PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 14


Recap:competition practice.

Today:competition day

All are preparing for their competition.
Its the football match at first.piya makes abhay remember the promise of befriending kabir
Abhay tries his best but kabir is not passing the ball to abhay.tehir college is loing.they are 3 points behind.
Abhay makes a goal.
Then kabor does it.
Only one score is needed to win.kabir is playing with the ball and abahy requests him to pass of they have to win.kabir finally passes the bal thinking about college respect amd abahy makes the goal.
Their college wins.kabir gives thumbs upto abahy but abahy in return hugs him.kabir responds back and apologizes for his behaviour.piya hoots for him.both are now friends.

A girl informs piys about her singing competition
Piya goes and asks for permission to drink water.T eyes her evilly.T prepares aglass of water and mixes a medicine in it.when oiya drinks it she starts coughing badly.when piys speaks her throay pains.piya starts crying and thinks of her challenge that abhay gave.her turn is at forst and she quits.

Abhay waits for piyas arrival on stage but some other girl comes fo sinh
Abahy:where is piya??is she ok??
He goes to see her and finds her crying
Abhay:why r u crying??ok.i know u dnt want accept the challenge.ok fine dnt wry.dnt do it
Piya hugs him and cries
Abhay gets concerned.
Abhay:what happened
Abhay is surprised to hear her voice
Abhay:so this is the problem
Piay nods in yes.

Abhay smiles and caressss her face
Abhay moves his finger on her necK

WO HO HO NA NA NA NA plays in bg….

Piya shivers
Abhay bends down and kisses piyas neck.
Piys clutches at his shirt
Abhay:Say sth piya

Piya is surprised to find her recovered
Piya:how did….
Abhay:sshh….go nd complete ur challenge

Piys goes om stage and re,ebers the challenge.piys starts sing

Abhay smiles and piya him


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  1. hey angel how r u dear how’s ur health dear

    hope you are fit and fine now. or not so lo jaadoo ki jhappi from my side to make u fit and fine meri jaan.

    what an episode dear really loved it a lot

    abhay and kabir are friends now awesome yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    and piya sing awesome double I loved the romance on dil ibaadat and waiting for a long update eagerly

    and talking to u more and more dear thanx for updating and waiting to talk to u meri jaan.

    Always love u by heart

    keep smiling always

    Once a friend always a friend

  2. hey angel how r u sis???and nice episode ??

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