players (where destiny plays ) 10


The episode starts with sanskaar screaming swara n moves towards her. She was laying on ground, unconscious ……..
He take her head in his lap and patted her cheek..
San : pls open ur eyes swar. I promise I will never ever leave you was my mistake I should not have shout at you. I should not leave you here.pls swara say something pls don’t keep silence it is killing me

He sprinkle water on her. No response. He look here and there and find a small hut.he take her in his arm and walk towards hut.
The hut is filed with fire.he made a bon fire start to rub her hands and feet.his eyes were blur. He remembers all the moments they spend together. Their late nyt talks.her cover.her smile. Her eyesmfilled with pain n their conversation a while ago…

San : oh god …. Her hands are like ice…. He touches her nose ….. She is shivering what should I do now…. I can’t even take her to hospital.

He cover her with lots of hay….n clothes which he found in that hut…

San : I think I should call bhai..only he can help me..
Bhai…. Swa ….swara…woh.…cold
Viren : what happened to swara…
Jeevika was near him. He kept the phone in loud speaker
Sanskar explains them everything….
Jeevika : check her pulse
San : its too low…. She is shivering…. Her face is pale….its all my mistake…I leave her alone
Jevikan: this is not the time to speak this…. We want to make her warm otherwise it can risk her life
Viren : try to find anynsource which can make her warm…. Hotpack something like that….
San : where will I find hotpack… Its a jungle …. I can’t even find a single human here…..

Jeevika : there is one way
Viren looks her
San : what….
san : what are u out of ur mind .no I can’t do that
Jeevika : this is the only solution. Otherwise she may..
San : no…nothing will happened to her..hlo hlo bhai…
Oh god is this gym to get switch off

Ragini n laksh came along with mihika and aryan
Rag : no I am not going to speak to u guys….its my marriage n now u guys are coming
Mini : sorry dear.pls iss baar maph kardo n hold her ears
Rag : no dee say to them I am not going to talk to them

Then they had noticed the tensed face of jeevika n viren

Arya : what happend.. Y u ur face are dull
Viren : explains everything
Mini : y this happens always with swara. What she is bearing is not enough.

Jeevika sits with thumb she was crying vigoursly
Viren : jeevika pls sambalo apney aapko…. U r not alone.
Jevika : I don’t want to lose her. Pls viren ji do something

Viren hugs jeevika n consoles her

A temple is shown .. The women in her black sari was folding her two hands together.she open her eyes . there is a strong wind passing. Temple bells are continuously moving

Women : time had come for which the whole universe is waiting for. They never known what’s happening to them n what will happen next. Its all destiny plan.destiny start to play n she laughs

In hut
Sanskaar is moving here n there.. He looks his watch then swara. Swara moves her hand.she slightly open her eyes. Shenis weak. She calls him

Swa: SA..san…sanskar
San : swara. r,u ok ..
He hugs her n kiss on her for head
San : I know nothing will happened to u.
Swa : not..nothing hap… me n fells unconscious
San : swara….swara….oh god she is sinking

He remembers jeevika saying there is only one way….otherwise she may
San : no…nothing will happened to her

He moves toward her..n kiss on for head..

I am sorry swara. But I don’t have any other option. I don’t know u will understand me or not.I even don’t know what will happened next. But I have no other choice.I can’t lose u. I always love u n I can’t c u like this

Sorry swara.I always want u near me. Apna banana chahthithi mein.. par aisa nahi.. Now my intention are not wrong , I hope u will understand

He moves towards her n remove the hay which is covering. His gently remove his white coat. N last her white duppatta. He leans towards her . there is a inch difference between them. His hot breathe touch her face. He closes his eyes n says I am sorry.
He hugs her keeps His head is in her one shoulder. Their hands are tied together.

A dark room
Person : AB… She is in manali…
AB : what she is doing there….
Per : she went for a meeting. Will come back tomorrow
Tv was on ..,
Ek baar phir kiran ek badi disaster we bachaaya.. It’s 25 time kiran is saving us. The bomb has diffused at correct time.police had no clue how it came there..the police had informed us that they got a messages from a private no … It tells the detail about bomb. Only a name kiran is written. They tried to track the caller . but no use
AB : pls switch it off n find where is she

Screen freeze

Credit to: mehra

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