PKYEK- The Dark Love Story CONTINUES…..Episode 12 (love found) Contd.

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The hold on her hand was tight and brutal.

She jerked her hand and the unexpected act freed her arm from the grip.

She dug her head in the water and threw her eyes wide open to find that face.

Her eyes spotted the calm face slowly submerging deep.

She tried to push the water back and then from nowhere emerged a strong water wave which hit her back.

The result being that she was pushed forward with great force.

And her stretched arm jerked forward along with her delicate body.(na nana na nana na nana na na na, na na naaa naaaa na na na na n)

Her open palm landed on the ever cold, hard yet firm steel.

She felt a throng of electricity pass through every nerve of hers.

And instantly his veins burst into liveliness, followed by a deep gasp.

Yes she melted the ice over his heart, her touch did.

And immediately the majestic, intense eyes flung open, and she turned mesmerized staring those.
(Dil ibadat kar raha hai dhadkane meri sunn tujhko main kar lu hasil lagi h yahi dhunn)

Her hand seemed to be plastered over his chest. And just then she was held firm but close, very close to him.

Her hands unconsciously reached his face and cupped it.

He moved his face forward and extended his facial muscles and lightly kissed her forehead.

She experienced immense pleasure, but the surprising part was that her head didn’t ache anymore rather it was better than fine.

As his lips detached from her skin she hugged him tightly, this again being an unconscious act.

She didn’t think much but surely she would find out many things soon.

And the foremost one, about his this state.

Just then she observed that his shoulders now sank down.

His face explained his immense tiredness.

But he still managed to smile somehow.

Oh God, that too the most rare and delighting one.

She again dug her head in his chest but this time it was a bit warmer.

She moved back and was about to open her mouth just when she realized she was still in water and need to breath soon, and so she popped her head out.

And just as she did she realized that she has committed the biggest mistake doing so.

She was instantly pulled out and was landed hard on the near ground.

She looked up to find out who was it that pulled her out and took away her breath from her.

She looked at the face and was most surprised when she finally recognized him.

“What are you doing here?” she gasped.

The guy didn’t reply. She continued, “Why did you do that, huh?”

Again no reply. Now this was making her lose her temper.

She shouted, “God damn you Krishit, what are you doing here and why did you pull me out?”

“Good to find that you remember me darling. And I am in no mood of explaining it to you. So you don’t try to ask again. Just get out of here.” He said uncaring.

“You can leave but don’t ask me to do that. And it shouldn’t bother you where I am, yeah?” she back answered when she saw him still standing there, showing her his back.

“Oh girl it does bother me where you are, at least till the time I don’t snatch it from you.” He slowly turned and said.

“What?” she demanded to know.

His expressions turned shocked for a moment but he composed himself before she could notice it. “You babe, your those delicate curves I want below me, and surely I will.”

“Why don’t you just get lost Krishit, its totally waste for you to stay here any longer, and coming to snatching anything from me you first need to deal with many, and believe me you gonna land yourself in great trouble you dare do anything of sort.” She said coolly.

“Just move out of this forest and I do nothing” he declared.

“You are not going to tell me what I should do and what not.” Pia said irritated.

Krishit moved away from there and went in the direction towards the town, she sighed relieved.

She peeped inside to find him there but couldn’t. She searched through her eyes but in vain. She turned to go just then she found a glistening pendant lying down on the ground. She picked it up and found it familiar.

She tried hard but couldn’t remember.

She clenched it and made her way out of the place with a heavy heart that she missed a great chance, yet she hoped to get such moments again, soon.


Now she was home.

She remembers how much she had to struggle to get a lift to the town, the lady helped her very well and she was really very grateful to her for it.

The lady looked weird yet very very glorious.

She somehow managed to scare her initially but she confronted herself at right time.

No one in the house knows about her sneaking out.

All are still under the illusion that all the evening she was in her room and was spending lonely time.

She felt hungry but not at all weak, and this feel started since he touched her, or the other way she did.

She silently got in the kitchen and peeped in the oven and microwave.

Not finding anything she finally tried the refrigerator.

Aah here’s some very good delicacy she thought looking at the Caprese Melt.

She took the pan out and was going to pop the uppermost slice in her mouth when her eyes fell on the short note with Pia written on it in large font at one of its corner.

She took it out and read,-
‘Couldn’t bear this hunger, right?
Hope enough of anger showed off till now
Stop troubling ur mind I know you
Better than you urself
Eat it and go to bed early
That’s a warning my Angry PIA’

And she fumed at that finding herself to be really so predictable, and on the back of the note she read Madhu’s name.

She wasn’t going to prove her right again, she decided and left back to her room without even looking a single time more at the beautifully decorated stuff.

She thundered to her room and started muttering curses under her breath.

Her anger was at peak but the curses were for no one from her family, nah of course.

She was fuming at the bl**dy fool, that Krishit.

Who had asked him to do all that stuff, what was the need to pretend that he wanted to save her.

She knew him well; he never did anything without profit in it.

She wondered how come he is here, in India, and moreover how did he get there in the jungle, and what for?

This trail of questions continued to go on in her mind when she reminisce her moments with Abhay, the image of his magical eyes refused to leave her memory cells.

Precap: AM NOT GOING BACK………………………..PAST REMINISCE………………

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