players (where destiny plays ) 23

The episode starts with all searching for names …
Everyone comes with different names but one or the other all get rejected….
At last jevika and viren said in unison what about KHUSH

This brings smile in everyone’s face…
Khush means happy…since he born everyone is happy n somewhere this happiness is brought By him so the named him as khush viren kapoor….

They all spend a quality time together every hour baby change from one person to another…. Everyone playsand takes the baby expect our sanskar… He just plays with him but never tried to take the baby in his lap….

Sanskar : swara,chalo now we should sleep…tomkrow we have appointment with doctor… So we should go early…
Swara : okay..

She gives baby in jeevika s hand… Changes to suit n both sleep..

Both are at hospital
Doc : she have improvement… She will be fine soon… The bandage should be change regularly otherwise it may cause infection.. And scanning report will come now …you wait here..

Both start to wait ….
Nurse : are you Mrs kapoor
Swara : yes,..
Nurse gives her the file
Sanskar : what’s there in the report
Nurse : congratulation you are pregnant ( I don’t know whether nurse will say this news but for tym being you adjust)
Sanskar :(shocked ) wat…
Swara : ( excited ) wow sanskar, I am pregnant ( she start to jumb )
Sanksar : but how is this possible..he checks the report and sees positive return in red ink….
Swara :but why???
Nurse went
Sanskar: because its not possible I know it…

Swara : arrey y I am asking
Sanskar : ( in mind ) arrey how will I say her that hamare beech mein aise kuch nahi hua José woh pregnant who jaye
Swara : sanskar I am asking u
Sanskar : bcoz..wo..WO has actually we had a scanning to find out internal injury in head naa so..
Swara ; ( hit her head ) arrey haan…
Sanskar : ohh sanskar aaj tho Bach gayi…
Nurse : sorry sir n mam… The report got exchanged here is your report…
Sanskar : ( angry ) u should be careful right…the name is written in big bold letters..don’t you have eyes…,
Swara : its okay sanskar…it happens…( to nurse ) I am sorry from his side…pls be careful next time…
Nurse : sorry sir…we use surname so it got confusion

They take the report n doctor said all is fine and comes back home…all this while goes in silent … Swara goes to her room..and sanskar goes to terrace… Whenever he feels upset or strange… He sits alone …. This is noticed by aryan…and aryan and jeevika well knows about it.. Jeevika signs aryan to talk….

Aryan and sanskar in terrace

Sanskar tells him everything happened in hospital…

Sanskar , till when you will move like this…

I don’t know aryan…

Dekh sanskar, swara loves you…then what is the problem

Problem is I am afraid to lose her…if her memory comes back and then she comes to know that I used her then…

Nothing like that will happen…if u go away from her..this will make her more curious…she may try to find out the truth…

So what are you saying… Sanskar said

Make her feel that you too loves her…don’t go far from her…I know that everyday you sleeps late saying I have office work…but till how much days..

Hmm.…i know..but I don’t have any other way…if I look her I can’t control myself.. So its better I burden myself with workloads

Sanskar , you tell her truth

Are you mad aryan…

Not full half at least then she will understand you…anyway by doing this you are burning yourself…..think about it…

Aryan left

Sanskar POV

Aryan is right…. This kills me everyday…I want to feel her and I can’t …I have full right then too I can’t….I don’t know what should I do……

Sanskar enters room

He saw swara already slept waiting him… She makes her lay properly in bed , kissed her for head and moves

Sanskar, swara catches his hand
Do you love me

What question is this swara…???

I am asking u something swara asked him by looking straight into his eyes…its clearly seen she is serious

Yes I do sanskar said by cupping her face…

Then y u lied me

Sanskar gets shocked …what lie I said u

Its not the report…you already know I won’t get pregnant because we don’t have a relation like that…y saskar…whenever I asked about our marriage..u said me lie..y r u not saying me anything…. I had a memory loss it doesn’t mean that I should not know what happened in my life…I have full right n you should say…how we got married …n why are you staying away from me…you care for me..and I can see love for me in your eyes then y r u keeping it and making me and u both suffer..

stop it swara…I am not here by any force and I love u too
U want to heat the truth naa then u hear…

He said her in which circumstance she got married

So this is the reason… I dindnt love u… And we got married for ragini and laksh…in this whole 8 months we are just sharing a room ryt

Swara asked looking him

And sanskar just nodded by back of her

And you feel… If u come close to me later I will say I cheated u…ryt

There was a silence in whole room

They both come near the window and looked at the moon…

Sanskar said while looking at the moon

Hmm sanskar said …

Do u know the live story of moon and sun…

Sanskar looked at swara with confusion

Swara still in the same position looking at the moon and folding her hands.

Screen freeze

So what do u think will swara and sanskar will be one??? Stay tuned

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