PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 20

oh guys i am damn sorry for the late update.

here we go……

piya and abhay kiss.
piya:i am sorry
abhay is stunned by her act
abhay:i love u abhay
abhay think;no piya….how can i let u come close to me before u know my reality
piya:what r u thinking
abhay:i love u too
piya hugs him
abhay:i wanna tell u sth
abhay:how much do u love me?
abhay:tell me

piya:very much…..u dnt know
abhay:will u accept me in any way
abhay:i mean….actually……
just then they hear the wolves sound……..

piya;what was that?
sound comes again and piys hugs him
piya:it is so scary abhay
abhay:well i should be thankful to the wolves as they gae a chance to u to come close to me
piya realises her tight hug and smiles.
piya:so u too know how to flirt??
abhay;yeah….after all i am a handsome hunk….i should know sth
piya:how funny

abhay caresses her hair.
abhay:i just know that i love u no matter what u think
piya:is everything ok?
piya:why r u talking like this
abhay:piya if u get to know anything abt me then decide with ur heart not mind and keep all our moments in ur eyes.and remember that i love u
abhay hugs him.piya is boggled at his words but hugs him back.

the wolves are screaming again and abhay senses jai.
abhay:piya let me check
piya:but u can be hurt
abhay:no…i wnt get hurt
abhay:just wait right here

abhay leaves piys in the middle of the road and steps towards jungle
he sees a wolf there.
the wolf turns back to jai.
jai:abhayabhay:what happened?what r u doing?why u called me?
jai:r u crazy?u r going to tell piya abt u?she will not understand.
abhay:but this is right for me and in fact u should tell abt u to panchi.
jai:no…..i cant lose her…
abhay:we cant deceive them jai…..they r our love….before its too laate we should tell them,,,,if our love is true then we will remain united desppite every hurdle and if not it mnz our love is not pure….just go….
jai:u sure??
they hug and jai leaves

abhay goes back to piya and is shocked to see piya one…..he doesnt find her anywhere and gets tensed.he starts calling out her
abhay:where did u go?
he sees a locket with letter A and thinks that piya wore this.he shuts his eyes to know about piya’s wherebouts.he sees a guy fainting piya with chloroform and taking her away.
abhay opens his eyes in anger and it turns blue and he too reveals his fangs .

sid brings unconscious piya to the palace.
sid:after sooooo many years i have stepped here
maithli sees him but hides
he sees maithli’s pic and says i miss u
maithli fumes
piya gets conscious
piya:wo the hell r u?why did u bring me here
sid:chill////i am abha’s bro
piya:abhay’s bro….but he never told me

sid:he idnt tell u one more thing
sid:that he is a VAMPIRE

piya is shocked

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