Your place is in my heart part 3


all characters are same except sanlak n swarag are not siblings swara is bise n ragsan are maheshwari lucky is singhania )

part 3

swalak n ragsan return to their home n sleeps


ragini wakes up early n goes to pooja then takes every ones blessing just then sanskar came their he takes every; nes blessing

Dp:sanky today u have to attend the meeting with singhania’s
S:ohh Laksh singhania
Dp:yess l have some other work so i can’t come
S:okk badepapa
Ap:come beta have ur breakfast
S:haa maa
Ap:rags have u finished then u also come
while eating
S:ragini lets finish it fast i will drop u to hospital
R:ha bhai

they leaves

Swara’s home(BH)

shomi serves everyone breakfast .
Laksh came at that time

Sh:lucky came have breakfast
L:sure aunty but where is my sleeping beauty
She:she didn’t wake up till

“what she is still speaking” a voice came from behind
She:maa u came from mandir
D:don’t change the topic shekhar she is still sleeping
Sh:maa she was tired na so
D:no shomi bcz of u both she became like that what she will do at her in laws
listening this lucky laughs loudly
D:lucky why r u laughing
L:dadi u are talking about her marriage ohh god he laughs
shomi n shekhar controls their laugh
D:sun le tu i will definitely make her married
L:thats not the problem dadi who will marry a kid
Sh:laksh (fake anger)
L:okk sorry i will wake her up
he goes to swara room ahe was sleeping

L:shona plz wake up
no response he thinks
he gets up from bed n shouts cockroach cockroach hearing this ahona wakes up from bed n jumps on bed in fear n he laughs she understood everything

Sw:u i.will not leave u
ahe starts chasing him he runs then she sneezes he stops

L:shina r u fine
Sw:ya lucky just cold nothing else
L:okk come down then remembers something ohh shit shona i forgot i have meeting i am already late bye i am leaving he leaves
she goes downstairs n saw dadi in angry mood she thinks something n smiles
she goes to her
Sw:dadi what happen
D:swara what is the time now
Sw:wohh dadi i was busy in some work so

D:accha what was that
Sw:dadi u know my friends ask me about ur love story so i said them n thats why i woke up late
D:blushes n says okk but not for next time n hugs her

At conference

sanky comes first n sits just then laksh came n they meet

L:so mr.maheshwari hello
S:hello mr.singhania

the meeting starts n after sometime it ends

L:so mr. maheshwari we are partners now
S:ya i will be happy to work with u
L:me too he gets a call ok mr.maheshwari see u soon
n they both shake their hands



Credit to: IREENA(1223)

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