PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 5

piya composes herself and leaves towards the garden.abhay comes behind her and calls her maithli.piya is boggled and turns around
piya:u must be mistaken.i m piya not maihli
abhay:no its u maithli plz remember
piya:listen misterabhay:u cant forgrt me.u r maithli my love
piya:wt a joke
abhay comes close to her and she moves back
he doesn’t and continues calling her maithli

piya gets afraid and slaps him.he is shocked and piya runs from there.
abhay is heart broken and goes to jungle.a man comes clapping from behind.its SIDDHANT abhay’s bro
sid:how sad.u got slapped by ur so called lover
abhay:get lost
sid:why dnt u get it that she is not maithli but piya
abhay:i know I just want her to be with me…I loved maithli so cant control
sid gets furios and syas ur love was not love I loved her.remember a guy misbehaved with her and I killed him.had u dne that??

abhay:maithli hated u for that more as u killed sm1.i would have saved my maithli.u could kill others but I could kill myself and I did it when I had to save her.sid rmembers an incident and punches abahy in anger.

both get into fight.sid overpowers him and abhay winces in pain.a wolf attacks sid and sid runs away.wolf come sinto his original form and he is JAI KHURRANA.jai gives a helping hand to abhay and hugs him
abahy:thnx frnd
jai:yar why the hell cant this huy leave u alone??
abhay:u know everything
jai:yeah anuway u ok na??
jai:did u meet her???

abhay:yeah and got a slap
jai laughs and says u r so stupid.dnt know how maithli got impressed.but she is piya so chill.i will help u.
both have chit chat and they enjoy.

piya comes to misha and opanchi and tells them everything
misha:i will break his mouth
piya:who is this maithli??wts happening#
jai comes and says nothing
he apologizes to piya and says I asked abhay to do it as we had a bet.i m sorry.he is a very ice guy.u shouldn’t have slapped him
piya is relieved but then feels guilty.

misha:u r so stupid.
piya:wt should I do now?/panchi:go and apologize
T to herself:i shouldn’t let this piya come close to abhay.he is all mine….

piya goes to abhay and apologizes to him.he immedaiately forgives her and asks for friendship.she smiles and shakes handshe feels some weird connection.

wooowooowowowoo na na na na na na an plays….(hope u remember this tune)….

abhay looks at jai who gives thumbs up to him.
jai to himself:miss piya I have to get all ur details and put u in my frnds life….

next epi:kabir and abhay’s fight….

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  1. Nice one..thanks for updating ..waited a Lott..

  2. of course how can we forget the tune so mesmerizing. love to see both the heroes(abhay and jay) together luv ur story great gng…..

  3. abhay n jay together is great

  4. arshi n abhiya forever

    nyc story angel
    waiting 4 nxt

  5. Hey angel loved the episode so much , really nice yaar abhay calls her maithali what he never accept in serial but you did it . Love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    Here it is nana na tune

    Love u so much keep going

    Always smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

    all the very best for the exams. Love u alwyas.

  6. thnx guys I tought no one reads it as it has been a week…..I was thinking to quit it…..but I will continue……thnx

  7. Always loving u dear. I am with you in this journey dear. Love u always keep writing keep expressing your heart.

    1. thnx jani

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