PKYEK- The Dark Love Story CONTINUES…..Episode 6


A figure was approaching her with lightening speed. She trembled seeing the giant vehicle moving straight towards her from the fog which covered the deadly silent path.

It was all dark and misty. It was enough to make her shiver till long. Her feet didn’t budge from that point. It seemed she couldn’t control her fear and in turn her senses refused to respond.

She closed her eyes tight to avoid catching the experience in her retina and make a place for it in her mind. Her heart stopped beating. She felt the fear of death first time and thought, soon she was going to lie next on the cremation woods or in some blo*dy hospital, her body fighting for her life.

She had closed them shut hard waiting for the monstrous wheeler to run it over her.

Moments passed in that fear but she only felt a soft protective palm sliding along her waist and then hold her right bicep. She felt relieved but didn’t open her eyes. It was only then that she opened them white when she heard the screech of the vehicle wheels and then her soft front collided with a hard wall, the hand digging her more inside it.

She opened her eyes and realized it wasn’t a wall but a figure that just then saved her. She looked up to see the face but the sight only faded.

She blinked several times and felt the sharp light rays hitting her eyes making it difficult for her to open them fully.

She saw all the brightness around. Her eyes searched for the missing fog and the chilling mist. She soon realized that it wasn’t real.

Oh God! What was it? Had she just sighted a vision? Had she literally started seeing visions? She was terrified with the thought and didn’t realize that she had moved quiet deep in the forest.

She looked around and seeing the unknown point in these woods her feet turned rubbery and she fell with her knees touching the ground. She was shocked and even more scared that her unnecessary have now landed her in trouble.

She looked all around again having some hope to seek help but in vain.

And then the winds changed their course and moved rapidly in her direction, which cleared all the fringes from over her face and now the winds were blowing in a manner indicating the route to some place to which she was unconditionally attracted.

She moved along the forest clearing which ended up in front of a big stone lying there from years.

She saw sideways another clearing.

It appeared to her as if it wasn’t there before but suddenly emerged out of thin air.

She paced along the path. She felt her legs moving on their own as if they knew each and every part, all the corners of this place.

She moved fast yet spending least energy. A thought strike her mind. What if she finally gonna get her answers? May be soon she would get rid of all the disturbing thoughts and the idea enthused her to
Walk fast and feel every single twitch in air which would enable her to find her way ahead.

She was keeping a keen watch on the surroundings in case she may be able to know her way out.

Unknowingly, she walked deeper and now almost reached the heart of the woods.

She stopped there and looked around and soon her eyes stuck on a spot.

She saw the forest area with trees grown quiet far from each other, she started moving ahead and the winds which continued blowing and hitting short prickles on her face suddenly stopped when she stood on the part of the ground, so cold that she could feel as if her sole of feet are touching it directly, even though she was wearing 4 inches high heels.

She moved away from the spot as it seemed to her that she may any moment start shivering.

She looked down to closely observe the spot. She found that this part of the ground is rid of twigs, grasses, and even the dried leaves. It was so clean and clear that she felt it intentionally cleared.

The winds started blowing again but this time they grew cooler. With every single second passing she felt the temperature growing lower by one degree.

She felt her body shivering now.

She closed her eyes since she wasn’t able to keep them open any longer.

It seemed she wanted to experience it fully but she wasn’t able to do it, in spite of trying hard.

She was standing there with her eyes closed shut when she felt two wide palms over her shoulder. The warmth delighted her. The palms now slid down to reach her shivering delicate fingers.

Now she felt them held below her chest, closing her in a tight embrace.

She felt the missing part joined now. She was complete now after waiting for so long, never actually realizing the problem.

She wanted to take all the warmth inside her and never allow those protective shields to leave her.

She was afraid to open her eyes as she felt it would all disappear as soon as she will open them.

But yet she wanted to know what and which missing part of her was it. She wanted to know it, feel it, see it, again and again to enjoy this pleasure.

She decided and finally opened them wide. She was shocked to find it didn’t happen the way she expected, or rather it did.

The cool winds were still there, the little warmth still prevailing around her, but the keeper of her missing part was itself missing. Yes, there was no one when she turned back. The protective palms actually did disappear.

She closed her eyes again, hoping that the next time she will open them, she would find it all normal, herself out of this mess.

But she had greater hopes that the mildly enjoyable and beautiful moments would return.

She saw a person all dressed in black approaching her, the fog covering his face, but not able to cover his stiff, tough and broad body. It was exactly like the one which she could imagine after the minutes back experience.

The person moved closer and in less than a second he was standing behind her facing her back.

She felt his palms again around her shoulders but this time she was turned around to face him, but she couldn’t. She had turned around but she couldn’t see the face it seemed a bright light gleaming towards her emerging from his face, she couldn’t adjust her eyes to it.

She heard the voice, the same one, which was turning her mad time and again, but she didn’t get the spoken words this time.

She concentrated and listened, the mild voice saying to her “Piya. I am here to help us. Help us both. Listen to me Piya. I am your…….. I am no one else but……….. But Abhayy.”

She heard it all and felt the happiest moment ever, after listening to those words, and yes of course she got the name very well this time.

She loved the part, her decision that she must follow the indications, in the woods. She felt everything on its right place now. She felt his extremely cold hands touching her face, sliding up to her cheeks, cupping them and she closed her eyes to feel every gist of it.

She opened them now and again the destiny was teasing her.

One moment she felt above the sky and the next, thudded down on the ground.

She still felt the presence around her but didn’t find anyone. Any. One.

She remembered all that happened, lest she visioned.

She felt the connection, go deeper and along every nerve of her.

She felt relieved a bit that for the first time she actually encountered the name, and soon she would find the owner of it, as well.

But then a shadow of sorrow accompanied her watery eyes.

“You Know Me………… I Don’t” that was all she could mutter.

Precap: ABONDON WHAT…………………….MY TRUTH?…………………..LIE………..


Hey guys! Very sorry I cudn’t update it before. Actually there was some network problem. Its still going on. Somehow managed to update this one. Hope u guys like it. And hey nisha dude whre r u dear? Missing u, ur stories ur comments a lot.
And hey roma dude thanks a lot for reading the updates.
Thanks to you as well, dear.
And plz guys regularly post comments, just to tell me if I shud continue or not, and any complains, plz feel free to blabber anything, I never mind it.
Love u allllllllll.
Wait there’s more, much important! I won’t be able to update probably till Monday, hope u don’t mind.
Literally guys can’t help it or else I wud have had done it anyhow.
Plz forgive me for it.
Will try to post it latest by Tuesday, if not by Monday.
Loveeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuu, bye.

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  5. Hi nikki dear, it’s superb, mind blowing episode, I just lost in your words, I was feeling each n every bit of it, the narration n your vocabulary is marvellous, can’t wait to know what happens next, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting,love you loads

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