PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 13


Hello me little angel.i am angel’s younger sister.she is not well but told me the story so i am gonna write it for her…pray for her health.she is down with weakness.stupid girl’s life is very hectic as she continuously studies and doesnt care.i hope u will make her understand and if she comes to know i told u this she will kill me but loves me too.i love her too.hope she gets well soon????

RECAP:abhiya cute convo.misha smiles at the growing love of panchi and jai.abhay gets saved before piys could see maithli pic in his wallet.


All go to college.jai and panchi greet each other.T taunts panchi for breaking ofengagement at the engagement day.
Jai: will u shut up.danish got exposed and panchi is saved.she deserves the best rather than that shut up and leave
Panchi smiles and jai takes her

All students reach in the play room
Principal:students names have been opted for the is the list.
Piya is selected for singing.
Abhay and angad will be in kabir’s team for football match
Misha and T will take part in dance competition.
And for couple dance panchi….

But panchi who is your partner??
Panchi:sir please cancel my name.i haveno partner
Jai comes and holds her hand.
Jai:i will be her partner.
Panchi smiles and they get selected as a couple for dance

Abhay comes to piya
Piya shys as she remembers the kiss
Abhay:thnx for the kiss
Piya:it was just because u helped panchi
Abhay:hmm….means for an achievement
Piya:kind of
Abhay:ok if i will win this match then i will have to take another one
Piya smiles and abhay moves closer

Piya:abhay all are present
Abhay whispers:i dont care.when its me and you then i cant see anybody
Piya smiles and looks into his eyes


Abhay turns around but no one is there.piya laughs and runs away
Abhay smiles
T who had seen this thinks of an evil plan and smirks

All are practicing for competition
Kabir and abhay do not pass ball to each other and coach scolds them
Abhay:wjhat is the problem with you.
Kabir:just shut up.i am the captain so its uo to me what to do
Abhay:kabir you are being rude for nothing.please stop it.we have to work together for the respect and sake of our college.
Abhay leaves while kabir is set to thinking

Piya is practicing singing and thinks of her challenge that abhay had given

She smiles and sings song


All hear her voice and gather around her,she finishes singing and smiles.
All clap
T thinks:i will see how you sing in competition….
She smirks
Piya thinks:i know how to complte my challenge.just wait abhay….

I know its short but api(sister) was able to tell story just till here….she will make it long once she gets fine….
god …. dont know how such creativity comes to her mind

she told me about nisha didi and sabiha di.she has said hi to you and asked not to worry.she said she loves you and asked to take care….


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  1. Take care angel even if u didn’t I know ur sister will such a loving sister take care and it’s awesome.

  2. very nice always i am a silent reader for her ff i will pray for angel for sure take care

  3. hey angel dear what happened my fit and fine friend .

    REally an aweosme update loved it a lot

    Loved the romance of abhiya and they make a new couple panchi and jai

    loved it a lot

    So sweet of ur sister came here with the ff

    thank u sweetheart for sharing this update on behalf of ur sis do take care dear of her

    Aila dear u are so lucky to have such a sweetheart sis

    Luv u always by heart and ur sis toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

    and yes take care of urself dear

    and get well soon.

  4. Hey….lil angel ..nice writing skills baby sis…Just tell ur aapi to take proper take care of her dear..and yeah love her too and love u also???awesome episode ??loved it??

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