PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 15


Hey guys me angel again.sorry fpr late update.

Recap:kabir abhay frndz.abhay cures piyas throat by a kiss.poya expresses her feelings by singing jeena jeena

Abhay:so this was all Ts doings.have got to teach her a lesson.i cant see piya getting hurt.
Its misha’s and T’s dance performance.both start dancing.T gives a s*xy performance on SEILA KI JAWANI
Misha does hip hop on BABY DOLL.
Now they have a face off.both start dancing on BABY DOLL.

Abhay stands by stage and throws coin which comes in Ts shoes and she falls badly.misha sees this.misha wins.all laugh at T and clap for misha.abhay smirks.
T stands up angrily:what the did i….
She then sees abhay amd acts like having sprain.

T:abhay i m feeling so much pain i cant walk plz help me
Abhay is angry but then goes on stage and picks her up
T:i know u care for me so much
Abhay:i will tel u wt is care
T:realy how??
Abhay releases her and she falls downhurting her buttocks.

All laugh again
Misha:why is abhay doing this?
T:ouch….oh God….
Misha is awarded and aruns after abhay and asks him the reason for throwing coin nd hurting T,
He narates evrythng and mish gets angry at T.
Mish hugs abhay and says i know u love piya.u r perfect for her.just made for each other.
Abhay:ok now lets go its jais and panchis performance
They leave

Panchi comes on stage.jai comes from behind and holds her hand.both dance romantically on JANAM JANAM(from dilwale)

Panchi recalls her hapenings with jai amd smiles.
Dance ends and both have eyelock.
They win.

Abhay goes to piya who is in changing room.piya is trying to tie the zip of her dress.
Abhay comes from behind.piya gets tensed and shys
Abhay:i can help
Piya looks here md there.
Abhay:there is no one
Piya smiles and turms around.she ,oves her haor in front and her bare back is exposed.abhay stealthily moves to her and while closing the zip,je kisses her back amd piys shuts her eyes.

Abhay in her ear:i love u piya
Piya turns around and hugs him:i love u abhay.i love u so much

Dil ibadat in bg….

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  1. O gawwwdddd i love dis twoooo….thank u soo much for writing a fanfic of pkyek….i miss ahay nd liya soo badly

  2. nice episode angel dear

    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hapyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to read this

    how r u dera how ‘s ur sis .

    how ‘s ur health

    dear take care of urs very much love u always by heart

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend.

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