PKYEK- The Dark Love Story CONTINUES…..Episode 4


Piya is wandering in the woods trying her best to search the source of the sound but unsuccessful.
She turns back to find her way out of the woods and its then that she realizes that she is lost. She hears a sound again calling her. She gets excited and energetic as instantly. She turns around trying to find the speaker. And then comes the call. Again.
“Piya” came the voice, but this time it was a harsh one and not the same delicate still grieving one.
She runs in the direction from where it seemed to originate.
“Piya! Where are you man? Come out you dumb woman. Piya! Piyaa.” and the harsh but worried voice again hit her eardrums.
Misha was looking around warily but wasn’t able to notice Piya emerging from the thick woods.
It was only then when Piya comes and hugs her as if she won’t ever leave her, that she finds her in the most vitiated state.
“Whoa! Calm down girl. Its fine now I am here. Calm down dude please.” Said Misha trying hard to console her.
Piya tried to speak but it seemed her voice caught in her throat because of all the crying. She thus started moving out of the woods. Towards the road, the city. Far from the suffering pleasure. Away.
(In The Car)
“Calm down Piya. It happens. We sometimes get lost. I know it would have been horrible but now it’s over. You are out of that place now. And rather would be soon away and far. ” said Misha after seeing Piya still crying badly.
But what shocked her more was that she cried even harder now.
Piya was thinking how wrong Misha is getting it. It’s not the loneliness or the lost scene, she had to face in the jungle that saddened her, rather it was the fact that she again could not reach it.

How close she was to it just when she lost the track and stated getting away and farther every second. She was sad because she had to leave from there.
She could not possibly understand why she was unconditionally and irrevocably attracted to the place.
What boggled her mind even more was the voice the same one, and then the words, the shattering words.

And then there was Misha who was unknowingly disturbing her even more talking all the stuff and including that it she was going away from there.
And the last 4 words started ringing in her mind several times.
She saw the trees sprinting by fast as the car sped more.
And this filled her eyes more and more with tears.
She didn’t want to cry but she wanted. She so terribly wanted to stop her tears and was unsuccessful.
What irate her more was that she couldn’t possibly stop her so flowing eyes.
All the while she was preventing any eye contact with Misha as she knew it would turn the situation even worse.
She was praying no one should be home, since she will then have to answer their questions. It wasn’t like she didn’t want to answer them r that she felt irritated because of that but the reason was that she will not be able to answer their questions since she herself is seeking for those answers.
Secondly, she realized it quiet soon that they have become extra protective towards her from the time she returned back.

Piya is lying on the bed on the left side towards the window her back to Misha who is on the right.
Luckily there was not anyone at home when they returned and Piya had silently slipped into her bedroom.
She had her supper in the room itself and wasn’t disturbed by anyone as Misha gave an excuse for her that she got so tired that she couldn’t come out of the room or walk any more steps.
Piya had tried hard many times in the past one hour to sleep but all in vain.
She now forcedly closed her eyes and was lying there thinking blank just when her body pranced up with such force that it made Misha come out of her sleep as instantly.
She stood up and started walking to and fro in the space around the bed.
Misha still in dizziness asked her if something’s wrong. She assured her that it’s just that she is not getting sleep and everything else is fine.

And with this Misha turned back to her sleep.
Piya now increased the pace as she got restless with every passing second.
She remembered, she had heard the voice before, before coming to India. But when? She tried hard to remember.

She was thinking about it and moved towards the window. She saw the silent thick and dark woods again.
She now tired out of all the day’s events went back to bed. And her eyes drooped slowly and they were shut soon.
She heard it again, the voice calling her name.
She got up and went to the window and just then she saw a figure emerging from the woods and it wasn’t late before the figure reached right in front of her. The room was dimly lit. She couldn’t see his face. Yes of course, it was a guy.
And then there was a loud bang right beside her ear due to which she shut her eyes and she jumped instantly.

She opened her eyes, blinking several times. But now the room was no more dimly lit rather there was a highly bright light falling on her face.
She opened her eyes more and saw just the ceiling.
She got off from bed and stood beside and clutched her hairs realizing it was a dream. She was thinking if she had started thinking so much that she even dreams awkward.
But then it seemed something strikes her mind and she soon realized what.
She remembered, she had dreamt the same before, in Paris, the night when she had met a minor accident.
She saw herself calling a name and searching in the woods. The same woods, she realized. Then she saw someone emerging. She ran to the person and he took her in his arms. They hugged as if it’s after centuries that they are meeting each other. She called his name and he cupped her cheeks embracing her later in his arms. She saw herself calling his name but she couldn’t hear it.
Next they both were seen walking in the woods when someone calls from back and Piya starts perspiring profusely. The guy held both her hands and said something which turned her stone and she vigorously shook her head in a no. She saw the guy turning back clearing the view for Piya to see the person behind. It’s a shocking sight, she saw a completely different version of herself standing in front of them and spreading her arms wide. It’s not late when the guy stops moving and seems vanishing from the sight.

She sense a the strong winds and next moment see herself lying on the cold ground and the guy struggling. The trees were on him, he below the logs fallen. She heard him calling her and saying “save me Piya! Only you can…..”
She heard herself calling his name again and again but she couldn’t hear what she said.
And with the last call she heard the first few words, the sound came “ABH…”.
“Who is he? How can it be possible? What is it that’s calling me today even? Is it related to my past? How can that happen? And, and the guy, who was he. I know him but I don’t. What was all this?”she thought.
“Was it all my imagination, but how is that even possible. I know! I don’t fantasize! Have I started? No that possibly can’t be the case. I know it has got to do something with me. But what? And how would I find it?”
She was busy with her thinking process when she heard a loud thud. It was Misha, she had again fallen off from bed.
Misha opened her eyes wide when she didn’t see Piya on the bed. Her eyes searched warily and soon met Piya’s eyes.
She stood up and walked to her in a lazy manner. “whom are you planning to scare in the mid of night?”she said.
Piya jumped high when she realized that Misha can answer all her questions. She remembered when they were in college, in the morning she heard the name, just half of it out of that guy’s mouth. What is his name? Oh yeah! Kabir.
The name which she heard, rather the part of it ‘Abh..’ and it’s the same as she heard in the dream.

She fastened to Misha and asked her as rapidly “Mish. You remember, in the morning your friend, Kabir, he was saying something, some name. You remember, what it was?”.
Misha gave her a confused expression but then she realized what Piya was asking and said hurriedly “Oh cmm’n Piya. At this hour of night you remember some name and disturbing me because of it.” “ Just stop this nonsense for now and you can complete it ion the morning, but sleep now. Get to bed fast. Or else you will be responsible for making me push you hardly on the bed.” She said trying to cover it.
Piya became all the more restless but went to bed and lied straight.
She kept on thinking but slowly her eyes betrayed her heart and under the influenced of her tired body she had to close them shut and fall in the deep oceans of sleep.


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