PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 9



ji enters college and all girls look at him.he collides with a girl and gets mesmerized.he girl is PANCHI.(hope u will like them)
he keeps looking at her while she scolds him for being blind
she leaves angrily
jai:wow….she is so….so….
abhay:i know
abhay hits him and jai comes to his senses
abhay:so u r gone too
jai:wt do u mean??
abhay:mnz u r gonna be in love soon with panchi
jai:nice joke.gotta go

abhay smiles and sees piya entering college happily with misha.
misha:yesterday was the best day
piya:yeah…finally I got everything
kabir comes and greets them ….why r u so happy
misha tells him that piys is their lost sister
kabir gets happy and congrats them.he and piya have a hug while abhay fumes in anger.

all go to class.

jai is sitting on a bench when he sees ppanchi coming in.


he comes to senses.

panchi sits.he keeps staring at her
jai to himself:control urself jai khurrana

in clss teacher announces a surprise test for studenst.all are shocked.
misha:blo*dy hell
kabir:fish I dnt want to fail
piya:relax guys.its just a test
abhay:i m ready
piya:i m ready too

teacher:ready??ready for marriage all laugh while they are embarrasse
teacher:i mean ready for what?
abhay and piya:for test
teacher:oh sorry sorry….very goo….that’s like a good student
T:i m ready too
teacher:u??for test??wt a joke

all laugh
misha makes faces at her
T:shut up misha.u know mam whole night I was just studying.i knew that u will take 6th sense is very fast
misha:bcz other 5 senses are useless

all laugh again

teacher:ok T u give an oral test
T is shocked
teacher ask some questions and she is not able to answer
teacher:poor condition
teacher:piya!!wil u answer??
piya is aksed many questions and she answers correctly
all clap
teacher:wow!!u r really intelligent.i m happy with ur performance.other students should learn sth from her.miss tanushree ambolkar esp u…

all wonder who is tanushree ambolkar??
misha:mam u might be mistaken
there is no student named tanushree ambolkar in our class
teacher:misha I m talking about T.its her full name

all are shocked and burst out laughing.misha throws paper planes at her and she is irritated

teacher:ok ok I spare u from test
all clap and hoot and leave the class.


abhay and piya have become good friends.piya is happy in her family.jai has also become a friend of panchi but is unaware of panchi’s engagement.

the principal comes in class and announces that there is gonna be some competition in your college.boys u ave to play ootball and represent ur college and girls dance competition is all yours……

all get happy and start preparations……

jai:its gonna be fun
panchi:yeah I know.i will inform Danish too.i will take part in couple dance
jai:who is he??
panchi:dnt u know.he is mu fiancé.
jai is shocked………..

next epi:jai exposes danish.abhay and jai befriend during football competition.misha and T have a faceoff but she makes misha fall shocking everyone.jai and panchi dance romantically

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  1. hi nisha……..have u stopped writing manamarziyan???cz I dnt find ur story now………

  2. Awesome sweetie????

  3. HEY ANGEL DERA HOW R U DEAR . No , dear I didn’t stop writing but yes , on a small leave coz of the busy schedule ,the old page is closed by tu team. its been days actually. But what an episode dear. I loved it totally , Panchi and jai, You know wahbizz is actually very cute in real when u see her pics and her personality is such a grace I like her also. But pia is in the lead so what to do. but its a nice pair jai and panchi too and misha and t fight is awesome waiting for next eagerly dear. Love u loads so many surprises came on in pkyek your story waiting eagerly what more hide in ur mind tell tell dear.

    Love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    Keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. hehe…..wait nd watch……….looooove u 2

  4. hey dears……the telly team wont update story till 4 jan due to holidays so happy new year nd love u a lot…see u after 4 jan

  5. Happy new year to both of u nisha and angel..???????????

    1. Same 2 u

      1. Hey !!!where is next episode? ??

      2. I have submitted but its not posted yet

      3. ohh alright…no problem. ..

      4. by the way angel ..r u on any social sites. .like whatsapp,insta,fb aur any other??

      5. by the way angel ..r u on any social sites. .like whatsapp,insta,fb aur any other??because i wants to b ur frnd …if u don’t mind only then…??

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