players (where destiny plays ) 16


The episode starts with ragini reading letter n getting shocked. She passed letter to laksh.n laksh looks her

What should we do now ragini said without looking him

I think we should wait

In kitchen

Swara was making dough.her both hands are on rings

Mihika ..y she is calling at this tym, may be urgent,but how will I take the phone.

She tried,to take …but suddenly sanskar came n keep it near her ears..his touch makes her restless…she start to search for words…

Swara where u have kept singanias file.

Its ..there ..left …left drawer

Swara r u ok

Yeah…I am fyn …bye I will talk later

You talk to her..may be something urgent

No, its nothing looks that….

Hey what r u doing..

Can’t u see. I am taking ur hair in that u can work peacefully

No I will do it..

Y its affecting u


Then let me do it

He moves closer to her,takes her hair in one side. Knowingly he touch her neck .which she can feel very well…of coarse she is a girl , she can understand what he is up to, but the problem is she can’t say anything if she did then

Y r u breathing heavily,swara,,,
Is it affecting u

She have no other option than to say no n suffer his torched, somewhere she is happy but somewhere she knows she shud stay away from him.
When her patience level increase she jerks him n takes him to room

What u want to prove sanskar

That u too loves me

I said an 100 times I don’t then y I can’t u understand

Just one time. Just one time u say it by looking straight into my eyes, then I won’t torched u again

Do it swara, if u did sanskar will always stay away from u

U can’t swara bcoz ur romeo didn’t teach u to say lie,

Romeo, how come u know that I call my papa Romeo

Yesterday, yesterday u confess everything.,

Then I have confessed that y I can’t love u

No u didn’t

Non problem I will say u she said while wiping her tears,
For that u should come with me.
She drag her to a room. It was locked,

Whose room is this



She opened the room..

Its filled with pink n white cloud. A clean room. A portrait of swara, she have a guitar on her hand a bright smile. In that photo i got that swara for whom I am searching for …. Her innocence are clearly seen through her eyes,,,

This is the room where shona changes to swara khanna…
This is the room where I made !y world, mynlife, my sorrow my happiness, all it is associated with this,
U know this portrait… Its my gang, I love music n I used to play guitar..
My passion my dream n my love is just music n music. N he he is my friend dhruv…

Where is he now

Romeo KE saath…
My father was an army man. He uses to bring info who used to cheat our country …. There was group called black, they want our country to divide to pieces. My dad n his team always flop their plan so they

They killed dhruv

Y they killed dhruv…no way the associate with him

They killed dhruv bcoz I am associated with him n I am associated with dad…. They know dad loves me very much… N they want to kill me but dhruv take those shots. If they wish they can kill me bit they didn’t bcoz my state had bcom that much worse. That if I die or live it will not effect me n they know by seeing me like this my dad will fal…. As they wished…that had happened.

His death makes !e completely broken, I ask my parents to sent me to pune. N that day….

Me dad n mom are in one car n chacha chachi in another. They were front of us, suddenly their car got last. Black members had fitted bomb on their car

We came out saw black members are round of us. They captured dad.
In front of me they…they raped my mom…u know how difficult it was…
My dad ,,,,he never cried.. Being an army man..he couldn’t dsave his wife…. He save the country from being pieces…but couldn’t save is wife when her body is teared into pieces n his daughter ….his daughters little heart is broken into pieces….. They killed them front of me…but they didn’t harm me….

Bcoz my dads punishment is over ….he saves the country but couldn’t save his family,,, my mom s punishment was she is his wife…n my punishment was to live the life….

Live the life by seeing al these…dhruv mom dad…I have seen three murder in one night
That night changed me…shona who used to smile changes to swara khnaa….

N now u think I should love u…
Then hear…
I love u this much that I don’t want to lose u.
I can stay away from u but I don’t want to lose u…

I know u Loves me….that clearly written in ur eyes…I have done all this to spit all from u.. I hope now u may feel little relaxed

Swara, u construct a best hospital, became the board of management, u d all this to make him proud, I am sure he will be proud, but will he be happy, bcoz his shona is heartless sorry swara khanna is heart less. Shona tho usi KE sath mar gaya….


I have kept curry on stove let me go n off it
I ran from there…bcoz I can’t accept that, he said was coorect but I don’t want to accept ite I am in my own world that I roll down from stairs n fell down. I feel relaxed before I close my eyes, there is nothing to worry about, s I can sleep peacefully, before I close my eyes I could see my own blood flowing ….

Screen freeze

So what will be next…. Will swara go back to her romeo ???? Or sanskar love bring her back???
If it brings her back will she love him???? Will she change the meaning she have for love
Or destiny have other plan…
Stay tuned

Credit to: mehra

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