PKYEK- The Dark Love Story CONTINUES…..Episode 13 and annoucement


hey dearies i know i should be kicked…….. and donno what else u wud b having in ur minds
sorry for not updating for so longggggggg

like sorry a hundred times but really cudn’t help it, nor can now

just stuck somewhere and have no options

life seems fully messed up

just came here to share a few things and hear a sigh of relief from u all. yeah and the news is i wont be troubling u all with my stuff for i guess another 15 days atleast.
ah yes u have the right to enjoy this news, but b4 that here i come to spoil ur mood again, i mean am here with a very very short part of the story

well have many things about its track in my mind to bore u all but then again things dont favour my writings

urghhhhhhhhhhhh again such a long speech
well scold me or abuse me i cant help am just a chatter box even in miserable times

ahhh enough of it now no more boring stuff……….. but super boring stuff yeah my story(Abhya)
so here u go, enjoy if u can

love u and miserably missing u all, plz just do me a favor reply something or the other, like literally at present time anything wud love
Miss me lol
In the woods

Abhay stumbled on his feet, and stood near the river with the tree support on his left.

His face glistened with the tripled water droplets. The fast flowing air added to his tiredness, and he collected his body down on the ground.

His mouth let out a deafening, harsh painful groan, and his eyes drooped down as his body thudded on the ground.

Out there in some farther part of the forest, two hooded figures are shocked to hear the sound.

One of them clutches the shoulder of the other and turns towards it.

They suddenly disappear from there with a lightning speed.

Abhay is lying unconscious on the ground when the hooded figures reach him.

Their hoods droop down because of the fast flowing wind.

They take him to the bottom of the valley and lay him on the ground firmly.

Few minutes later he is seen surrounded by some wooden stakes and a candle beside each.

There are 13 of them. They keep their hands over the wooden stakes one by one and each time as they touch it, blood ooze out from their hands. The screams will be unbearable for any delicate human ear. The blood flowed down the wooden stakes and through the ground reached Abhay’s body. It appeared like 13 spokes of a circle meeting at Abhay’s back. Finally they wave their hands over Abhay’s head and heart, in a rubbing manner.

Lethargy left his body and he opened his eyes and saw the most caring personalities in front.

The smile spread over his face expressed his delight. “Mom, Dad……you…………here? Mom! Dad! I………. ” he tried to speak. “Not a word Abhay. Not a WORD.” Hasina warned him.

“You would stay quiet until we get home.” Chand supported.

Blood tears started to form in Abhay’s eyes but he closed them shut not giving a chance for anyone to see them.

“I won’t ask you to open them, but I know for what they are shut.” endorsed Hasina.

They all forwarded their left hands and in no time there was no sign of any soul.


Dobriyal Mansion

Piya is lost thinking about Abhay, Krishit, the Forest, that Lady and almost every other person that seem to have talked to her that evening, when she heard the hushing rustle of the leaves from the wind blowing across the path opposite to the Mansion.

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  1. ur story is awesome dude but seems like u r busy nowadays
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    loveee uuuuuuuuuuuu

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  4. hey its really gud but yeah very short
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  5. hey nikki h r u???
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    but sad news that u wont update for 15 days i guess
    cant see u in comment section also on other TU pages
    cheer up dude
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  6. awesssssssssoooooomeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Abhay is back where’s Pia he will be missing her, right??
    plz update fast i love it
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  7. hey nikki ur story is awesome…
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  8. Well very nice story was missing this story from many days and we will be waiting for next update eagerly and take care

  9. Short but nice. .

  10. niri, cutink, rinkie, shreyaaaaaaaaa, anshika, reenki, pushpa, pooja, sasha– thanks to all of u
    felt lot rlieved after seeing u all in the comment section
    just hope to give u better parts once decide to update
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    will try to talk tmrw


  11. what the heck curses to this TU team again the same error, different name but my comment

  12. Take my advice, follow tit for tat. N fr the behavior change , it happens,n i hv experienced the worst of hypocracy.u jstt hv to accept that they are like tht n nothing cn chnge, so its better if u ignore.i cn c tht u r getting lot of negative thoughts, u better shoo them away ,or fr sure i will make buy one more of what we bought today :-D:-):-P:-):-)

    1. thanks dude but am feeling really helpless cant continue with this. actually they just want me to plaster a smile on my face no maater what, whether am actually happy or not and am doing exactly that at least it will help me find out what they love more their so called reputation or me
      well i have decided that i wont speak a word about it b4 21st and after that i wont take a breath without clarifying everything hope they get this simple thing in their mind for the time being
      they are trying to mess up with my thoughts in order to turn them their way but am not going to let that happen just hope i get the strength to stand for that long
      ahhhh i guess thats the bottom thought which remains
      well thanks again felt lot relieved after sharing but coming to tit for tat, i can only stay quiet, back answer is no option atleast not now
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  13. awesome but short ….too short
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