players (where destiny plays ) 24

The episode starts with swara and sanskar looking at the moon….
Swara : sanskar
Sanskar : hmm
Swara : do u know the live story of sun and moon

Sanskar looked at swara but swara smiles looking at the moon

My papa used to say SUN LOVES MOON VERY MUCH THAT HE DIES EVERY DAY….JUST TO ALOW HER TO BREATHBREATH ( sorry guys…this bold letters are not mine..I read it somewhere and I madly loved it )

those days I didn’t know what he is talking about…but now I know…your love taught me their story,….

Sanskar have tears in his eyes…
Its nothing like that swara…. I am not sun..I didn’t did anything like this…

Swara smiles
But for me…you did everything… You have the full right as a husband then too….swara looks down a tear escape from her…

Sanskar makes her faca him… And wipe her tears..

Shsss never say like this… I am very happy with you and your presence is important for me..

They had a cute eyelook…
Sanskar was about to go but swara held his hand…he turns facing swara…

Now you don’t want to wait more…
With that she kisses his eyes…he closed his eyes feeling the kiss…s kiss his cheeks…and looks at his lips…her hands began to shake…she was holding his shirt tightly..she closed her eyes and lean towards him..

Sanskar who was watching all this smiles… And takes her hand from his shirt which she is catching tightly…
She opened her eyes…

You don’t need to do all this…he cupped her face…I am really happy with you…you take your time…he kiss her for head
Now…sleep u need rest…

The next morning

Swara was moving here and there….

I have to do something…but kya ..
She heard lash talking to ragini in phone

Laksh : kya ragoo..I too will come with u naa..its better than eating breakfast with boring people… Okay no problem ..take care bye..
He cutts the call
Kya yaar.. Y always me with that he makes a pout face
Swara who was hearing all this come to him and ask his problem

Laksh : kya bataoon Swara ragini went with karan for some important work and I am leave today so I want to spend my day with this boring people looking at sanskar mihika and Aryan who was discussing something ….

Swara : waise I have a plan to make this BP somewhat away from business stuff
Laksh eyes lit up
Laksh : what
Swara : but I need your help… So will you be my partner in crime
She moves his towards him
Laksh : offcoarse he shake with hand with her…

She said something.. And laksh laugh aloud
Laksh : super plan…your plan is better than raginis sting operation..
I should have known u before
Swara : now u r my partner…u will come to know…and waise bhi ragini is my sister so won tho mere asar hain
Laskh : now I don’t have any doubt she is your sister.
They gave high five with each other…

Sanskar and jeevika was looking from down their bond,..and both smiles…
sanskar move to jeevika
Jeeviak: I thought dhruv ki maut ki baath…who will take his place…but now I am relaxed…
Sanksar smiles


So what u guys thinking…

for that stay tuned


I know this one is little short… I am deciding to write big one…may be today itself,..but for that i want a lots of comment…because I just want. Know how much u like this..and what all changes should I bring….

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