PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 3


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Mish piya and tracker go the class.piya is relieved to have them as their class fellow but is surprised to see T there too.mish assures her that she will always stand by her.she smiles.

Teacher enters and they greet one another.
Teacher:dear students today no study as tomorrow is your party.
All cheer.teacher asks for new comers intro.
Piya introduces herself and tells about her coming from an orphanage.she tells that my mom died in a car accident and I ve no clue of my father.i ve been searching for him for long and I hope to find him soon.teacher smiles.she then asks all students to prepare for party and enjoy.

T:u were such a burden for ur father that he left u and ur sad.
Piya gets angry but composes and asks T not to play with her emotions.she leaves and mish follows her.
Mish:hey u didn’t tell about ur dad.
Piya:actually i was only 9 when my mom died in an accident and my dad had left us when I was 8.he had another family I guess.he didn’t come to mom’s funeral.i had no one in this world so I was sent to orphanage with some of my parent’s belongings.I got some info that he had been living in Dehradun so I applied for study in this college.

Mish:dude ur story is so tragic but I dnt know how to cry.
Piya laughs.
Mish:lets go to my home.
Mish:I will make u meet ur new family.
Piya smiles.
They go to mish’s house.
Mish:yes mom
Madhu:where is the vase I painted yesterday??
Madhu:I will slap u if u lied.
Mish:mom I broke it
Mish:actually that fatso was fighting with me so I threw it on her and it broke.
Madhu:misha I will not spare u.

Misha emotionally blackmails her.
Mish:I dnt believe it that a piece of vase is more important to you than ur lovely daughter.u don’t care about can u do this??u dnt love me.
She feigns to cry.
Madhu apologizes while piya controls smiling.
Madhu sees her and mish gives intro.mish tells about pia’s orphanage story.
Madhu:it’s ok beta.i m also like ur mom.
Piya gets emotional and the trio hug,
Madhu:u guys prepare for tomorrow’s party and let me finish my work.

All get ready for party.mish is wearing jeans top and gives piya a red stylo sleeveless dress upto the knee.panchi wears tea pink frog and all go to the party.
They step in when a guy presents rose to panchi and misha.both collectively take his name “kabir” and hug him.

T comes to the party wearing a s*xy dress as she always wears…she comes to them and criticizes piya again but she ignores and then she flirts with kabir who jerks her and then piya criticizes that the college’s hottie got ignored by a sad.all laugh while T is in rage and leaves.

T is walking on road when a guy stops the car and steps out of it with style.its Abhay.he is wearing a mask.
T:hey r u blind??
Abhay comes near to her
Abhay:how dare u hurt pia??
T:oh!so u r here to protect her??r u her body guard or sth??who the hell r u to question T??
Abhay grasps her neck and she screams.
Abhay:I hate counter questions
T:leave me plz
Abhay takes out a knife and scares her.
She gets afraid and asks who u r mask man??
Abhay:its none if ur business but dnt u ever dare hurt piya again.
T runs from there shouting for help.

Abhay removes his make and shows his charming face…

Next epi:abhay’s entry into dance party and abhiya sizzling performance….

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