jeevika said while looking swara for which swara pouts and say sorry..
Mihika we should do some test then only we can confirm….Jeevika said in serious tone

Wait wait…don’t make this much assumptions… I am not pregnant…its all because this mihika said while pointing towards a jar

Milk???aryan asked confused

Milk nahi least…I had pour lessy in my cornflakes…and I hate lessy that’s why I vomited…but u guys are impossible …you did even give me a chance to say….

All feel embarrassed

By the way who brought least…mihika asked while folding her hands..

Lucky…swara said while pointing her fingered towards laksh

Kya mein…laksh asked furious

Laksh you don’t Remember yesterday u said while bringing the lessy that we will have this tomorrow…swara said while sighining something to laksh….

Haan..ya ya…I Remember…sorry mein bol gayi….laksh said…

Sanskar was about to say something for which swara cutt him and said…
Now u don’t say how it came in table???why it is kept near meeku and all…milk too was present their and mihika u even can identify lessy from far away…it was near you then too…

Sanskar ( in mind ) I didn’t even thought then why she is saying all this.. I was going to ask her whether she had or medicine or not but this girl…. Aisa tho nahi ki hain in dono ki plan hain …if it then next is you sanskar be careful….better concentrate on food fully …bcoz u don’t have any idea what’s cooking in these both devils mind

Sankaar where are you lost..swara asked while shaking him

No nothing..
Al went back to dining hall

Screen freeze

So what you think what is planned for sanskar???
Did their plan will work???

Stay tuned

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