PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 2


Hi frndz I m sorry as I couldn’t post earlier as I was suffering from fever…..

Piya goes to hostel.she has to share a room with two girls who are very modern,drinkers and drug addict.piya tries to befriend them oblivious to their background but they insult her calling her old fashioned etc.she is hurt but unpacks her things and sleeps thinking that tomorrow will be a new beginning.

Misha is jumping on bed and Calling herself a Mary kom.panchi comes and says stop it.whole world is in mess bcz of u.
Misha:God panchi.wt z problem with you??
Misha:oh fatso I know sth is bothering u wt is it??
Panchi:misha when will dad come out of this misery??I cant see him like this.
Misha:I know.but dnt wry we will soon find her.
They both hug and sleep.
Meanwhile in the night panchi is disturbed by a voice and sees a shadow.she wakes up misha nd says mish I think thief broke into the house.
Panch:what wow??
Misha:yar I will get a chance to show my karate.heeya!!
Panchi:just shut up and lets check.
They go out and search but find none.
Misha:u might br mistaken
Pancho:yeah I guess.
They go back to their room and scream,
Both hug happily.
Misha:oh hello!I m here too.
Danish:come here tom boy.
Misha:nice surrose but u scared humpty dumpty.
Both laugh and panchi eyes them angrily.
She asks misha to sleep now as tomorrow they have to go to college.holidays are over now.
Misha:yes madam.she sleeps.
Danish:I missed u so much
Pancho:me 2
They talk and laugh
Panchi:danish its very late.leave now.
Danish kisses her on forehead and leaves,she sleeps.

Next day piya gets ready for college andyhe girls tease her again.she sighs and leaves.she reaches college and greets everyone.
T sees her and says oh so a new entry and that too of a behnji.lets rag guys.she says this to two of her puppets.siya and piya(don’t remember the correct names)

T:hey you?
T:new entry huh?
Piya:yeah..hi I m piya
She forwards her hand to shake.T look at her hand and laughs.
T:haha!oh poor baby.u think that I T the star of this college the hot and s*xty babe would shake and dirty her hand with a behnji.low standard and ugly girl like you??
Piya is deeply hurt.someone hiding behind the pillar hears it and is enraged.

Misha hears this too and comes to them.
Misha:hi hottie.
T:oh God.not u jangli.
Misha:ohh jangli and wt r h huh??u think u r the most pretty girl and all love u but u r self centered person.and have u seen ur face??oops but it looks like a frying pan.amd your hair ot looks like the tail of a horse.your dressing sense is zero.
T fumes and says u the tom boy is talking about this to me?
Misha:oh hello rather I m a tom boy but i ve a sis and some frndz too and i know much abt fashion sense.and if u dnt keep ur trap shut then I will blend u in a mixture.
T is irritated and leaves thinking that bcz of this new comer misha insulted me so badly.she will have to pay.

Misha introduces herself to piya and she smiles.
Piya:thnk u.but don’t u think u were little rude.
Misha:huh what??she told u so much nd still u r defending her.u seem really nice.
She extends her hand and piya copies T’s lines shocking misha.both have a hearty laugh.
Tracker(misha’s friend) comes and greets them.misha introduces her to piya and the three share a hug.

Next epi:abhay teaches T a lesson for insulting party….

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  1. Hey angellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll my jaanemann

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    and this is something very newer dear ,oooooooooooooooooooooooooh abhay teach a lesson to t loved it dear to the core of my heart.

    Keep it up dear abhi to raahe shuru hi hui hain aage aage dekho hota hai kya.

    LUv u angel keep going we are with you to shake your head in this journey.

    And love to all the tu friends Luv u all to the core of my heart. Keep smiling keep writing keep sharing ur thoughts. Luv u all. so much.

    1. hey jaan….kese ho????thnk u sooooooooooooo much……loooooooooooooots of looooooveeeee to u tooooo…..

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  6. Hey where is the next episode angel plzz put up …

  7. Hey guys I m really sorry as I m not able to update nxt epi due to my exams.i will update it at Saturday as its off due to elections in our city….plz wait for sometime…thnx….love u too nisha….

  8. Its ok angel do understand the situation my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    Do well in exams we are here waiting whenever you came we reach here . Love u sooooooooooooooooo much.

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