PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 16

recap:abhay revenges t and mish wins.panchi and jai dance romantically.abhiya romance.


piya:ok go now otherwise someone will see
abhay:i dnt care
abay holds er by waist and pulls her close
abhay:why fear in love
piya is silent and lost
abhay caresses her hair and moves his finger over piyas cheeks.piya shuts her eyes and shivers.he kisses her forehead.
abhay leans to kiss her on lips.piya can sense his breath close her lips and say abhay!!!
she opens her eyes after seconds and finds abhay gone.
piya:where did he go
she gets abhays message:i will never break ur trust
she smiles and says i love u a lot

after the performance panchi rushes and hugs jai.
panchi;thnk u so much.its bcz of u only that we won
jai:i didnt know that u r such a great dancer
just then jai senses a smooth touch over his shoulder
a tall girl wearing white shirt and pink mini skirt with open hair hugs jai:congrats handsome
jai hugs her back and panchi fumes
the girl is ELENA.

jai;panchi she is my best friend elena
elena:hi panchi
panchi:hey…i have some work i should leave
jai :but…
he is boggled at her behaviour

misha runs and collides with abir.they have an eelock
mish:oh dude.this romantic type moment is so irritating
kabir:its better if u dont talk about romance
mish;yeah right…what happened to u
kabir;u know abhay and me are frndz now.i started to like piya but she love abhay.abhay loves her so i m gonna back off
mish:thats like a good boy
misha:dude i care about piya happiness now more than urs as she is my sis first and then u r my best friend
kbir:how mean
mish:yeah yha i know…ok leta set ur mood
misha takes out alcohol bottle and shows it to him
kabir;u r so…
mish:oh hello….no abuse…
both laugh and drink….

t is fuming in the changing room
t:i wanted that piya to fall but why does everything like this happens to me only
abhay enters:one who digs it for others fall into himself
t;what do u mean?/
abhay’;u spoiled piyas throat so that she gets insulted i made u lose this competition
t fumes while abhay taunts her and leaves.t:no way piys i wont let you win eaisly.its n=enough insult of mine….n

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