PKYEK- The Dark Love Story CONTINUES…..Episode 10


She finally reached it, the right place, after much sufferance though, but now she lay in his arms.

She wanted to see him, adore him all over again, hug him tightly, the way that he can’t pull away, he don’t go anywhere.

She wanted it all, but her blo*dy head caused the freaking pain, the ache which didn’t allow her to pull her eye lids up and find him, near her, for her.

She somehow managed to open them a bit but all the blurriness caused her much sufferings.

She could see a bit now.

She saw the ceiling but not him, she moved her head a bit to look around and found him gone.

Her features ached not because of the pain in the skull, but the pain, the truth caused in her heart. She felt vitiated and cheated by her own senses.

She couldn’t keep up now. Her tired eyes drooped again, with tears rolling down from the corners.

She thought she won’t survive, the pain was excruciating, but she wanted to, to search him, to curl him around her, to slap him, hit him, and then hug him to never leave him.

She heard a cry, someone called out for others and then she was losing it, even her hearing senses giving up at that.


General POV

Misha saw her lying down, flat on the surface and her she turned stone, her feet turned rubbery but she was sensible enough to call for the others, before it was late.

The doctor was called immediately and she checked her.

After assessing her condition she informed that it’s because of the stress which she is taking, and also informed them that she needs complete mental and physical rest.
She called Piya’s father to a farther corner and said, “I know what’s worrying you now. But no need to worry about it. She will be fine. But yes of course, these days had been quiet heavy on her; she seemed to take lot of stress. Any serious issues bothering her?”

Arnab turned cold at that and replied, “nothing much. Surely I will sort it out.”

The doctor left. Piya was sleeping in the room, when Misha came in.

She looked at her and her eyes turned moist, and she blurts, “Why Piya? Why you always have to take it so critically. You shouldn’t be bothered after what I told you. Why do you hurt yourself so much and make me hate myself more. I can’t see you like this. But the truth would be intolerable for you if you get to know about Abhay. His Passion, his Penchant, his Proclivity, his Fervor, all of it which was only meant for you. These may be mere words to explain it. Wake up Piya I can’t see you like this. Think about him, how hurt he will feel. Abhay why did you do it to her?” and she holds Piya’s hand firmly.

She feels her fingers moving slightly, and wiped her tears hurriedly.

And rearranging her face she asked after seeing her opening her eyes slowly, blinking several times, “Are you fine now?”

“Where is he Misha?” Piya asked in a very weak and low voice.

Misha fumed in anger and said, “what the hell is the problem with you Girl? Why do you cause yourself all this trouble thinking day and night about him? Previously also you used to do the same and that’s why he also fe.., he ditched you mercilessly.”

She noticed a hurt expression on Piya’s face.

“Come on now cheer up you are fine, after worrying us so much. Papa would be so relieved after seeing you fine and fit.” Misha tries to end the topic there.

“And of course, now you will be back at your track, troubling me with silly questions and your boring jokes.” said Misha making an unreal sad face.

And Piya hit her lightly, and smiled a low one, “You would never change, right?”

“And who would call me Misha if I will ever change?” said Misha, making the environment lighter.


Piya now recovered slightly, but was again lost in her thoughts when Arnab came and sat beside her without her noticing it.

He patted her shoulder and she turned to him surprised, and said, “Papa, when did you come in? Very sorry I didn’t notice you, I was just thinking something else.”

“Yeah it seems you don’t notice many things nowadays and are lost quiet much in thinking.” said Arnab.

“No Papa nothing like that. I was just…” Piya tried to explain.

“Just joking dear why are you getting tensed? I have told you not to take any stress, didn’t I? ” asked Arnab.

And Piya nodded her head in affirmation, and smiled a cheery one.


Piya is alone in her room, listening to some light melody.

She closes her eyes and a picture comes to her mind.

She immediately flings them open.

She saw a face very familiar but couldn’t recognize it.

She slowly closes them again and this time she finds that it’s ABHAY.

She saw him come to the college.

Next she saw herself talking to Maya, and later saying that Abhay is not the one responsible for her situation.

She saw herself with Abhay dancing in the party, and him covering her tore dress with his palm.

She saw Abhay catch her before she falls, during the drama practice.

She saw him hugging her lightly, and his pained eyes.

She saw him stating that he would never let them arise again, pointing her tears.

She saw herself accusing Arnab for keeping it from everyone, feeling ashamed of accepting her as his daughter.

She saw Misha pushing her and her getting hurt.

She saw Abhay carrying her in his arms, crying more than she would have ever cried.

She saw herself hugging him when he seemed weak lying on the bed.

And finally she saw his whole face, his loving eyes and caring concern, which completed her once, but now is gone again.

She realized how skillfully, all the fake had been put forward, and she felt disgusted and irate, realizing that she believed it though.

She cursed herself that she didn’t love him enough to believe, like he did, or else she wouldn’t have had ever listened to those fake stories.

And with this her eyes flung open.
They were teary now.

Her gaze settled on the woods across the road, which time and again called her, to reveal the truth.

She felt hurt, because of herself. She felt vitiated realizing her own sister lied to her even though she knew how important it was to her, and how critical.

And soon she heard a voice calling her. Her expressions changed to a furious one.

She turned and almost shouted, “Why did you do It? Why? You wanted to kill me? I am right here in front of you. Better you had killed me rather lying to me. Because its killing me already part by part, bit by bit, whenever I realized that I distrusted my love, I cheated him doing it. Are you happy now, after causing all this sufferings to me? Are you done with your task or still there’s something left yet. If that’s so then you have the whole liberty to ruin it more, for the worse to take place. ”She ended exhausted.

Misha felt the ground slip under her feet.

Her feet turned rubbery. She couldn’t bear it, her hatred. But she believed she deserved it.

She didn’t try to explain, she just wanted to console her, to help her relieve her of the pain.

And she hated the fact that she could do nothing to help her.

She saw her breaking little by little once again. She couldn’t do anything, and it hurt her to the core.

She decided to move from there, as Piya needs a lot more time to overcome this, and she didn’t have an option.

But she was worried if it would cause her some trauma again, and would turn fatal. She was doubtful, but yet she left her to deal with herself and stiffen herself to deal with the rest as well.


It was morning now; Piya didn’t budge from the bed since last evening after her convo with Misha.

Her eyes were swollen now; she had cried the whole night, whole heartedly. The flood which disturbed her from months now broke into tears, but now her eyes were dried up. No tears came out.

She was sitting unmoved when the gush of air entering through the open window refreshed her, moreover relieved her a bit.

She got up and her feet forwarded in the direction.

She heard a knock on the door but didn’t answer. It was there again, and she replied irritated, “I don’t want anything but privacy for a while. Can I ask for it?”

And she heard the footsteps moving down back to the hall.

The strong winds again hit her face and she relaxed, taking in all its calmness, grasping all that could heal her.

She couldn’t resist now.

She hurried down after a shower, and went out straight without lifting her eyes to face anyone.

She reaches the woods and start searching for the place, that spot where she first time felt his presence, she wondered how the woods are related to this and moreover why he needs to be there only, in the woods, why not in open.

She wandered in the forest, not able to get the place. It was all confusing since the winds refused to help her. It turned kind of a challenge to her to find the place and hence him.

She went towards a clearing and found it familiar.

She headed forward and suddenly her heart raced, she felt the winds change their course.

She felt the spot much familiar. Soon she reached the cold ground.

She could feel the cool breeze and the ice cold hard surface beneath the ground, under her feet.

She closed her eyes unconsciously, and found herself lost in experiencing the immense relief she got reaching here.

And soon returned the shielding warmth along with the cold.

She felt the hard wall against her back and she pushed herself more into it.

She felt a warm palm slide down her shoulder and come down to her waist, held there for a second, and then swiftly moved to the right looping her body.

She felt the warmth and wanted to immerse in it forever.

She wanted to talk, say many things, ask more, but before she could start the most desired voice hit her ears and she calmed her mind to concentrate on the words.

“I am not a swindler, Piya. I am not.” came the voice and her tongue immediately came out saying, “I know it, I trust you.”

“Don’t Piya. Don’t do it to yourself. I am not good for you. You don’t need to. You don’t want to.” She heard the voice saying.

“Go away Piya far away from this hell of mine. I am not worth to keep you here along with me. Just go away.” came the voice again.

Piya spoke her heart out, “I am here I trust you. I want You ALWAYS. You can’t ask me to go away. We can’t be apart, not again.”She said the last two words with heavy heart.

“You need to go away, this wall between you and me, none of us can break it. It’s beyond potential. You are my power and you are the source, I can’t see you break in pieces, don’t do it to yourself, it hurts me. We can’t be ….together.” the last word with a low sound hit her ears and her distressed mind struggled to get it, the thought of separation troubled and hurt her to the core.

“You want me to go away?” she managed to ask with breaking tone.

“That’s all that can be done. None of us help. It’s the hate the hatred of one that awaits me, and I can’t withdraw, and you can’t pull in. no one can help. That’s our destiny. You need to be away, far away from me so that I can’t hurt you anymore.” came the voice.

“You can’t ask me to go away. Are you serious….. I mean how could….it just not… How can you even say something just like that? Whatever it is we will deal with it, and you and me will be back together.” she said tugging at his hand and she felt him going, leaving her.

She hadn’t turn all the while, her eyes still closed, and her hands went searching for her surviving support which seemed lost not to be found ever again.

She opened her eyes and they watered realizing what happened, she closed them shut and tried again all the searching but in vain.

He was gone she realized and a trail of sobs began.

She couldn’t take it. She struggled to breath; her heart seemed to pain a lot, a twinge near the chest made her eyes go wild.

She felt him again but she didn’t find him.

She knew he wasn’t going to stay. Then what was he here for now? To check, if she can bear it? Will he stay if he finds that she can’t survive without him? She made her mind to not show that she is distressed and distraught.

She acted bold and cold towards him.

She closed her eyes, to face him, boldly. She felt him behind her, again. She didn’t budge when he asked her to go away and not herself anymore.

She felt the touch again, over her shoulders, but this time the palms were cold, hell cold.

She was turned to face him and he cupped her face looking straight in her eyes.

She was finally facing him, it seemed the first time to her. She thought of averting her face but she could not take her eyes off his concerned and caring ones, the pain written on his face troubled her and she struggled to prevent the concern from reflecting in her eyes.

“Go away.” She heard him say softly. “I can’t give you roses, it will only be thorns. Moreover I don’t think I would survive to even give you thorns.” He said, a pained expression accompanied his facial features.

And she closed her eyes again turning an expressionless face towards him.

She acted unaffected, when actually she was shaken to core to see him like this.

She felt him moving away.

And when she opened her eyes all was gone, him, his care, his warmth, his love, but what didn’t budge was the pain which he left that still twinged in her heart.

Why it happened this way?

Is there still a mystery waiting to be revealed yet.

What troubled her was that she could never actually meet him. Where was he? And how all this was possible.

She ran in all the direction to find a single hint which could state where he went, disappeared rather.

She felt tired and her visions blurred again.

This time she wasn’t going to lose it, she decided.

Precap: ABHORRENCE………………….REVULSION………..


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