players (where destiny plays ) 18


The episode starts with swara pointing her fingers near aryan,
I feel its u…..

Laksh :Yeah he is Aryan, but how u know he is mihika husband
Swara : Oh okay, hlo aryan
Its easy, sorry I don’t find anything diff in this both guys, but this guy, pointing at sanskar. His eyes have a diff charm. I am sure this is not for mihika, his eyes speaks a different language, filled with diff emotion

Mihika interrupt to avoid more scene, bcoz she knows her very well now she willask who is she what is he doing here whatnis his name n full biodata. So it’s better to change the tpic as sson as possible

Swara, u become maasi, jeevika dee delivers a baby boy
Swara : What…. Wow n she start to jumb
Sanskar ; Swara…be careful with concern

Swara looked at him with blank expression when ragjni came…
Swara ;What’s happening here… Mihika change to suit I can figure out but u, y r u having a sindor in ur for head
Laksh ; Bcoz she is my wife, ragini laksh kapoor
Swara; what…u to married….
if u both get married means I too…. She check her for head n look at her finger. She saw sindoor in her hand n she touched her neck but codnt find anything, that time sanskar give her manglasutra back to her

Sanskar : Nurse gave me ur….. Before taking u to OT
Swara ;so u r my…
Those emotions are for me….she looked into his eyes for an answer

Sanskar : take a breath… I am sanskar kapor n yea out r my wife
Laksh : n one more thing we have an elder bro viren with whom ur dee got married… We four brothers married ur four sister, now ur all doubts are clear….
( said slowly ) its better I myself say all history warns she will bak bak

Swara ; But how.. I mean how can be it like that, am sure u all got married bcoz of me n him NA

Laksh : What u mea by that
Swra ; Offcoarse , I am sure I did love marriage, shayad hamari vajah we
Waise I am sure by looking at u, I am sure I may have proposed u, but how fell in love, did be we bhaag ki shaadi ki….

Sanskar ; Kitni bolthi ho tum swara, do u wanna knoe all your answer today itself,
N u all r answering all r que without giving her a rest, u all go …. I will be here
Mihika ; No sanskar, I will be here, u can’t handle her alone
Swara ; Am I a kid, its hard to hand!e meeku… N BTW I think my hubby is a shy typo
Won kya gain NA,.. I think he want to spent some time withme.,,aonu guys pls excuse yourself

This girl will make me embarased unfrontnof every one,, she is unbelievable,,, everyone went as they don’t want to here anymore,,,, how can she think everything so positive, she accepted everything with a sec, now I understand how everyone feels hapy around her, her innocence n positivity is her speciality,,,,

Swarra ; Hlo, we’re have u gone

Sanskar ; Hmm nothing, u come sit here… Imade her wear manglasutr
She looked at sanskar
Sanskar ; Can I know y r u looking at me like this
Swara ; U love me so much ryt
Sanskar ; Koyi shakk
She showed her head in no
Swara : can I ask u something
Sanskar : so this much time what where u doing,
Swara : that’s with them NA, now I want to ask to u
Sanskar : we have enough time now u take rest,n what is this u haven’t had your soap
Swara : that’s not soap, I think u don’t know what a soap is, I will say dee to make for u, arrey I want to meet her n baby, she is inhia hospital NA, come let’s meet
Sanskar : u r not going any where…. Chup chap take rest
Swar : r u ordering me…
Sanskar : if u think like that , what can I do
Swara : I am swara khanna.. No one orders me
Sanskar: for ur kind info, u r swara sankar kapoor…..
Swara : hits her head oh I forgot…..
Sanskar : now, u drink this varna…
Swara : varna…
Sanskar : varna , I will
Swara: ( in mind ) is he…. No….no..,I will
Sanskar : arrey, I didn’t say, before that sherni bangayi billi
Swara : I know what u r going to say… N don’t try to blackmail by that
Sanskar : blackmail ???? For what
Swara : injection, u r blackmailing by that NA,,zarror romeo NA kaha yoga tumse, he too used to do same when I wont HV my medicine
Sanskar : accha,, tho kisi ko injection se darr lagtha hain
Swara: hey…so u don’t know
Sanskar: no, I was saying I will make ur stay in Hosp for one more week, bujt now I think I don’t want to do that, one injection will solve
Swara : no….. U won’t do like that, I will drink it,,
Sanskar : thats like. A good girl, now finish it
She looked the soap n give a disgusting look , n looks sasnkar to show some mercy, but our sanskar didn’t melt at all, offcoarse it is related to her health, so how can he take the chance, when he glare at her, poor swara don’t have an option other than to take it, ….. Sanskar looks at her cute face, she was yelling at soap, chef , vegetable, n also our sanskar,,,, sanskar was just staring at, her eyes which is filled innocence n her lips which is continuously moving,

Swara : where is my romeo, he till didn’t come to meet me…
Sanskar : vo.. Swara I want to say something…but promise me u will not hurt yourself….
Swara : kya hua,,,y u become serious
Sanskar : holds her hand… Ur mom n dad. N your friend dhruv died in an accident 5 yrs before

She take her hands from him….n become silent

Swara… R u OK… Swara…
Swara : haan.. Yeah I am fine
Sanskar : swara, pls don’t hide your emotions … Idpf u want to cry..cry aloud….don’t burn yourself from inside…pls its hurt me more
Swara : u know what sanskar, u may feel it strange, but the fact is that I want to cry but tears r not coming I am sad but my heart is peace…. I feel like I suffered something big that my heart can handle it…
I don’t know how I spent my 5 yrs…but there is a lot of diff in me.. Romeo he is my everything n his death is now not making a sense in me….
I don’t know what I am feeling ryt now..n I don’t know how to explain u

Sanskar : its bcoz u already accepted that fact….u had a memory loss but your heart… Your heart doesn’t have… That’s y u feel like this….
Now u sleep, doc said not to stress yourself …..

Swara : him… I am feeling tired…..I will sleep, BT pls be here
Sanskar : okay
She hold his hand tightly n sleep

Sanskar POV
U know what swara.., I really want u like this…. I Want to remove all your pains….first day when I saw u at office I have seen your eyes filled with pain, that day I promise that I will clear all your pain, that time I dont know anything about u , ur name, place nothing, just I know that u r made for me…n I can heal u…. Now I am sure…I can heal…
I am soory swara.. I had to add med in your soap…. Varna u won’t have it…..
Nurse : sir… She may take time to woke up… Those medicine r strong so she may sleep for sometime….u can go I will look her…
Sanskarn: no its OK,,,, if she is fyn …can I take hr to home
Doc : yeah… U can discharge her… But make sure that she get complete rest for two fdays…n don’t stress her… Keep her away from everything related to her past 5 yes….she is really have a positive mind…so I am sure she will recover soon
Sanskar : OK doc…

Screen freeze
Precap : swara back to home

Credit to: mehra

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