players (where destiny plays ) 12


The episode starts with the sun falls on the beautiful couple sleeping peacefully at each others embrace. A bright smile appear on her lips, she slowly opened her eyes n looks at her man,

Rag : he is so cute while sleeping
She kissed his for head and moves from his clutches, suddenly a strong hand pulls her back, he was still closing his eyes
Lak : where r u going
Rag : where r u going matlab, yahi rukne KA iraade hain kya…
Lak : if u wish we can ( smiles naughtly )
Rag : lak, u be NA, let me go, don’t forget we want to operate our plan

In swasans room
Swara opened her eyes, she looks at sanskaar, a smile comes in her face, he was sleeping peacefully. She ready to move but some thing stops her, she looks back and found her shawl stuck in his button, she move closer to him and tried to remove,

Sanskar woke up this time, he saw swara very close to him, she was busy in removing didn’t notice when he woke up
San,: what r u doing, r I taking the advantage of me
Swa : no, WO…..WO,,, my shawl got stuck
San : I will take it…..
They had a cute eyelook, he removes her shawl n she went for a wash.

At dining hall
Jeevika and mihika was busy setting the table, viren is reading the newspaper n aryan has just entered now . he was wearing a track pant white shirt
Aryan : is our couples didn’t woke yet,
Jevika : y u have any work with them
Aryan : don’t u guys think , they r taking time
Mihika : so what, they may be tired
Aryan (murmurs ) with whom I am talking, they r not getting me
Viren smiles at him
Viren : even u had taken enough time
Mihika and aryan feels embarrassed, jevika smiles

Swara comes From upstairs, she was wearing a yellow anarkali , full sleeve. A diamond earing makes her a glow

Swa : arey de, y u r here, y u made breakfast, I will make it NA
Jevik: all day u r makingh , so I thought
Mih : actually u were tired NA, so she made it

Lak , sankaar and ragini enters, they all sit to have breakfast
Lak : a ritual is there ryt, that new bride will cook something n all
Mih : y u didn’t like our food
Lak : no, nothing like that, actually I just asked and looks at ragini
Rah : y u want me to cook
Mihika and jeevika looks at each other
Lak : y u can’t cook
Mih : u really wanna eat something made by her
Viren : wat a big deal in it, swara cooks very well , n jeevika too, mihika s cooking we already know n they start to laugh
Sanskar : kya bha aap bhi NA,
Ary : arey kya wat,,I am sure u haven’t had a kheer with salt n all start to laugh
Jevika : u guys are laughing as if u all cooks well
Swara : HAR kisi we galthi ho saktha hain , she was in tentio. So that happened, anyway now she cooks well ryt
Viren n art : woh tho gain
Art : what happened ragini, u seems tensed
Lak : kahi darr tho nahi
Rag : y shud I fear
Lak : just asked, so u r cooking ryt
Rag : yea… I will
Sanskar : so today’s lunch by ragini
Viren : oh I forgot to say, we arrange a party tonight, how u and swara got married, no one knows it, and u r business head, so offcoarse media may make an issue, before that we should anounce
Ary : yea,, he is ryt
Sanskar : we don’t have a problem
Swa : yea ,

In kitchen
Ragini is moving here and there…
Rag : what shall I do now, swara dee, she can only help me
Swa : I know what u want, take this
Rag : she taKes that, wow dee u always have a soln for my problem, with this recipe book I will show them
Swa : I know one day u will be stuck in something like this, so I had prepared it before, it had all recipe u want and I had made laksh n others fav in different section too.
Rag : tank u so much dee n hugs her, now u go, I will manage

At lunch,
She prepared all food and serves in dining hall.
Everyone came and seated in their respective place, she serves n she too seated,
Lak takes a bite and hell shocked
Art ‘ what happened laksh,
Lak : better u have n say
Everyone had one piece n all look at ragini except swara
Mih : swara, did u help her
Swa : no
Jevika : then how did she cookes so well
Art : what do u mean by that
Mih : then what shud I say,,,, the person who never enters the kitchen cooks well..,indeed a surprise
Lak : what
San :then how do u do that
Rag: my angel helps me
Lak : angel kaun angel
Mih : swatRa,,, say the truth,,did u help her in cooking
San : she was with me so how can she
Rag : my angel give me this, n shows the book
Lak : so can I know who that angel is
Rag : hmm… The angel is the one who protects me
Lak : murmers, kahi yeh angel ladka tho nahi
Ragini who heard this smiles and planed to tease him

The mansion is decorated, all are busy with their works,
Rag : we want to start our plan ryt
Lak : do u think this will work, bcoz u know swara, planing with her is not that easy
Rag : I know her, moreover I am a girl, so I know it will work…. N vaise bhi meri koyi bhi operation
Lak (: cutts off ) fail nahi huyi….

Rag : dee I had ordered cake, can u go n bring that
Swa : ya I will
San : I will come with u
They went
Rag : plan A success

Swa : u wait me here, I will go n take it
San : no swara, I will go
Swa ; no actually, I want to meet that kaka
San : okay then I will park n come

Swara went n buyer the cake, she met the kaka m was waiting for sanskar
Swa: where did he go,
Some men came and make a round her
Guy : do u wanna lift
Swa : no, its ok
Guy : arrey aise kaise, I will drop u, u sit at back of my bike, n if u feel fear u can catch me tightly, I won’t mind
Swa : full anger
Guy : u look so hot, when u r angry
Swa : u know with whom u r talking to
Guy,: come closer, tum hi samjato
Swa : she keeps a step backward, n she keeps her hands on her chest, I think u needed to know, but before that u didn’t seen !e well, she shows her manglasutra, my husband is here around, should I call him or
Guy : smirks n goes to touch her face

Suddenly a strong hands holds him.
San : how dare u
Guy : who r u,
Sanskar didn’t listen anything, his anger is at his nose, he smashed them black n blue, they don’t have any other option other than to flee
San : what’s the need to come outside, u can wait inside NA, I told u I will buy,but u never listen to me, if I didn’t come at ryt time means,
Swa : I know u will come at ryt time
San : itna Barosa hain mujpe
Swa : khud pe hi zyaada
San : vaise, what did u tell to them
Swa : wat… u heard everything
San : haan , actually I was watching u,n I wanted to know the ur reaction
Swa : nothing, I just the fact
San,: so , did u accept this marriage
Swa : woh…if I have accept it or not, its the fact sanskar n we can’t erase it
San πŸ™ in mind ) I don’t know when will u stop listening to your brain, I know whatever happened just a few sec ago…its ur heart which speaks, but u r not ready accept it, I know somewhere in u ,u had accepted me, but ur past
Made such a shield in between us that u don’t want to know other part…

The day went smooth, sanskar and swara officially anoounce their wedding, the days goes on, ragini and laksh played all their operation on our cute couple swara and sanskar to get them close, sometime jeevika viren mihika and aryan too joins them…….

6 months later

Swa : sanskar today we want to got for miss chadda s function, u know NA dee is near to date, so mihika and jiju will be here n Aryan went for meeting n raglak, don’t talk about them, they both are like today they will change the system, ragini KE saath rah KE laksh bhi aisa hi hogaya, I don’t know when will this politician plot against them
San : they are not a kid anymore swara they can handle themselves, and don’t worry I will pick u at evening,

At evening
Swa : don’t stress yourself n if u want anything call mihikan air kaka, Maya went for class she will here at a hour ( Maya goes to college,) and jiju went for a postmortem, he will be here soon, if u need anything pls call me
Jev : stop swara, I am fine, u r saying the same speech for past 2 weeks,
Swa ; arrey so what,,,, wait sanskar is calling , may be he will be outside, I am going bye

Sanskar was waiting her , he is talking with someone in phone n them swara enters
San : wow, its a great news, ….. Ya sure will pick u
He hangs the phone..

Screen freeze
Precap : swara to get drunk

Credit to: mehra

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