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In anika’s home,
Anika was getting that day.
She wore a long green kurti with matching pearl earrings she left her hair loose. She was looking simply beautiful.
She told,”hey billu ji,aapki khitkithod tadibaz is back.”

In shivaye’s cabin
Shivaye is thinking
who is this girl?why am I feeling this much excited to meet her.after all she is just a event manager.”
In the sky gill restaurant at 4 pm,
At the conference hall,
Shivaye reached and was waiting for anika.
Anika arrived at the restaurant and suddenly her heart was beating fast.
And shivaye was feeling some thing which could not be expressed.(michi michi feeling I mean……)
Anika entered the hall.
He saw shivaye.he was on a call.she knocked the door and went in inside
But he did not see her face.she was keep oncalling but no response.

At a stage, she was frustrated and threw water from the glass and the water splashed on him.
He yelled “what the”
A:I have been calling you for this much time.
S:How dare u pour water on me?
He took a glass of water and poured on her.
She was shocked
A: you bagad billa..she realized what she said.
And started blabbering
A:hoo., how dare u?
Shivaye pulled her by her hand and twisted her hand
S:How dare u pour water on me?i m shivaye don’t dare to play with me.
She started to plead him as it was paining.
A:pleas mujhe chodiye.its paining.
S:apologise to me and then I will leave you.
A:why should I apologise?meine kuch galthi nahi kee?
He tightened his grip.
Her eyes started to well with fresh tears .
S:say sorry I will leave u
A(with tears in eyes.):I m sorry pls leave me.
S:its good now.
A:I have come here because I m in need of money urgently for my brothers please don’t cancel the contract.

(sry, I forgot to mention about the contract that shivaye had decided to sign with anika for the event management for all oberoi related functions)
S:k I will not cancel the contract .but on a condition.
A:what s the condition
S:I will only disclose it whent it is needed the most and if it is k for u ,then sign the contract papers
Ain her mind,bagad billa, your attitude has yet not changed. I wi;ll surel y….
Now it s not the time for it and I have to sign it for the sake of sahil. I have to cure him at any cost.”
She was still in tears,with a heavy heart, she signed the papers.
She wiped her tears
A:ok mr.oberoi, now what should I do now.
S:good,tomorrow there is a business party and I need u to take care of theevent and should be abest one.
A:k mr oberoi, every thing will be done as your wish sir
S:my secretarty will mail u the details and u can leave now.
A:ok sir.
she left thehall andc came out
in her mind,how dare he would do the 2 rupee harkat
jaroor thume javab dhena padega bagad have to answer me.she smirks
In shivayes mind, how dare she ,meine kisi ladki se badtameez nahi ke.burt how could I do it today and who is she.
He asked mr.khanna to collect the details about her.


Hope u like the update.Do not worry anika is not abad character.she is just relatedto his past.he is not a born millionaire but has rags to rich story.I will posting the next update soon.thank you all for your love.pls leave your comments down.roses as well as rotten tomatoes r accepted .bye.

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