PKYEK- The Dark Love Story CONTINUES…..Episode 12 (love found)

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She tumbled on her feet and it was getting harder for her to go on.

Yet she walked further, determined not to look back and fall in the trap again.

She didn’t know where she was moving.

It was not late before her limbs totally refused to support her.

She felt the world rotating. Her eyes rolled finding it difficult to see the surroundings clearly.

She couldn’t help it anymore.

But she tumbled few more steps before drooping on the ground.

Just as she sensed the cold ground below her, a throng of electricity passed through every single cell of her body.

Her head immediately jerked up. Her hands unconsciously started sweeping away the sand on the ground.

And just as her finger tips came in contact with the white hard surface, a boost of energy ended up in her body.

Her hands firmly landed on the sides and her upper body in the air was supported on her elbows.

She raised her head and concentrated to see something clearly.

After many efforts of momentous seconds her blurred vision cleared slowly.

She could now actually see the hard ice cold, white surface beneath her exhausted body.

She felt that there was something beneath this which she needed to find out about.

She started to brush off the rest of sand from around the visible spot.

Soon the white cleared more and the serene color strikes her eyesight.

She sat up now and saw it clearly. She realized that it wasn’t just some hard ground rather a huge ice slab laying beneath it.

She tried to get up and move away, but before that she spotted something inside the slab.

Were those………were those eyes?? She jerked her head shocked too much. It terrorized her to the core.
She couldn’t think a thing.

But before she could help any way she realized that these eyes were familiar. But they were closed, seemingly from centuries.

She came back to senses and tried to get up, even though her head pained still, like it would burst inside her skull yet that mattered least now.

She rubbed over the ice to see it clearly, but it didn’t help.

She realized it was not because of the fog or the bubbles formed over time in the slab, but because she couldn’t see anything clearly, her mind and strength gave up, and didn’t support her suffocating heart.

She tapped several times over it and tried to shout his name.

But only sound came out of her vocals were the very pale and dull squeals hardly audible to her own ears.

She tried to get up; making the best possible efforts to keep up, but she didn’t have a choice this time.

Her hands flailed less now, her visions blurred again, she took a sharp intake of breath and used her all the left minimal energy to look at that delighting face that conciliated her heart.

She thought she won’t survive after this.

Her eyes slowed drooped down, with tears escaping from the corners and soon her eye lashes entwined.

She laid there for some time.

The ice at the places she had touched it started melting.

Soon the furrows grew deeper and the ice turned water in a large portion.

Her body still stayed attached to the cold surface which melted more under her body.

She could open her eyes slightly but failed to notice the deep growing pit beneath her.

She lay there for a few more seconds, and then the thunder broke right on her.

The motherly earth ripped open and engulfed her inside, maybe to give her a better gift.

The ice melted and she dug deeper. And sank.

Her eyes flew open, and she struggled to breath.

God, she was all in water now. How can it be possible?? Her mind wondered.

She couldn’t concentrate over anything currently.

She is still not worried about saving her life, she knew very well that she didn’t have the slightest idea about swimming and surely she was going to drown. She yet felt a kind of familiarity, an instinct that she is going to the right place, she will get happier.

She finally, after much travel towards the bottom sighted something.

It seemed much towards the top. Her hands unconsciously flailed to get to the top.

Just then, don’t know from where a gush came up from this endless pool, it pushed her up.

She found it hard to keep up any longer.

Just as she tried to see clearly she came almost to the surface.

Her face automatically turned up to catch a breath, a reflexive action of her mind, impossible to control.

She again digs it in the water and finally her eyes soothed.

She saw a submerged soul in this water body, that seemed to appear out of nowhere in a matter of few hours.

Lest it wasn’t a soul, rather a soulless body.

She tried to get near it.

It was a well built structure, but seemed much weakened now.

She got near him and just as she drew closer, a throng of electricity passed through her.

She saw the loveliest face now; moreover she was the first one to see it in this whole year, probably.

Her arms flailed more to get closer.

Yes, it was Abhay. She got him, or he did?

She didn’t bother herself with the thought.

She finally reached near him somehow. It was a maximum of half feet’s difference between these two bodies.

Her body refused to support her decision, it wanted to rise up for further survival, but her heart had suddenly grown stronger, she opposed her own self, yet followed her heart.

She extended her hand for the divine touch over his ever frozen body.

But it seemed to be moving away each time she thought she is going to him.

She drew her legs closer and then pushed the water with utmost force and soon she was pushed back, towards him.

Yippeee it worked, though took long but it finally did, it did help her to reach him.

She caught a handful of the collar cloth, and found it freezinglycold with same intensity.

But someway she loved it, loved the shivering arising in her body.

A water current hit her back and her hand left the clutch on the collar.

She was moving away.

She tried harder, her face turning purple, cause being the suffocation.

Yet she reached near, this time it seemed much easier, and just as her left hand went near his still unconscious drowning body, she felt a tug at her right one.

Her body was reaching the surface now.

Her head popped out and a gasp left from her mouth and the body instantly started searching for more liveliness to enter.

But her life was still buried deep in there.

Precap: IF YOU CARE………….. ACT LIKE IT………………………………………….


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