HELLO EVERYONE .thanksfor your huge response. Hope u like the ff. I m thinking to end theff soon as my school will reopen soon .

Here’s my short update.

At the business party,shivaye comess in his best suit,the event hall was excellently decorated.he was happy as the guests were gratly impressed and shivaye signed the deal with the biggest investor company. was happy.he did not see anika and called but she did not pick up the call..
He found her in the terrace in the corner of the shed meant for storing things.she was wearing long blue skirt with a white tops with a pink coat
She was simply aswesome looking. Shivaye was mesmerized to see her and was adoring her for a londg time.anika felt someone staring to her.she saw him and asked him,’
Sir,aap yahaan kya rahein hei?aapko neeche hoga?
Its my wish, and what r u doinghere
Just came here today is full moon day,
Isme kya khaas bat hai?
He had not spoke to any girl with such ease except hils about child hood sweet heart his anu
Sir ,aap kis bath par doob gaye hai
Kuch nahi,

He gets a call from mr khanna and gives the details of anika.
He is perplexed.he feels some connection with anika.
She left and came to the event hall.
She was speaking to one of the guest and suddenly she felt dizzy and she about to fall and she pulld shivaay who was standing near by and he held her.he was shocked and carried and made to lay on a bed

A doctor came and checked her and said that she was weak as se had not taken food and was too stressed.he took care of her .she did not speak a word to him.
He went to drop her homebut she was not able to he carried her and made her lay in bed.she had held his collar tightly he freed it
He met sahil and told him about anika’s condition and asked him not to fear as she was alright and shewould be ok the next morning.
Shivaye was about to leave when sahil called him and gave him a diary and went away .he took the diary with with him
Shivaye read the diary and told oh,tum ho mei billi.tum hi hoe na mera dil boltha tha oh jaana the other side,anika wakes up and sees the diary missing and gets tensed
The screen freezes with shivayes smiling face and anikastensed face.


Sry for a short update.everything will be revealed soon do u find it interesting or shall I end the ff.pls leave your comments .i did not expect such response from u all.thankyou for so much love.roses as well as rotten tomatoes r accepted.bye

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