Hello every one.ths is me pooma.k I will not end the ff soon but will try the to post the update soon

So to the update,

Shivaye came home and took the file.there was a paper insideit was too old it was scribbled on it.
Dear diary,
Today is an important is the day when I lost my loved ones from whom I came to know what is happened years back. I And my sister were taken e orphanage.i still remember him.i and my sister chutki escaped from the clutches of m auntwho made as work and chutki was too small to do. and went I took my little chutki and ran away.i was some what happy that my chutki will now be able to day,we were taken to the picnic from our orphanage,there a little boywas missed by his arents so he was rescued by the orphanage people and he was taken with was really a short time,maybe two months,I do not know the correct number of days I spent with my chutki and bagad billu.he was too short but full of attitude.he used to be me and chutki befriended him.that two kanchi aankhon ,I remember thm well.he used to call me tadibaaz.we were both naughty and we used to play pranks was going good till a day arrived that’s .snatched away my two sources of loveof my life.

One day I becameseverely ill and I was admitted in hospital,I just remember my bagad billu in tas and his kanchein aankh was red and he was catching my hand my chutki was crying.this was the last scene,I had seen.after I got well, returned to the orphanage in hopes of seeimy shivu and chutki,to my utter shoc k I got to know that shivaye had found his parents and he went away.and my chutki was also went adopted by some one.i was broken into thousand pieces. I felt lke my life was over.but later felt that destinynhad played a game with me.when I was longing for love and care, it gave me shivu but snatched it away soon. I cursed my fate but thought it was good,that my loved ones will have a better life unlike me.later was adopted by sahil’sparents,but my bad luck when sahil was alittle boy,my adopted parents died in a accident.i m a bad luck but the day changed when I made myself strong and started to walk ahead with my brother s late now bye
Shivaye was filled with tears in his blue eyes,He was really shattered to know that t was his anika who had given him a big support at a time when he had no one with him.

Shivaye:my tadibaaz anika is back.
A:where is the diary,
she finds it but a paper was tore from the diary,which contains the most important piece of herr which is not known to the world.
SA:DI ,r u alright?
A:I malright,now tell me did u take my diary?
Sa:no di I gave the file which u wanted to give it ssoi man the sadu
Anika then remembers that she had tore the pageto tear it but had kept inside the file,which she was supposed to give it toher bagad billu.
A:oh my god

(I m sorry guys I told it was a diary but it was a diary entry.forgive me yaar)
A:oh god did the great sso came and dropped me here.a
Sa:yes didi and he also said that u should take care of yourself.
A:how dare u sahil, how come you give the file to him without asking me?
Sa:you were telling me that u had to give to him but u forgot it this morning.
A:you idiot.
Sa:sry di.i did not do it intentionally,
A:its ok sahil,I m too sry meine kisi par rake gusse ko apne bahi par nikal hiya sry.
Sa:k di now take rest its already late

In oberoi mansion,
Shivaye was gratly shocked and surprised to know that his anu had gone through this much.he was not able to sleep and was thinking about his tadibaaz anika and their meeting.he sees the full moon,
Here anika is not able to sleep and she too sees the moon
The screen freezes with anika and shivaye looking at the moon


That’s the end of the episode today hope u like it.guys,do u like the ff /sry don’t mistake me, I masking this again and again because this is my first ffthats u all.pls do leave your comments.and silent readers pls leave your comments .roses as well as rotten tomatoes, both r accepted.bye

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