PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 25



yes piya is alive

piya:panchi here is ur jewellery…get ready fast
arnab hugs her
arnab:evertime i see u my desire of thanking maithli increases.such a pure soul she was.
piya:yes dad….i dnt want to be emotional plz.i miss her badly but today is panchi’s marriage.
misha:yes…nd now its time to kick out this fatso
all laugh at misha

mish:what happened?
arnab:sorry sorry….but 2 years have passed still i m unable to digest the fact that u…my tom boy kissed kabir…

all laugh while mish is embarrassed and makes a puppy face
mish:u r teasing me for last 2 years not fair…let us gat married then i will tell u
she leaves
madhu:piya did u call abhay
pia:yeah he is coming

abhay is seen holding maithli’s pic in hand
abhay:thnk u….u really loved me…u always provd ur love…and that night too…

fb starts with piya dying in abhay’s arms and enemies are defeated.
all cry vigoroulsy
maithli sees true love for piya in abhay’s eyes
she chants a mantra and all look at maithli as wind starst blowing fast and fast

lightening cracks and green shining ball falls in maithli’s hand
panchi:what r u doing
jai:its a life ball
kabir:life ball?
jai:when its time for pure soul to go to heaven then they r given a chance to live again by having a life ball….
mish:so u will live as piya?

and she instantly inserts life ball in pia’s body shocking everyone.
maithli:keep her happy … i love u abhayendra
and her sould flies up in the sky to heaven leaving all behind
pia wakes up relieving everyone and cries after hearing about maithli….
fb ends

(what a dramatic story…!!!!!!)

haseena:abhay,,,be happy now that is what she wanted….its also ur marriage within few days
chand:haseena is right….prepare urself
jai comes:will someone go with me to my baraat plz…i cant wait
all laugh
abhay:excited for suhaagraat

jai:watch out taunting me…ur time is also coming
haseena chand cough
abhay and jai leave
chand:u remember our first night?
haseena hits him and tehy leave too

all reach dobriyal house whre jai’s and panchi’s marriage takes place
abhay and piya imangine their marriage while pheras are going on
abhy:soon u will be mine forever
piya:no more problems…no more hurdles
t is sad as she lost abhay

msiha and kabir also are eger fortheir marriage
panchi and jai take blessings from all…
pandit decides abhay pia and mish kabir marriage on same date
all are happy…

NEXT EPI: marriage marriage marriage…..suhaagraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

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  1. awesome episode angel really loved it……..

  2. Oh god jai and panchi????? I never wanted these huisshhhh….. Panchi and danish were fine dear.. Ok I understand I have read ur story first time so …its the 25th episode i guess so no changes.. All the best and keep going

  3. Very nice episode

  4. hey anguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    how r u dear


    For today episode dear specially for u ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    love u dear what an episode amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

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