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In anis event management ltd office

In the cabin
Anika is busy in in a call.the call is from the great SSO.
S:Hello is it anis event management ltd
A:Yes may I know who is it in the call
S:I m shivaye singh oberoi.
A:She was startled and woke up with a start
Thud a sound her glass with water fell down and broke
she did not answer

shivaye was yelling on the other side as no one answered him and he was about to keep the call.
Anika answered yes I m sorry im anika
Shivaye said,” do u have any sense I have been yelling for this much time.u r not at all answering.”
Anika said ,”mind your language mr”
S:Don’t dare to speak about me.I m the SSO
A:Tadibazz bagad billa kancho aankhein wala bye
She keeps the call
The screen freezes with shivaye’s perplexed face.

Sry for a short update I did not plan just typed what came in my u all. i promise you the long update next time.roses or rotten tomatoes both r accepted.

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