PKYEK- The Dark Love Story CONTINUES….. Episode 2


Thud! A lazy figure falls on the bed with back towards the bed. Its Piya all tired from the day’s movement and is thinking all that happened in the course of time. She had changed into a cobalt blue raze top with a deep back and her wavy hairs barely exposing any part of her back. She remembers how everyone welcomed her as if waiting for her since very long, and it made her happy.
Even though she used to talk to them every single day, she called them atleast once everyday except one time when she was busy with the shoot and cudn’t make it as the shoot was immediately followed by the fashion show practices, it seems to her that she was never so very connected to them, so close as this.

But currently there’s a wide and broad smile on her face. Suddenly something stinging pass over the delicate features. She seems to think about something seriously because of which her expressions changes from the happy ones to a wondering one.

She remembers how on her way she was previously obsessed by the mild sounds of the deadly silent woods, how she wanted to jump out of the car to enjoy every bit of this silence and take up the gist of it. But now what distraughted her heart was the voice which she heard from the woods, what exactly was it?

She wanted to go near it but she couldn’t, she didn’t. It was a groan, she knew it and moreover a punctured and vitiated soul letting it out, and if she knew it then why did she move away instead of going for helping the one, out of it.

Well that’s what she does, doesn’t she? And that’s the reason why Mish always state that there IS a need for someone to be there with her everytime so that when she jumps forward to help without announcing rather not even informing, there will be atleast someone who would then pull HER out of it.Then what was the reason that she turned her back to it.

She was all busy with her thoughts when a part of sky falls just an inch away on her left.Well it’s the most naughtorious part then. Yes of course it’s her, the only link which used to be there between her and her family for the past one year, Misha the disaster.

“Hey Piya! What do you think eh? That in company with them you will be able to fume me up? Don’t dare think that, little puny, coz it’s not going to help. And what does that silly ugly fat Birdie think of herself? Well, whatever she does think doesn’t matter since am going to show her the real position of a pet in this house!” thundered the little angry sister.

“Oh gods Misha, take a breath girl! And what all rubbish are you talking?” said Piya now stepping totally out of her thoughts as she has something more important to handle now. The Cute little fuming sister.Even though Piya is the elder one it seems to her that Misha is the one who actually handles HER. But now the turn is hers since she knows it quiet well that both her sisters are always found standing on the edges so that they can push the other right in the brook.

She moves her eyes warily around, searching her when she finds her slipping out of the room with a broad smile on her face. Piya follows her to find out what she is planning, and is moving down the stairs just when she hears a sound, a bang. She stops and then move towards the place where the sound seemed to be originated from.

She moved ahead cautiously as she is not well aware of the whole mansion yet. She reaches a room, and when she steps in she finds Panchi standing like a statue and what she saw next compelled her to laugh till her stomach ached badly. She saw Panchi with a full black face covered all over by the soot that came from the little but explosive cracker, lighted by none other than Misha.
So this was what the smile had glued on her face for.

“Now, listen loser I don’t know whether they will abondon me or not but I am very sure that after seeing this face of yours not only they but the whole city would abondon you, my Slowcoach.” said Misha and laughed to her fullest.

Piya controlled her laugh and moved towards Panchi thinking that she must console her or else she would start crying as if never to stop. But this was not the case with Panchi anymore. She went straight to the washroom and came after atleast the quarter of the hour. Her hairs were wet which suggested that she had a bath, her porcelain skin gleamed too much. She moved ahead with a high pace towards Misha and grabbed a pillow on her way, and started showering the effective mild blows on the devil. This startled Piya as she never expected her to react this way.

Then she heard the heavy curses out of her mouth thrown like weapons on Misha. Piya ran to both of them and asks them to stop, but then she finds both of them turning in opposite directions, chins raised up in the air and both moving out of the room at the same time leaving her behind.
She goes back to her room all the while thinking about those changes she observed in Panchi today. It had always been a point of concern for her that how Panchi will be able to overcome her pain, since her marriage was cancelled twice, both the times the guy cheating on her being the reason. Well, that’s what she knows from the sources, oops the source, Misha.

Whenever she talked to her over phone or video chat, she always seemed delicate, conserved.

She was thinking all of it and started moving back to her room. She walks through the steop and passes by a large window, when she feels a wind blow hitting her bare skin at the back. She turns and looks out of the window. She again is mesmerized by the serene beauty of these whist woods.
She is now almost leaning on the edge of the window sill, trying to peep further, her eyes searching for something she wanted desperately, that she could hardly wait for, eventhough she don’t know what is she actually searching for.

The blow again! Greater intensified though. It’s again deafening her to listen to nothing, but only this mild thunderous voice that vibrated whole of her, which shakes her heart to the inner core.

But then there’s a smile. Probably since her ears got what her eyes couldn’t. It seemed that she would even jump right of the window although she has phobia of height. “You seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech terrr aannnnnnnnnnn.” That’s what fell into her ears.

She turns to search the source of this disturbance when she finds Mish standing right in front of her. Her lips are moving continuously but she is not able to get even a single word of it. Finally she concentrates and tries to hear when all the other thoughts wipe away and she is able to get it now.

Its then that she hears her “come out of your fantasy you dummy! Am I a ghost that you are watching me like this?” Misha shakes her and says “come out of your dizziness for few minutes. I know it’s late but reach your bed first or else I know I will have to spend whole night to take you there.” And with this appears a slight smile on Piya’s face. She nods her head and move towards their room along with Misha.

While going she turns to look at the window, and there emerges a gloom on her face. The uneasiness, that she was so near to get it and then it happened again! She was distracted and disturbed, but she wasn’t angry on Misha for it.
The night went on quiet smooth after it as she had lied on her bed next to Misha and fell sleep after a bit of thinking about the events, the uncommon ones. She had to sleep now since doesn’t want to spoil the flavor of the upcoming events. As she has to go to the college the next morning to start her whole new life in Dehradun.

Precap: The REALISATION…….The CALL…….

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    And the story is good . But you know the name of the story is same as anjali story and both of your stories get mixed dear.change the name It will be beneficial for you.

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