players (where destiny plays ) 2


HAI frnds mehra….
I know I made many mistakes..I am sort my first attempt NA
Here we go
Mihika opened the door
Mihika: swara hey kya haal banaya apna
Jeevika n ragini too reached there….

Swara was wearing a yellow luggings n green top….she had made a French braid …..n her face is full of mud….her clothes were drenched with mud water….n she have pupy with her….

Jeevika: swara hey kya hain n from wer u got this puppy
Swra: actually I got this from roadside since it was hurt I bought it here
Mihika: n ur clothes
Swara :won wen I a helping him a car splash these on me
Ragini: n u didn’t say anything to driver strange…..what’s the needed to do this(then she remembered what she said n bite her lip…jeevika n mihika gave her glare look)
For their she didn’t say anything just simply smiled n move from there
Swara : ramu kaka …iss puppy ko nahao…n take gud care of it
Ramu kaka nodded
Ragini jeevika n mihika are still in shock…
Ragini: di ko kya hua
Jeevika: patha nahi…

In swara s room
A white n blue n black mix
Mihika: what was that
Mihika: y u didn’t say rago anything
Swara: so u want me to
Mihika : no its not like that
Swara : then what
Mihika: y u behaved like that
Swra: (smiles) u will come to know

In ragini s room
Walking here n there

Ragini:y she behaved like that….she was silent..
Something flashes in her mind
(When swara was walking with ragini n mihika)
Ragini: I want icecream
Swara:okay wait
Swrara cross the road n buy icecream….n then she saw a girl is gng to hit by a car she runs n save her in mean tym she hurt herself a small girl come to her n says tanks for saving her mumma
Ragini n mihika take her to home
Ragini: wats the need to do that..… y u risk urslf fr others….

Swara: did u see the small girl…..I dond want any other to face same which we faces
Flash back ends
Ragini: I know di u r hurt…n again I hurt u

In swara s room
Mihika n swra was discussing about meeting then ragini came
Swara:ha ragini….wat hpnd…looking at the file
Ragini: I am sorry
Mihika :(hell shock) wat is this ragini whom I know….she never used to say sorry
Ragini:bcoz she never used to do anything wrong….BT today I hurt my di I should nt have done that n lows her head
Swara:arrey budhu….wat r u dng….never eva do that n hugs her
Ragini:ok,… I am going to office
Swara: OK
(When ragini went)
Mihika: how u did that
Swara:Its not necessary to scold for everything….sometime without saying anything many things can be cleared…I think u got it
Mihika nodded

In London
A mansion is shown
A terrace its nyt….n someone’s is seated with a laptop….busy typing something it is sanskaar
Laksh: sab ladki aisa hi hothi hain
Sanskar:abb which girl is your problem
Sanskar: which one that designer
Sanskar:what’s the prob in her….
Laksh glared at him
Sanskar: he understood so she also
Laksh:back of money.…how will I find a true a girl
Sanskaar: shut his laptop…I can explain
Laksh: u n start to laptop…the one who does not even look a girl will say me a girl is true or not
Sanskar: what do you mean
Laksh: sorry OK say
Sanskar:the one who have value of her duppatta is a real
Laksh; duppatta…what r u saying bhai….the is London… Who wears scarf here….
Sanskaaar:arey duffer its a quote…may be it contain a meaning
Laksh: then what is that
Sanskar: that u HV to find urselfr(winks)
Laksh:(irked) is this not enough….
Sanskar :where is veren bhai….
Laksh :one more accident case….
Viren is an forensic expert….

Viren enters
He was wearing black pant grey shirt which is folded…
Viren: sahir ek glass pani dena(sits in sofa opposite to sanskaar)
Sanskaar: so…suicide ya murder
Viren: result nahi ayaa.….
Laksh: y u bring those stuffs herte…..vaisa its 5 min left to strike 12

They count down 5…4…3….2….1…
Happy bday viren bhai..
.laksh:so wat u want this year….
Sanskar:I know n gives n envelop
Viren:opened it shock n looks at sanskaar
Screen freeze on sanskar smile face laksh confused face viren shock face

Credit to: mehra

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