PKYEK- The Dark Love Story CONTINUES….. Episode 1

The episode starts from the time when Abhay was forced captive in the ice grave by Maithili using her powers as she was among the princesses of the vampire kingdom and thus very powerful indeed.


An old man is seen sitting near the tea stall on the road through the forest to Dehradun, talking to a small kid when a gush of air passes by, cooling the surroundings to add to the cold. He turns to the forest in front of his eyes, and says “the same forest which used to echo with the giggling sounds of the two lovers is totally silent today. The whispers of the unstinted love which used to vibrate even the foot of these mounts is unheard now. That unconditional love seems to have vanished today.”

Just then the wind changes its course, now moving in the opposite direction and the autumn leaves fly around littering the whole path.

The trees seem to rustle and indicate the sudden changes as the instinctive return, return of the immortal love; a new, dark one.

The old man stands up and theres a smile on his face, the one which had been missing from long.

The small boy looks on amused sensing that the old man is very happy, after a long time, rather never this much indeed.

The old man quiet understands it soon and looks towards the forest again.

“The story has to be repeated again, but, the different way surely.Its the indication of the nature, the affirmation as it has to take place anyhow.”he spoke suddenly.
The boy turned to face him and the old man spoke again, now with much enthusiasm” And believe me it will!”. With this the boy looked on confused but then moved his gaze towards the dark, the thick forest.

The flight landing announcement have just been made when an extremely gorgeous and as angry a girl is seen moving fast out the place.She is near the exit end just when a deafening call from behind hits her eardrums”Atleast stop you dumm! Have you suddenly gone mad? Hey, dont turn into PT Usha at once.” “OK, am sorry, now stop for god sake” says the girl running behind felling difficult to catch her breath. The angry one finallly stops and turn with glaring eyes.

The struggling one now comes near her and manages to say”Come on Piya. It was a joke, moreover not meant to happen that way. I mean not meant for you!”

The girl is Misha and is talking to her sister Piya who is literally very angry since Misha emptied the whole glass of pineapple juice ight on her face, few minutes ago. Well this is different that she wanted to play the prank on the air hostess as she served her later as she was busy assisting some of the other elderly men. She planned it to show her the result of ignoring, disrespecting Misha Dobriyal. As she would throw the drink right on her face, the same one served by the hostess herself. She thought when the lady would come out of the parlour of the plane she would come out of her hiding place and will just bash it on her face acting as if it was totally accidental. now she decided to execute her plan and was hiding , just ready to laugh at her the moment later. She heard the footsteps moving forward, and readied herself.The covers drew and the drink was in the air on the face of her the very next moment, and then came a ‘bah’. She stepped forward to act amazed but what she saw next turned her to stone.
Piya had entered (rather exited) instead of the air hostess, and before she knew it the drink was all over herface and clothes,which annoyed her rather more, since she had to change her clothes because of her, that too in the last half hour left for the flight to land.

The glaring eyes seem to engulf half of her already and she will be vanished soon in the next few seconds.Piya at the full length of her voice, deafened her shouting all the curses she learned from Misha herself. She had somehow stopped herself, and managed to stay mum till they reached the airport finally.

But, now she was serving Misha quiet well with all the anger, by making her follow her and moreover run along to heave heavily.

“Look what you ‘ve done,” she said puffing heavily. Piya looked at her questioningly and gritted “And what exactly is it?”
“See, am puffing because of you” said Misha. Piya glared astonished.

Misha giggled a bit and then said “Oh please now put it off. Dont become a moron and move out of here fast or else again this its going to be me only who is going to see and grant them first.”And with this she moved out fast. Leaving behind an amused Piya to think that its impossible to deal with her and wonder how she managed it the whole year when it was just two of them staying together in Paris.

Piya moves her eyes all around to see the most happy people spreading their arms to hold her.

Just then she spotted the three most familiar figures eagerly waiting for her. Arnab, Madhu, Panchi all standing there with broad smiles on their faces.
Madhu pinching Misha’s nose and then hugging her, now leaves her hand and move fast towards Piya and the very next she is found caressing her face with her swimming eyes showering all the love. Arnab and Panchi also comes near and share a hug each. Arnab moves back now to prevent her from choking because of all the sudden and tight hugs, when he notices an all new Piya in grey faded jeans with a pink blazed top over it and admiring his no more kid daughter.


in the car, on the way to their house Piya all silent just like before is listening to all the stories of Misha, the incidents completely modified by her in her own way.
She suddenly feels a strong blow of air right on her face, which made her turn towards the window moving more towards the side of the back seat of the car. She looks out of the window to find the trees sprinting fast, just when she is mesmerized by the sounds of the small, stout animals, coming from the forests.
She is trying to peep through the deep woods when a whisper hits her eardrums a low but surely strong one. She moves her fringes behind her ear to hear it clearly, and it works but it wasn’t a whisper anymore, rather a grieving, groan, which startled her completely forcing her to immediately slide the glass slit up.

Misha asks her if she is fine as she seems confused about something. Piya opens her mouth to speak when she finds Madhu suddenly turning her head back and asking her if something is wrong, due to which she decides to keep mum.

They finally reach their house, the Dobriyal Mansion, which Piya knows only through the photographs. She looks around and try to settle herself.

Next they all are on the dinner table. Piya and Misha have changed. All are happy and having their food, it consists of all Piya’s fav, at which Misha seems annoyed and spluttered that she is no more their daughter as they seem to have abandoned her. Its Panchi who assures her that it is all very true, and everyone laughs except Misha who is planning something.


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  1. hello Anjali , this is the second time read the story with the same poster, I like the serial a lot .

    And now 2 writers are writing the serial story You started the 2nd part when abhay left her. and he is lying on the ice under the forest. and Piya lost her memory and dobreyaal accept her and make her a part of the family.

    Dear Its a request to you to please dont repeat the story. As fans like me and many other knows each and every bit of the story . You have started it fresh part and we all are with you always praising your talent your writing style is quite nice. dear I love it.

    But I am getting very happy and more and more fans are getting happy if you started the freshness and always came to praise you dear.

    All the best anjali , love u dear always loving you this is my favourite serial . I see the vampire picture breaking dawn and eclipse and many parts .

    Luv u sooooooooooooo much that you had picking this for writing . Now getting very interested to get the next part dear. Always loving u dear.

    And yes mee too writing a ff here. Dear Visit sometime Its a pleasure of mine to be your friend. Coz u also start writing my favourite serial dear.
    Love u dear its my story link Always loving u visit or not.

    Waiitng for ur next part and for ur reply would u be my friend. Luv u always
    Keep smiling Once a friend always a freind.

  2. Hey you write episode 2 Are you angel or you are another girl anjali

    Confused dear. But anyways luv this part and keep updating another one.

  3. PKYEK back!!!gud

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