PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 24



sid attacks abhay but all are shocked when they see piya standing in front of abhay and taking the stake on herself and she saved abhay.all run to her

abhay takes her in his arms and she lies down breathing heavily as it had been attacked in her belly
abhay fumes and attacks sid with stake.he stakes him in belly 5 times continuously.sid falls on floor and dies.abhay in fury again takes stake and attack on his belly shouting furiously at him for hurting piya

abhay runs to piya
msih:piya plz breath dnt lose hope…
piya holds his hand
jai:abhay feed her ur blood she will cure
chand:no jai its full moon night…if abhay feeds her a vamp blood she will become a vamp too
panchi:we cant do it…just take her to hospital
piya holds his hand tightly
piya:no…its of no use

maithli:dnt say this piya
piya:may be its destiny’s decision
abhay:piya …i love u
both cry
piya:i …. i … i love u…be with maithli….
saying so piya dies…..

all shout her name and cry
abhay scream loudly:piyaaaa….no no no…plz…get up i cant live without you…plz…plz…


marriage preparations of panchi and jai are on full swing
mish:hurry up yar
panchi:wait a minute
madhu:girls come fast
panchi:mooommm….damn it…move misha…jai’s gift…where is it?oh God
madhu:stop panicing panchi…

misha:yeah or else u will lose ur weight
she hits her
misha:gift is on its way
tracker comes running
tracker:baraat has come

arnab comes and hugs panchi
arnab:i m so happy…today is my daughter’s wedding…soon misha will get married too…and piya…
A voice is heard
”has come”
they turn around and find a girl standing at the door holding a shopping bag
yes its PIYA …
she is alive….

i know epi is small but next time i will try a long one as there is shoratge of time.did u get scared and shocked at the death of pia???tell honestly…?

and yes NISH i missed u so much,….i always hoped taht u will comment soon and now i m happy that m hope got fulfilled my janu…

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  1. plz comment guys

  2. Very exciting twist eagerly waiting for next one hope that would be long one. Shocked about pia death….!!!

  3. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    what happens dear

    does she became a vampire too just like bella in twilight

    cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool waiting for upcoming episode what is the twist

    Season of twist huh

    waiting eagerly sweetheart

    and yaa advance happy holi dear don’t know where and how we met but happy

    hey one more question dear do you start writing ff on manmarziyan too I see a writer named angel there.

    do you write or not.

    Love u dear

    Keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. No jaan I didn’t start writing…nd happy holi too….kb hai holi??

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