PKYEK- The Dark Love Story CONTINUES…..Episode 8


She was wondering how to know about this person when everyone seems to avoid it. She decided to ask Misha and find answers to her questions at any cost.

She turned around to find Misha in an angry state.

“Girl! What is this? Why do you have to turn to that forest every time? I have told you a thousand times, not to involve yourself in any of that stuff. Haven’t I? ” fumed Misha.

Piya shivered with her scared stiff eyes looking at Misha, and Misha realized that she scared her to death. She looked at her piteously.

Soon Piya understood that this reaction was due to her disliking towards the forests or the other way, towards that person whose identity she is trying to hide from her.

This awakened Piya’s senses, and now she fumed with anger. She is not able to understand why Misha don’t want her to know about it. Nothing can be more disturbing at the moment.

She stiffened her shoulders and stepped ahead to go on with the conversation.

She turned to Misha and asked “Listen Misha I totally understand what you say, but what I don’t get is that why you are saying that. Why you are asking me to not question or search about the woods.”

Misha amused at this.

“What’s in there? You don’t get how much troubled I feel with all those distressing thoughts. It feels like someone’s there who is calling me time and again. And believe me Misha I cannot stay away even if I want. It’s like a part of my soul left there which wants to get rejoined but can’t.” said Piya.

Piya looked at Misha, who seemed confused and wanted to listen it all.

She continued “I was just passing by on that path when it felt as if someone called me. I followed the course the sound was bearing me to, when I couldn’t see anyone. I reached a place which felt proverbial but couldn’t remember anything.”

Piya continued, now totally lost in her own said words, remembering her visions and her experience “I felt all the surroundings change instantly. And then I heard a voice, it was calling some name, as if addressing itself, so that I could remember something. But, I didn’t. I only visioned.”

“I saw a pair of eyes, dark, intense and very familiar ones. The sparkle, the dark glow, the intensity, intensity of pain, of ache, of detachment, of regret, of isolation, of Love.” she stressed the last word. “It thrilled me. I wanted to know more, to witness it in reality, and I still don’t know if I did, if it was actually real, but I know it has some or the other connection. And finally I got the name, it was something like… Abhay, and…”

“Enough of your nonsense Piya. Now just cut it. Don’t tell tales to hide your mistake and recklessness. I don’t want to listen to any of these further. Just take it out of your mind. You have many more things better than this, to concentrate over.” Interrupted Misha, getting it very well that now any moment she will have to answer Piya which she never wanted, since she didn’t have many answers.

“But Misha why don’t you just get it! It’s important for me to know about it. I know it’s related to me somehow, and so I will get to the bottom of it. And you should rather help me and….” argued Piya.

“Piya! Piyaa, why do you always have to argue, and that too about such silly things as this, and moreover then when you are not even sure about It.” said an irritated Misha.

“I am! I am sure about it and you have to believe me. It called some name like Abhay. And I know, you too, know about it.” Piya said.

“What’s the need to ponder over it? And where did you hear that name, huh? Who told you about it? Was it someone in the college, coz I know in the family, none would ever want to say it. Tell me. Oh Lord! Did you yourself remember it? How can you remember it, and you still want to know about him, about that b**t**d.”said Misha.

“Oh Piya! Why are you listening to her? You know, she is mad she is just telling it all merely to irritate you. You know she is like that.” said Kabir.

At this Misha’s eyes widened as she realized what she said just now, and also the havoc it can create. Her face turned blank, free of any expression.

“No Kabir it’s not the same as always. This time she is not doing it just to irritate me; she knows it and still keeping from me. It not only irritates but distresses.” insisted Piya.

“It’s not so. She didn’t mean to say it. You are getting it wrong. She just wants say that it’s….”Kabir tried to explain.

But Piya interrupted “I don’t wanna know any other except the truth.”

Kabir again reformed it “Piya. The truth is not as sweet as it seems, we are not mad to avoid your questioning time and again. It’s about the bitter part of it that can hurt you, rather it will. But it’s as simple as that. You. Don’t. Need. To. Know. It.”, but failed.

“See Kabir you now know it yourself. Even you know the truth and also the fact that I am related to it. Do I still need to give you any proofs? I have the whole right to ask about it!” said Piya convincing him.

Kabir looked at Misha and then Misha came back, out of her thoughts. She blinked at him and turned to Piya, “So you literally wanna know the truth! Will you be able to carry it? Do you have the strength? If you do, then let’s see.”


Misha, Piya & Kabir all are sitting in Misha’s room, the whole mansion vacant except this part.

Misha starts saying “Piya, you told you heard the name ‘Abhay’, actually its him, the reason that we had to keep it from you.”

“But Misha you never ever mentioned about him earlier, not in the whole one year!” amused Piya.

Misha nodded and signaled that she needs to listen it all, there’s much part of it, she needs to know.

She then continued “Piya. It wasn’t always so beautiful. We were not like this before. You know that when you came to Dehradun, you didn’t know that I am your sister.”

“Yeah Misha. And I still wonder how I got you guys, your love and this familiarity” said Misha.

“You introduced yourself as Pia Jaiswal and not Piya Dobriyal. We became friends the first day itself”

And Piya remembers Misha and her shaking hands and giggling together.

“And then it was a well going.” continued Misha.

And Piya remembers how she started coming to Misha’s house frequently.

“And then also I had to protect you from all those devilish eyes, like I do even today.” Piya made face at that, and Misha giggled. But it was short lived.

A cloud of disgust and sorrow accompanied her facial features now.

“But then, all does not go on as per our expectations, and some results are very painful.” continued

“Abhay as you remembers him a lot came here, in Dehradun. He got admission in our college.”

And Piya remembers his majestic entry in the College. Him all in black, and her feeling amused and at the same time an attachment with him instantly. She remembers how she got really attracted and affected by him. But she still doesn’t vision his face. She just sees immense light escaping from his face and only that seen instead of his facial features and characteristics.

“Every single girl in the college died for his solitary glance.” Misha continued.

“And unfortunately you fell in the list, but unnoticed by anyone.” said Misha.

Piya remembers how she unconditionally and even more irrevocably wanted to know about him, every part of his story, every single bit.

“And he, he shattered you.” said Misha.

And Piya attained a surprised expression on her face.



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