players (where destiny plays ) 1


So here we start….

A beautiful mansion is shown….it is arranges as there is function going to happen….many guests are coming …

A room is shown… is dark …. A girl is seen watching the sky(a moon with 2 star)
Girl: u r seeing everything na I dond know why destiny play this game me…it has been 5 years app log Hume choken huge….everything was going well BT again….I really love u ma papa I wish u cud be here

Her thoughts were interrupted by another person
Person :arrey swara ( s the girl was swara) u were here…I was searching u all the house…..and u r not ready yet.…its ur sisters marriage come fast everyone is waiting for u

Swara: ha coming n she smiles

3 years ago
( from here on it will be past)

A beautiful bedroom is shown with pink n purple shade….cold wind falls on a girk ….her face is hidden in her hair….sunlight falls on her which disturb her sleep…she smiles n slowly open her eyes….she sit in the bed n stretch her hand

Someone knock the door

Aah ramu kaka andhar aooo
Ramu kaka:beta here is us coffee n come fast….swara will be here at any time….
Girl:(her eyes are now full open by the name of swara)what now u r saying the ohh god now I am gone…

Mihika:arrey ragini ( the girl is ragini)tum abhi tak uta nahi…
Mihika is their cousin n best friend of swra…swara share all her pain with mihika)
Ragini: now u done start now di will come n scold me…usse pehle mein ja rahi noon bath Marne keliye

(With that she run to washroom n mihika smile at her)

In a hall
Mihika POV
Its been two year ma papa n shekar uncle n mishty aunty passed…..
With that accident swara too changed a lot….n now look the girl is going to get award for the best hospital in Mumbai

Ragini : (tapped her shoulder) mujhe patha hain u r thinking about do ryt
Mihika: hmmm
Ragini: I know she change a lot….BT how she do all this alone
Mihika:just destiny plays

Ragini : ramu kaka wat is today for food….
Jeevika: Sab tumhara fav
Ragini: jeevika u here then where is swara di….did she didn’t came with u too temple…
Jeevika : haa she came she is not like u ….pehle she jog with mihika n help me in kitchen n come with me to temp!e took
Ragini: then we’re is ur lakhon mein ek behna
Jeevika:she got a call n she went some where
Mihika : call this morning…. ( confused face)
Jeevika : usse choodo u know how she is….

Bell rang
Mihika : she came I will go n open it

Mihika opens the door n get shocked
Screen freeze

Credit to: mehra

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