players (where destiny plays ) 19


The episode starts with a person speaking to another person in a dark place…. Their faces can’t be identified as its dark

Person 1 : AB she got memory loss. Now How will we complete our mission
AB : bro said to wait till she gain her memory tab take… Keep a watch on her, she is an imp player, without her our mission will be incomplete

Wow sanskar, my house is same like before, but y did u take me here, I should go to my sasural ryt, wat ur parents will think

Ohh swara, u even didn’t enter u started your bak bak u shud be in police,how much question u r asking me as if I Have done something wrong….

Now y r u scolding me sanskar, OK now I will not speak, abb kush
She keeps her finger on her lips n turned to other SIDE, sanskar move to her n cupp her face
Never say like that, do whatever u want but don’t say that u will keep mum, u know how much it hurts me

Soory sanskar, y u became serious, u know NA , do u think I can keep silent, silence word is not there in my dictionary,

Sanskar ( in mind ) how will I say u swara, silence was your weapon , your happiness n sadness, after that silence had covered u , n I really don’t want silence anymore between us, this accident was planed by destiny, n whatever happen next ,I give it to destiny….

Sanskar, where r u lost, don’t forget u r married and never dare to think about another girl, kahi u don’t have any affair NA,,,, talented handsome n dashing young man, I am sure someone will be there….gv me the name of that chudail I won’t leave her….

Arrey…arey… I think someone is jeolous….

Swara keep her hand on her hip…
I shud be jeolous, its my ryt towards u…
Anyway which one is our room….

Room mein jaane KE liye itna uttavali kyun ho rahi hoon…. Waise no one is in house…only u n me… If u want u can keep your husband near you.. So that no other girl can keep an eye on him… N later don’t say that I am bored with u

Achha…. If I heard u look any other girl… Then I won’t leave you

Thats what I want…sanskar replied coming close to her


I don’t want u to leave me…. Sankar said near her ear… Which make swara shiver…

Leave all this… I want to see our room…

Sanskar take her to their room…

What is this sanskar… ???

What?? What happened???? Said while looking at laptop…. He had been not up to date about office… Mihika n aryan used to do all this alone… N now they have taken the responsibility of hospital… This much years swara had managed all alone… Hospital , office, but now, she don’t even remember anything… And they think to keep her away from this since this may just increase her question level… Mihika had said them she never had interested in business… Her passion and dream is just for music… But after that accident,, she never touched her guitar… Or sing….

I used to wear this….pointing at saree n salwar kameez….

Swara, it was your wish, I never forced u….

But, I don’t know to wear saree… Do u like me in saree??? Swara asked picking up saree n looking at it as if she is going to operate on it…

You know to wear saree, dear you had a memory lose NA so u may have forget it… And you wear what ever you want ,,,, I like you any attire…. But saree suits you more…

Thank I sanskar,,, but now I can’t wear saree … I will learn n wear it… Till then what shud I wear

Arrey baba… There r many dress in your wardrobe , pick one

But they r suits n I am little bit uncomfortable in it

Who said to wear it… U wear something which u feel comfortable…n y r u taking tension for such a silly things… ( in mind ) ohh god how she used to deal whole company alone…. N with that hospital too….

Screen freeze
Swara in new attire….

I am dry guys…. I know there is nothing spcl in my ff …. I will end this soon…

Credit to: mehra

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    Its my favourite ff

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  3. No dear ur ff is nice

  4. It’s very special and unique story…..plz continue dear……I like memory loss drama of swara …….plz make swalak comedy science more and swasan romance also

  5. Its awsome yr plz update daily

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