players (where destiny plays ) 15


The episode starts with sanskar going back to room. He saw swara sleeping peacefully. A smile appear in his face.

I promise tomorrow will be a new life for u. I will bring back that swara who used to bring smile in others face.

He too dozzed off

Sun rays falls our couple….swara woke up n saw sanskar near to her. She smiles n slowly it changes.
How come I reach here.. We went to party then ….what happened ..ahh my head ….. I had a drink…. Oh god …I can’t remember anything

She went to washroom n takes a bath

This sanskar why is he late today… He used to wake up this time…. Let him sleep… At least he will get some rest…..

In kitchen

Swra chopping veg…..
Mihika : so swara how is your hangover
Swara : hangover????

Ahh poor sanskar…. He suffered a lot… U had a drink… God knows how he handled u

Matlab???? What r u saying…,I had a drink n what he suffered????

U lost ur sense der…..bechara tho phase hi gaya hoga

Did he say something to u???? I mean how u behaved

No…. He was awake …when I went to fetch water …,that’s it
( in mind ) sorry swara I can’t tell u more thatn this before she ask something else I should leave
Swara ….I am going with aryan…u take rest…OK bye
N haan jiji n dee went for appointment n ragini n laksh is back of kiran …don’t know when th will find ..till then they will not breathe properly… OK bye

I hope my plan works….. I will send ramu kaka to market…then they will be alone….sanskar now it’d all in your hand

In swasan room

Oh god its can I sleep this late… He checked his phone in which aryan had a msg
Mihika had sent all outside.u too are alone..,all the best for ur plan

Thanks yaar.., u really helped me
So swara be ready

Swara brings breakfast for sanskar
She looks the room n found him now where…she heard the sound of water n understand he is in washroom…she cleans the room n that time sanskar came

Swara POV

I looked back …..

What …what happened…why r u shouting like this….

Won …u r shirtless

So what u r my wife…with that he moved ahead

I opened my eyes which was closed…why he said like that..he never behaved like this…

What u mean by that I asked out of curouisity

What to mean in that swara

But…u never used

Yeah … I never used to..but yesterday changed everything NA

Yesrspday changed everything means????? What happened yesterday

The person who was busy searching dress… Looks at me like as if I said something strange

U don’t remember anything

I nodded my head in no

He came closer to me…. I moved backwards… Until it touched the wall ….he keeps his both hand on either side of the wall n come close to my eats n said in a husky way

Really u don’t know…
I closed my eyes…shivering…n this heart is beating as if it wat to catch a train….noo I said

He released…..

What happened … I asked him

What’s the use u dont remember anything right….

Thats y I am asking u …. Pls say…..

Its nothing..u proposed me n

Yeah u…y is it shocking

No ….y will I propose u….I never loved u…then y will I….
I said by constantly moving my eyes

Do u wanna me to belief or u urself…..he said by keping his both hand near his chest

How can he understand me very well….. What if o had said that in drunken state…. Oh god y had I went for that party

Hlo…where r u u lost…..

Sanskar…its nothing like that ….I was drunk NA…so may be I just said like that

For ur kind info swara….in drunken state the person used to say what is really there in their heart…..
N y r u behaving like this….. Pyaar kiya hain kisi KA khoon nahi…
N that too the person who loves u

That’s the problem… If I had loved a person whom doesn’t love me…then it will not be this worse…but here…. Everyone knows sanskar loves me n it was me who was stopingnhim from moving ahead…

Again u lost…. Where are u getting lost

No its nothing like that
Sanskar…. Whatever had happened is just in that drunken state…don’t give much imp to that….

This make him furious he pinned me to wall

Do u think u its al a useless thing….

S offcoats…bcoz I never lived u

Can u say this by looking straight into my eyes
This make me nu!b…he know I can’t

Can u say it or not

By saying like that will not affect anything

So say it if it is not effecting u..
Say that my presence is not affecting u….my touch is not affecting u…

No its not affecting me

Then y r u closing ur eyes…..
Y ui feel pain when it hurts me….
Y it hurts u when I. Go far from u
If this is not love then what s that…….

I am speech less…I don’t have answer for this question…..what shud I tell him….shud I tell him that I am fear of losing him… love for him all make him away from me…no sanskar…its better to stay away from u than lose u

It’s not love…..its called care…I care for u…love doesn’t exist..its good to see in movie but in real life it just hurt….

Sanskar (in mind) u have filled yourself against love that u don’t wanna look at other side… I will spit out from u that u loves me…..

I am going to make lunch, they will arrive now
I ran to kitchen, a sigh of relief this what I am feeling now, till date I could escape from mihika but how from him, he has answernfor my question its me u who have no and for his. Bcoz I know myself love exist but it’s not for me..
A person shud be lucky to have love. In my case I have but I can’t, it’s !y destiny, my destiny leads me,

Kiran…Kiran..kiran…who is this kiran
Ragini relax we we will find.

How to find…we don’t dknow anything…

A post man came
Is u laksh kappor

S …

Here is a letter..

Okay …

U have to sigh here
He signs n move his hand to letter

Sorry sir, Mrs laksh kapoor to shouikd sigh otherwise I can’t give u
Ragini too sigh….
Postman gave the letter n went…

Was in this letter that both should sighn

May be related next assighn!ent ragini said while opening the letter

She read the letter n get shocked.

Screen freeze

Precap: sanskar to flirt with swara

Credit to: mehra

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