Was it all planned by destiny? ff epi -21

The episode starts with dev nd Sonakshi standing close to each other nd shower is still on dev was about to kiss Sona on lips ……………… when Nikki knocks on the room door nd says
Nikki : bhabhi Elena Di came to meet u nd she is waiting down for u
Sona nd dev gets separate nd Sona says to Nikki
Sona : Nikki I will be their in 5 mins
Nikki : kk bhabhi nd maa asked to wake up dev bhai nd bring him down for break fast
Dev nd sona both stare each other nd sona says to Nikki
Sona : yes Nikki I will wake him up
Nikki : okay bhabhi ! I am going
Sona : yaa
After that Nikki goes nd Sona run from washroom nd close the door of washroom but not completely lock okay .
Sona takes a towel nd stands in front of mirror washing her hair nd sees her self in the mirror nd blushingly remembers the moment of both of them nd suddenly notices the love bite given by dev on her neck she remembers how he was kissing her nd she rubs smoothly on that love bite with her fingers nd blushes hard nd says
Looking at mirror
I luv u dev I luv u i luv u but what should I do now how should I say him
nd suddenly remembers that Elena is waiting down for her nd how can she go down in this way she changes her clothes nd dry her hair with hairdryer nd panics seeing what to do about love bite nd she tries to hide it foundation nd it gets hide then she sees herself in mirror takes a deep breath nd goes down.
In washroom dev smiles nd thinks that it’s time to say Sonakshi now by remembering their moments . After bath he comes out nd doesn’t find Sona in room nd he says to himself that it’s gud that she is not here otherwise it would be awkward nd he will tonight will give her a great surprise nd gets ready nd goes down .
Elena sees Sona nd goes nd hugs her where Sona looks up nd is waiting for her . Elena notices that nd thinks that something is wrong so she ask
Elena : Sona is dev alright now ?
Sona still looking their nd not listen anything just reply blindly
Sona : yes
Elena notice nd thinks of something nd smiles smirkingly nd says
Elena: Sona .. are u pregnant?
Sona still looking their says
Sona : yaa Elena
Elena : ??????
Sona seeing her laughing notice her nd says
Sona : what happened? ?
Elena: i am really happy that u are going to make massi ????
Sona : ?(blushingly nd shockingly ) what rubbish are u talking ? Who told u ?
Elena : u only
Sona : me when ?
Elena : when I was asking u questions nd ur eyes were busy waiting for dev
Sona : ?no ! actually i was thinking about something else
Elena: oh leave it Sona I know now a days ur every thought starts with dev nd ends on him
Sona : Elena u know everything about us but still u re talking rubbish things
Elena : yaa but Sona
Sona: Elena….
Start of POV
Sona’s POV : I cannot say Elena about everything now first I will say dev
nd smiles stupidly then controls looking at Elena
Elena’s POV : I think now I have to do something for u Sona until then I don’t think u will realise dev’s love nd I don’t expect anything from dev as he loves u that much he will not force to luv him but what should I do nd how ? Yaa I think Vicky can help me but where is he ?
End of POV
Elena to sona : btw where is everyone dev, Vicky ?
Sona : dev is in his room nd will come down nd Vicky I think he left early due to a meeting
Elena : oh k
Nd dev comes Down . Both dev nd Sona feels awkward seeing each other nd Elena sees that but doesn’t understand what was wrong with them ? Nd Elena thinks to plan something soon so she greets dev nd goes out . Dev leaves for office meeting ishwari . Where Sona thinks what to do nd how to say him about her feelings nd then thinks to say afterwards as she need to prepare everything. Where as dev plans to propose Sona tonight nd arranges everything. Elena calls Vicky nd ask him to meet her at xyz place nd he agrees nd runs think finally she might have started feeling for him .
My episode ends here with a question what will happen next will dev propose Sona or not ? Nd many other things stay tune to know further till then like nd tell me whether u like it or not in below comment box nd I did not know that my haters are coward ppl I mean I just to say what u not like about it nd u guys cannot comment it but u guys still gave me unlikes ???.

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  2. why r u writing small episodes… make bigger dear.. waiting for next episode.. post soon.

    1. Arshiya_princess

      To create suspense about next epi this was small but next episode will be bigger nd will try post soon dear

  3. Osm plz post asap

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  4. Amazing dear …..loved it…Please update soon & lots of love to u sweetie ?

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