PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 21

hey pooja and papa’s pari.this one is for u only.and its last epi as not many read and i am alos short of time now.if u wanna read my other ffs most welcome…

1-swaragini hate to love(musical emotions)
2-piya rangrezz(hate love journey)
3-piya rangrezz(love forever)

piya is shocked to hear it from sid’s mouth.
sid:yes its true.he is a vamp
piya:so thsi is what he wanted to tell me… dare he….
just then she reminisces abhay asking her to take decision from heart not mind and thinking about our moments.
piya smiles and sighs:so what??
sid is taken aback
si:he is vamp
piya:i said so what??
sid is speechless

jai tells panchi about his reality and she laughs
panchi:jai….stop joking
jai:i am not
panchi kisses him on lips to stop him from speaking
jai is stunned
panchi:i love u
panchi hugs him:i really do…i neve felt anything like this for danish….i really love u…
jai hugs him….so accept me the way i am
panchi:i do…
jai:u wont
panchi:what do u mean?
he takes her to jungle and transforms himself
panchi is shocked and runs from there

tracker and ngad are selecting their marriage cards
mish:hurry up
angad:no haste in love
mish:oh plz no love shove type talking with me.i never get it
tracker:dearie….u love someone with whon u want to spend time.who understnds ur pain.who is ready to face calmities before u.who love u whole heartedly.who is ur best friend.
mish thinks about kabir and kabir who listens this thinks about mish.
kabir and mish:nest friends!!!

sid:so u have no problem?
piya:no not at all…..i love him and he had always been sincere to me….thats all enough for me….
sid gets furious
id:u know what he is 1500 years older than u and i m 2 years eler then was the time when there were kings and queens.we were sons of a soldier and fell in love with a princess named maithli.she was ur look alike.but destiny played a game and we three died in a fire.i loved her so much…..
abhay arrives:no u didnt
piya and sid see him
abhay:u never loved her,…u were jealous only as she loved me….
sid:just shut up

a voice is heard:u shut up
the girl steps and all are shocked to see maithli…..
piya:my look alike
sid:she is alive
maithli see abahy and gets emotional:abhayendra

both run and hug


Sid closes his fist in snger and piya smiles.

NEXT EPI: final fight……..

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