Your place is in my heart part 1


hey gays its my first ff i wrote two OS before .so plz support me

A bunglow is shown which is very big as we entered in it we can see some people are having their breakfast silently no one is speaking after they done all goes to their work without talking

at hospital

A girl is scolding a boy
G:how could u do this
B: sorry mam
G: okk but dont repeat this
B; but u were busy
G; ya i kow that but i also don’t like my patient suffers bcz of my personal reasons
B:yess mam

G: now go to ur work
then she went for her cabin n sees a guy is standing near a window she goes to him n hugs him
G:sorry plz
B:hw can u do this its was really a imp day for me
G: ya but u na my job
B:ya i know that leave all that ur now happy
G:hmm but i want u to be happy
B:my happiness lies in u
the girl hugs him n he too hugs her

back to bungalow
a boy runs upstairs n stops near a room n peeped inside the room through window

a girl is sitting on floor holding a pic in her hand n carssesing it n weeping silently seeing this a tear drop from boy’s eyes he wipes it goes inside the room.hearing a voice she wipes her tears n acts like that she is searching for something
B:cutei shall we go out
G:no i don’t want to
B:but i want u have to come

B:u can’t do this for me also making a pout face
G:smiles okk but only u n me
B:haa meri maa come fast

he comes downstairs n said this to everyone n all smiles

episode ends

PRECAPE: ** revelation **

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Credit to: IREENA(1223)

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