PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 6


next day abhay enters college with style and all are attracted towards him.piya greets him and he smiles.both share the same class
misha comes.wo wo friend!!and u forgot the old one.
piya:its nothing like that
misha:wanna be her girl??
piya;misha wts wrong with u??
abhay:hello misha.i m abhay.nice eeting u dear
misha:o plz yar.dnt call me dear bear.i m a tom I dnt like these girly things
abhay:ok tom
all smile

kabir sees this and is angry
misha and piya sit on same bench
kabir sits with abhay
T comes and flirts with abhay asking for friendship but he jerks her
teacher enters and insults T while she is unfazed

during the whole lecture abhay keeps looking at piya.kabir notices this.
kabir;excuse me sir!!don’t u think we should ask some questions from our new comer
teacher:sure kabir
the teacher asks abhay soeme questions and he answers correctly.the teacher is impressed
kabir is shocked
misha:wow he is encyclopaedia….
piya smiles

class is over and abhay goes to locker room.
kabir comes from behind
kabir:wt do u think u r doing??
abhay:using my locker
kabir:dnt try to be smart
abhay:wt is ur problem dude
kabir:lets talk clearly.stay away from piya
abhay:why??r u her bro??
kabir:haha….very funny.just make it clear that she is it??
abhay gets angry:dnt u dare think about it.piya is mine.i had been loving her for ages and u cant snatch her from me.

kabir:lets have a match for her.thwe one who will lose will have to leave the other’s way.abhay smiles and says yes
piya goes to het locker room.suddenly the lights go off.the storm begins.she gets afraid.the door gets jammed.she tries calling misha but its unreacheable.
misha:oh God!!wher is piya
tracker:she must have gone due to dtorm
misha:may be
tracker:lets go
all leave while piya keeps banging door.she gets afraid and sits in a corner.

abhay:why I feel that piya is in problem.he shuts his eyes and uses his supernatural powers to know piya’s whereabouts
he sees piya crying and screaming in store room.he rushes out of the his house and reaches college
he calls out piya and she asks him to help
abhay breaks the door and piya is relieved.she goes and hugs him tight

DIL IBADAT KAR RAHA HAI plays in bg…….

piya breaks hug and is still in his arms.both have an eyelock and she hugs him again……

abhay smiles……..

next epi;piya sees her father……

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  1. plz update soon

  2. hey angel yes it is a short one but really feeling nice to read it dear. Missing pkyek soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear.

    and more than that you. Hey angel how r u busy like I read it upper.

    Thank for updating dear. Miss u so much. Love u always by heart .

    Keep smiling Once a friend always a friend.

  3. hey angel , waiting for the disclosure that piya is sister of misha and panchi and yaa today abhay , piya scene was awsome.

  4. Sorry to say angel but u should respect our feelings ….its been too many days..I was waiting..ectuly pata nahi kitni bar check kiya sorry but m not interested in it anymore..really sorry if I hurt u but seriously dude ..m leaving it here only..

    1. hi sabiha I m really sorry but honestly the epi 5 was commented after one week and this epi was commented after 8 days….wt do I do if no one is interested in reading it….ok plzzzzzz dnt quit I will update now but if u dnt find it here then I will try to post it in updates of piya rangrezz……sorry dear relly sorry plz I wanna see ur comments

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