Your place is in my heart part 2


hey guys my first part of this ff is not updated in telly update i cant provide u link as I’m writing in my phone sorry u can read it just type
“Your place is in my heart- part 1″u will get the link plz read n comment

At Hospital

they broke the hug n girl says

G:bhai shall we go somewhere
B:okk ragini

(ragini maheshwari age 25 a doctor loves her family sweet girl)

R:lets go

they leave in car
In Car
B:so rags where u want to go
R: she looks at him n says to the beach
B:he looked at her n smiles fakely

they goes to the beach

At bunglow

all were very happy n then the girl comes there n says shall we leave sanju the boy says yespriya n they leave to go then they hear a sound n comes back

(it was shooting)

then the director says great shot
n we will continue today but for now pack up all leaves to their makeup room
after some time the girl comes in blue anarkali she goes to director n talks with him then someone calls her she turns n hug him
G:hey lucky u came

(laksh singhania age 26 a fun loving guy he only have his mother with him)

L:yess how can i miss ur shooting
G:u saw it then tell me how was that
L:shona u always do ur best.

(swara bose:age 25 sweet bubbly girl loves her family singing n acting ate her passion )

(swalak are best fends)

Sw:thnx okk leave that my shooting got over we will go somewhere
L:sure sweety
they also leave

At beach

ragini n the boy comes their

R: bhai it us very special place for u
B:why ur asking
R:u know na u cant hide ur feelings from me
B:ya we met here for first time
R:hmm thats why u always come here
B:yaa i can feel her prescene here
R:u still think she will come
B:i am sure she will come

then someone calls Mr.sanskar Maheshwari the boy turns

(he is sanskar: a big business man very he is 27 but still he is very famous in business world. dashing girls falls for him but he is not interested in that )
S:mr.mehta u here
M:i saw u that’s why I came to u
S:okk meet my sister ragini n he is mr.mehta our client
then mr.mehta leaves sanky gets a call he goes to a side


swara is enjoing she looking outside due to wind her dupatta was flowing in air n stucks on sanky face his heartbeat increases but didn’t realize it before sanky could say something she went as she was in car.he didn’t saw her then he again goes to ragini they talk for sometime n leaves

swara goes their n starts to play in water like a kid she drags laksh their n plays with him after that sit n talks

L:shona why do u like this place very much
S:i don’t know but i feel a connection with this place
L:ok so shall we leave or u want to sleep here
S:Laksh beats him

then both leaves



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Credit to: IREENA(1223)

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    1. hey guys ragsan are sister n brothers

  3. Plz make it as raglak and swasan

  4. Raglak please and very nice episode

  5. Plzzzz make it swasan yaar…

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