players (where destiny plays ) 11


The episode starts with swara breathing. It falls on his ( remember, he just hug her ) arms.he realized and checked her pulse,he give a sigh of relief.

Swara opens her eyes slowly.strong sunlight falls on her which make her to close her eyes. She slowly gets up and started to look her surrounding. She catches her head and start to remember everything. She remembers how sanskaar scold her,then she moves alone and finally realized she is alone n how she faints, she again try to remember but could only hear some words like sorry, bhai,….n all.

She removes the hay n start to look for her dupatta. N then someone came near her n give her the duppatta. His face is not seen because of sunlight.she slightly moves n saw it was sanskaar. His head is down,yes he is not looking at her,she took duppatta from him n show a smile.soon her smile vanish. She moves the eye from one object to another collecting something, she looks at her duptta,his eyes which is filled, his head which is bow down indicating he his in guilt n the white the white which she wear at night.she looks at him n moves towards him, her eyes were red n tears are ready to come out. She looks into his eyes which are down

Swa : sanskaar , look at me
He didn’t she moves a little backward . she feels herself a weight. She step on a stone n lose her balance

San : swara… Sambalo and move his hand towards her
Swa : stops him,

There were silence… Dont know how much time they spend like that. Two were own their own world. They come to reality when someone knock at the door

Per : sir, i am from hotel. Aryan sir had called to pick u
San : s we r coming
Swara n sanskar sit in the car… Swara looked at the window. Lifeless, her hairs are flying due since the window is open. Sanskar look at her pale face. Bt didn’t say anything, his guilt makes him numb and her silence kills him

The car stopped at nest . sanskar opens door for her. She was lost in her own world that ,didn’t realize when they reached the destination. He patted her shoulder which bring her out of her world, she came out of the car , enter the house, all are present their. Mihika goes and hugs her,cupped her cheek. She just say silent, a perfect body withouit a soul, she directly moves to her room n sit near her bed

Sanskar tried to go to her. But jevika stops him, tells him to give her time
Its become noon, evening n last night. Sanskaar is restless . walks here and there, but the fact is that guilt is killing from inside.
He can’t tolerate it anymore. With a determined face he moves towards her room. She was sitting near the window.he moves towards her n call her name
Swa : I know sanskar.what u want to say.its not your mistake,u no need to be in guilt.
Sanskar was shocked a little. He thought something else but she act so matured. Later ragini and laksh came. They tried to change their mood.because somewhere they all know, the mistakes is not theirs.its time which causes this all. And they are well matured enough that thinking about that and speaking about will not give a solution

Laksh ; keep that idea in your stupid mind…. I am not gonna do that
Rag : u have to. Its a ritual
Lak : I don’t wanna do this stupid ritual..its girla rituals… U do it..,don’t expect I will do that
San : y u guys are fighting
Lak : she want me to put mehendi in my mind
Rag : what’s in that , jiju did aryan did then y not he… Did he have extra teeth
Swa : I know y u guys are doing this…,stop acting. We both are fine.
Rag : look, i told u, I know her very well, I said she will catch us in one sec
San : it means u guys r acting
Lak : ha we thought u guys r stuc k their, in order to change ur MIMD we did that
Rag : its u brought the idea.

Laksh : oye ,,,,, u too have equal contributions .. If u know it before then y didnt u stop me before… Waise bhi bahuth saari sting operation larthi hoon. U even can’t do this much.ur acting made it out
Rag : first thing, I had done many sting operations n it’s all a success, second the idea was yours, n third, its not my acting ur acting made it worse
San : guys r u sure , u wanna do this marriage
Swa : sanskar, I think we should postpone this
Lak : its always this monkey, who iritate me
Rag : u again class me monkey n throws her phone on him
Lak ; arrey maardo hain kya
Rag : then y r u maarying me

Lak : bcoz I love when u iritaye me
San : ahem… Ahem… Swara is this your ryt… Kahi mein galath room mein tho nahi
Swa : smiles
Lak : chal ragini ,,,, waise bhi hamara planned flop hogaya…. At least now we can concentrate on something else ( move towards her )
Rag : che ,,,, besharam n she moves to her room
Laksh leaves behind her…

Sanskar got a call. He leaves from there

Swara : ( in mind )
I know u guys are tensed about me. If I feel weak now. Sankar may feel guilty. I should be strong, at least till ragini gets married

Phone rings
Swa : this girl, apna phone yahi boolayi, karan is calling, may be it will be urgent, I should go and give

Raginis room
Rag : I am sorry laksh, but I know she is not ryt, its not easy thing for a girl to leave like that,
Lak : do u think we should postpone our marriage
Rag : no no..if we do like that , they may not feel good, and sanskar will feel guilt
Lak : then what u want
Rag : I want a promise laksh, I know it’s strange, but in this 5 years she bear a lot, and I just can’t move on in my life like that
Lak : what do u mean
Rag : ( takind a deep breathe ) I think jab tak sab kuch sahi ho NA jaatha, jab thak aisa koyi mil jaatha jise dee ki haath thaame tab tak we should not take our relation to next level
Lak : bass itni se baath…. I will be always for u and hugs her

Swara heard this.she turns and find sanskaar their, he catches her wrist and take her out
Swa : sanskaar what r u doing
San : come, will explain u

Rag : do u think she heard everything
Lak : I hope our plan works

Sanskaar take swara in his car. After 10 min of silent ride,he stopped the car , swara look trying to figure out the place
Swa : mandhir, y r u taking me here at this time
San : you will come to know
Sanskaar hold her by wrist and takes her to Temple, there was pandith chanting manthras, a havan kund, just like a marriage is going tonhappen , swara looked at his face
San : we are going to get married
Swara jerks his hand ,
Swa : r u out of your mind, u know what u r speaking
San : haan, mene soch KAR hi yeah decision liya hain
With that he sits with her
Swa : dekho sanskaar, I said u NA no need to be guilty, kyun apni zimdigi barbaath KAR rahi hon
Pamdith ji : abb app phere lijiye
San : I am not taken this in any guilt, and I am not spoiling my life

While taking pheras
Swa : shaadi ek khel nahi hain sanskaar
Sanskaar keeps on takimg heras by holding her by hand
San : I mean it swara

Pandith ji: app app manglasutjr pehnahiye
He took the manglasutr n keep near her
Swa : think once again sanskaar,
Sanskaar looks into her eyes, and filled her neck in his name
Pamdith ji : abb yeh sindoor maang mein bardi jiye
He took the simdoor n filled her neck, she closed her eyes
pandith : the wedding is completed , u r now husband n wife

Flash back ends

Screen freeze

Credit to: mehra

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