pkyek (love make life live) Episode 1


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The story start with a big mansion is shown as we go inside a lady is shown who is going towards a room as she open the room she see whole room is messy and see towards bed and think what I do of these 3 girls then her face is shown she is madhu the mother of these 3 girls
Madhu: girls wake up you will get late for collage and panchi you for office
Misha: mom don’t disturb as let us sleep na
Madhu while taking their stuffs from floor and arranging on their proper place
Madhu: why don’t you put your stuff at right place
Piya: mom please don’t start lecture na

Madhu: oh lecture and turned towards bed and see something on bed and stunned
Madhu: oh lizard and shout
Misha: mom this idea is very old try new one
Madhu: I am telling right there is a lizard on your blanket
Panchi: mom don’t irritate us go and irritate dad he is habitual of it
Madhu: ok first see na If I lie then I can do whatever you want
Piya and panchi open the eye and see there is really a lizard over their and they shout and jump from the bed and hug madhu now misha opened eyes and every one tell to see this hand
Misha: what and see his hand and shout
Misha: mom please move it na please
Suddenly arnab came hearing the voice and see piya and panchi are hugging his mother and misha on her bed and look at misha hand and see lizard and they go and remove it and misha go and hug her mom
Arnab: so my brave dolls are fearing from lizard
Panchi: papa

Misha is still in shock
Madhu: ok relax get ready and come and take break fast
Piya: ok mom
And they both are about to go
Arnab: hey girls there is lizard
All the girls start running here and their and arnab start lauhing all girls see this and say papa and coming towards him but he ran away
They both husband and wife came in hall then after some time kabir come to their house
Kabir: gm uncle anuty

Madhu: gm beta
Arnab: gm beta
Kabir: so aunty that ghost girls are ready or not
Piya: we are ready see today you are late
Madhu: stopped piya my son is never be late
Piya: see papa his son has come na
And after that misha and panchi came kabir is seeing misha then suddenly piya come and tell please shut your mouth otherwise mosquito can enter kabir get shy hearing this and as piya knows that kabir likes misha
Misha and panchi at same time: hi kabir
Kabir: hi misha and di
Kabir: so today is the first day of your office so best of luck
Panchi: thnks and best of luck to you all also
Madhu: if your best of luck get over please do break fast and go
They all take breakfast and go to their respective way misha,kabir,piya to collage and panchi to office


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  1. hey nisha is that you , Love is like a mirror wali nisha , Hey I have left so many messages on your page you didn’t reply dear how r u such a superb story on pkyek dear. Very well loved all the character of 3 girls . Loved it a lot . and kabir like misha we all want it but it happened late loved it a lot dear. Waiting for next eagerly . Dear I want to know the reason of not replying hurry need an answer dearyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Love u a lottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt and miss u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    Keep smiling dear
    Once a friend always a friend.

  2. Soory but i am not that one

  3. hey nisha , dear, I Nisha is writing an ff Naadan dil ki manmarziyaan. and the another nisha is my friend a new writer writing an another ff , when I see ur name I got confused that when she is not in tu may be she start writing another ff.
    I am so sorry for saying it to u meri jaan.

    But truly loved this part a lot . Your story is such a hatke and interesting story on pkyek . I also loved that serial a lot dear. and I would love to continue reading this story dera.

    Hey nisha dera Today is 31st dear. and I am saying this to u . Its a pleasure to be ur friend now the table turns to your side would u accept it or not. 3 nisha altogether writing ffs and 3 are friends of hearts what say. Welll yes or no. whatever the answer is I am gonna read this story further and coming here for sure.

    Love u always by heart.
    Keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

  4. hey check in last ff I try to talk to u there too loved the intro a lot dear.

  5. yeah nisha lets be friends and happy new year to you dear

  6. Love u nisha happy new year to you too meri jaan. Keep smiling May god bless u with lots of happiness and wellness .

    Love u always by heart
    Keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

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