PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 1

A big house is shown.a man is looking at the pic of a woman carrying a child.a tear escapes his eyes.he is ARNAV DOBRIYAL.he finds a reassuring hand on his shoulder.she is MADHU DOBRIYAL.
She wipes his years and says don’t worry u will soon find your daughter.arnav nodes.

They hear a sound of a girl shouting.
Arnav:oh God!MISHA will never change,
Misha comes running with a stick I her hand and shouts:Halla bol.attack attack.
Madhu:wt r u doing???don’t hurt him.
Misha is actually trying to hit a puppy.

The puppy stops at someone’s feet.the girl picks him up and eyes misha with anger.she is PANCHI.
Panchi:how dare u mish??
Misha:he licked my new shoes.
Panchi:so what??
Misha:wt do u mean so what?u just tell me why the hell have u kept so many dogs at home.
Panchi:actually misha I love you a lot and cant stay away from u for long so in ur absence they play ur role.(indirectly she calls her a dog)
Misha:haha!!I also love u but I don’t keep birds with me all the time miss panchi(bird)
Panchi gets irritated and reprimands arnav and madhu for keeping her name a panchi.
They are amused and sit for breakfast.

Panchi:I m telling u papa if our 3rd sis would be like misha then I would commit suicide.
Misha:she is my sis so she would be like me.
Panchi:oh really.
Madhu:just shut up both of you.first pray that soon she comes to us.

A girl wearing skirt enters with suitcase and is asking address from people.she is PIYA.she moves ahead and walks on road.she is oblivious that a truck is coming from behind.she is about to be hit when a guy out of no where comes and rescues her.she is shit shocked and eyes the person who is wearing a mask.the person holds her in his arms while saving.he puts her down and caresses her face emotionally.she is tensed as she doent know how to react.she feels that her heartbeat has raised high as if her heart will fail.she wanna stop the person from caressing her but she feels so good.she shuts her eyes(dil ibadat tune plays)

The guy is ABHAY(the vamp).as she shuts her eyes he vanishes like wind.she opens her eyes and is boggled.she looks here and there and wonders who he was??

A cab stops and she gets into it.she reaches a hostel and says finally I m here to fulfill my goals.she smiles and goes in.

A guy is playing with punching bag and is doing exercise.he is naked.the guy is KABIR.a girl comes and moves her finger over his body.she is T.
T:hey handsome.
T:don’t u think that our couple will be so good.
Kabir:I ve told u thousand times that stay away but u r like chewing gum.
He leaves while she is angry.

Panchi gets a call from a guy who says that I m coming back.i love you.
She gets happy and says I love u 2.the guy is DANISH.

Hey guys I hope u enjoyed….

Next epi:the three sisters meet in college….

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  1. Omg..omg.omg pkyek … Angel u rock yaar amazing… Juszz keep on writing such episodes but plzzz keep them lil longer

  2. awesome. But where to find it. I mean under which channel?
    pls continu

    1. Angel its awesome …wool my abhay back ..thank u a lottttt???its awesome begin in????

      1. Dear its fan fiction ..self made story..written by angel..u can search “PKYEK abhiya forever”on Google or u can search it on tellyupdates’ page…pls do encourage angel..

      2. Thnk u dear

    2. Hey thnks…search on google for pkyek abhiya forever

  3. Fan of PKYEK… Is ur story a bit diff ?? Or same as the original one??

    1. Hey anaika lets see wt I will write…i don’t have any clue myself…

  4. OMG cant believe it there’s another also who loves the serial, the story still.Imean it was like hell dude even i wanted to write something about this but later decided otherwise but anyways thanks for writing it and the part that the 2 girls know abt their sis is truly awesome. Hope u turn it a better way. Luv u and the episode too

    1. Thnk u so much I will try

  5. Angel its awesome… Wohooo my Abhay is back????…..thank u soon much its an awesome beginning?????

    1. Haha thnks my crazy friend

  6. Hey very very gud i m so happy to see pkyek ff can u write on dil mil gye md miley jb hum tm
    Plz somebody write the ff on dmg nd mjht

    1. Hey friend I m already writing 4 ffs in total and i don’t have much time…i will try to write if a finish any of my ff…sorry and thnks

  7. hey sanyu roma harani how r u dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Love u all you all came here by flying love u all sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    hey starlight looks like u too a big fan of this serial love u dear me too love this soooooo much.

    hey niharika you can’t find it on any channel its an old serial pyaar ki yeh ek kahaani and u would not regret while reading . m i rite angel.

    hey anaika she would definitely make it different as we all are fans of this serial itna to khyaal rakhnaa hi padegaa or else we all are here we make it different , help angel to make it different she take a dare to start this serial ff and this is our duty to encourage her to write more . Luv u .

    hey rj I see ur excitement in your comment . Wooooooooooooooow you too are excited to see this my eyes are also spark when i see that poster love u rj .

    hey kavya don’t worry ur comment also seen by writters and soon one start writing about the two well these two are my too all time favourites luv u dear.

    Hey sabiha dosti mubaarak ho naye nayee hui hai , khayaal pura rakhenge woooooooow dear love to see another fan of the duo couple abhay and piya ,

    Love u all sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Tell us all will be my friend.

    Always smiling . It solves many problems of life.

    once a friend always a friend.

    1. Yup am a very big and mad fan of pkyek?…same as u ithink so ?????????

    2. Me too dear… ???

  8. Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
    Dhadkane Meri Sun,
    Tujhko Main Kar Loon Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun.

  9. Pyaar ki ye ek kahaani mubaarak ho yaaro

    Teri ek nazaar ne mujhe aashiq bana diya

    aawaara sa tha main banjaari galiyoon mein

    ye teri aankhon mein ek nasha sa hain

    doob jaoon yaa kho jaaoon isme

    hosh to ab hume apna na hai

    Ufffffffffffffffffff the famous tune of Pkyek na na na , na na , na na , na na na suits perfect for today scene loving u soooooooooo much angel.

    Luv u angel , We are here for u dear, keep going waiting for next eagerly We all are here in this journey to revive pyaar ki yeh ek kahaani moments but with a new touch.

    Luv u always

    and yaa its my pleasure if you my dearest friend visit on my page once and we both have blast with each other company
    Naadan dil ki manmarziyaan . ( A musical love story)

    Waiting dear for u eagerly , YOu start writing my favourite serial , tumhe toh apna friend bana ke rahungee vaada hai ye.

    Intezaar rahegaa tumhara

  10. and yaa angel please provide me the link of ur another ffs so that I can visit there yaar spell mistakes ho jaati hia

    link dogi toh ud aayengee

    Luv u angel keep smiling.

    1. Hey nisha….looooooooooooovveee u too my dear…yeh I really need ur support and thnk u for encouraging me…..i will try to visit ur site….hey nisha I u wanna read my other ffs just write their names on google and search u will be able to read.currently I m writing 3 other ffs who’s titles are:

      1-swaragini(blossoming love)
      2-piya rangrezz(twisty)
      3-Forver love of AsYa…(this one is from serial “qubool hai”…
      Hope to see u commenting on these ffs too….love u darling?

      1. I do comnt on forever asya ????

  11. Thanks a lot for writing this fiction…it was my favorite…so I insist plzzz keep on writing it

  12. hey angel…love to read your ffs…plzz continue writing

  13. Awesome episode angel, loved it very much, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode,

    Nisha dear my musical friend, I’m fine my sweeeeeetu, you’re such a cutie pie, love you soooooooo muchhhhhh, missing u a lotttttttttt….I wish I could meet you and talk to you in person…you are such a sweetheart…love you loads and very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh

  14. Hey angel!!!
    Really u r doing a appreciable work…i too missed pkyek n mah fav abhiya…
    So happy 🙂

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