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Life sometimes, changes all of a sudden, they even will not give us time to think what is going on, that’s what exactly happening right now, with sanskar, his life had taken a sudden change, his lady love is here, in hospital, where nurses are running with bottle of blood n doctors are busy working , to save her,

He had never expect that he would have seen her like this , unconscious , near a pool of blood, how he managed to take her here, he only knows,


Ha,, is she fyn,won teek tho hojayegna,,, what doc said, I want to talk to him
Sanskar, She will be alright, doc is in ICU, but say me how it happened
She went to kitchen,n from there she roll down, when I came,

Mr kapoor, she had lost lot of blood, we have doubt she had an internal bleeding or something,
We should keep her under observation, until then pray to god.

Waise did she have any accident before

No y

Yes , she had, mihika replied

When ? Ragini asked

2 days before our parents death…

And y didn’t u inform us,

After that this much happened that,I forgot
I want to talk to u, can u come with me to my cabin
OK sure,
Ragini n laksh u be here with dee n sanskar.
Aryan jiju n I will go
Ok ragini nodded

Did previous doc said u something
What r u talking about doc
Jiju, I know what he is saying
Yeah previous doc said me…..doc u mean to say??
No we just have doubt, till she gain concious we can’t say anything

Mihika, can u pls tell us what’s going on,
U looks so tensed

Vo jiju, aryan , that day

Bhai, bhabhi got labour pain,
Yeah , I am coming
We will talk about this later, now we should check jeevika dee,

Congratulation, its a boy, baby n mom both are fine
Thank u doc

Doc swara is up
Okay doc…u guys be here I will check her,

Mihika, I am coming with u sanskar said
No sanskar, first let me check her
What their to check ,
I will come n say u everything, now let me go

Swara, r u ok
Mihika, yah I am fyn, but how come we r here, n from when u start to wear kameez

Mihika ( in mind ) so it happened as I thought
Just aisa hi, u take rest, I will come ryt now

How much rest shud I take,,u listen to me take me out from here, u know I hate hospital…
Has baba, I will come now pakka
Okay,she said with a pout face

Mihika can u pls tell us what’s going on,
Actually, it was 2 days before our parents death, me n swara was coming after our programme, our scooty get hit by a truck,
Since she was driving, she got more injury, that doc said me

Dekho mihika
Her some part of brain is badly affected, if she again have any trauma or accident, she may have partial amnesia, a period where she forget some part of her life, probably between after this accident n after upcoming accident, so u shud be careful

N now u r saying this ?? Aryan said
I don’t want to make u tensed
Did swara know this sanskar asked
Yeah, she know, n she used to pray to HV accident, n I always scold her for that, now what shud we do, we shud tell her ???

She want to have accident coz she Want forget that day, the day she saw them being murdered
Yeah, sanskar explained them
Sab kuch akele sahithi hi gayi, mihika said while crying

Now no more, she is shona again,
But what the use sanskar, when she her memory back she will be again that swara khanna,
No, my heart says, this is what destiny Want n if destiny wish she will live a peaceful wish,
I don’t know, when she gain memory she will be swara khanna ya shona, but now I only know that,
Those dreams won’t haunt her
She don’t want to seek a bathroom to cry
N mainly there would be nothing in her mind….

May be it last for days week ya month
Those few days I will make sure
She have a peaceful sleep
A shoulder to cry
N a person to open up her mind

I am glad that swara got someone like u, now I shud go n check her, u don’t know how shona is, she Will make this hospital a play ground, n laksh u shud be happy, u used to say NA our home is borng, n u wait n watch, u yourself will say its a Jurassic park

In swaras room

I am not going to have this soup, sorry I won’t say this as a soup, its called floating vegetable,,,,

Mihika look this nurse NA, she is saying this as soup, I know ur trick u want me to here for next one more week ryt, so that u get more income, u won’t get it, mihika did u make my discharge papaer, come let’s go, n u I want to see the authority people, go n call them

Mihika sigh nurse n she went

Bhai, she is the head of Hosp n she herself complaints wow, gods NA
Chup KAR lucky

Mihika, now y r u looking my face, come let’s go, n where is romeo, he didn’t seen anywhere, n who are those three monkeys behind u ( sanskar, aryan n laksh)

Lucky chip kar saaale…. She had lost her memory…. Make sure u don’t ur one aryan whisper

Hey hlo, what r u whispering
Did here any play is going on….
Ha now I understand, u were that truck people who hit my scooty,,, I won’t leave u guys

Bhai, she is calling u truck driver aryan said this which makes laksh laugh, sanskar gave a death g!are
Oye I am saying u

Swara, stop it yaar, how much u speak, they r not any DRIVER, he is my husband

Hey, u married, wen, mein kya behosh huyi, tu he tho, ek nayi woh bhi theen,,,
Swara Ku bachi, I got married one year before , u had a memory loss , u forget 6 yrs of ur life. N I married only one said in one breathe

What, 5 yrs before, wow,, intresing

Interesting, who will say it interesting, ?? Laksh said with a blank expression
My shona will say, sanskar smiled looking at her innocence n cute

Wow, meeku, it will cute NA, like melodrama which we used to have in serial,,, anyway leave that, in this three which one is your hubby

Woh.. That one n about to show finger
No …. She shout which brings all the nurse n staff near BT

I am sorry, swara said with a cute expression while keeping her hands near her ears

Oh,,, lucky, this girl will make me mad, sanskar said

U guys pls carry on your work, .mihika said to them n they all leave, n swara y r u shouting keeping her hands folded near her chest

I will find it, whom will be your husband
N she walked to them
First one lucky
She looked at him head to toe,,,,

Hmm he won’t be,
Y I can’t be?? Laksh asked
Bcoz I feel like ur anger stays near your nose, so u won’t be her pair, but I have one more sis ,, ragini… U will make a good match with her

They all stare their numb
Now these two pointing at sankar n aryan…
Both r in formal. Expensive watch…hmm…u will be her husband

All shocked
Screen freeze..

Whom u think she pointed out,,,, guess… Let me check

Credit to: mehra

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