Pkj club in pkj mansion (INTRO)


A big mansion ( bigger than OM )? is shown …..
Surrounded by a beautiful garden⛳ nd an adorable waterfall ?
Get ready guys we r standing on de entrance?of PkJ mansion?nd now entering ( All de one who is coming with me comment below ??so that I can know )
The scenarioa head of us –

A grand Sofa?with royal showpiece ?……. Some girls r sitting nd chit chatting there
Let’s see who r they
So they are : Anu , Lax , Nivi , Rani , Riddhi

Lax : So what we gonna say today GAG or GNG??
Nivi : Don’t know ??
Anu : So u indirectly mean who is gonna change baby ‘s diapers in terms of Aasthu??
Lax : Wow Anu u r a way more smart ??
Nivi : I m ready I m ready for meeting oberois I’ll do that also ??
Rani : Relax girls relax
Y r u so excited to meet them ….what happens if they themselves come here ??
Riddhi : It means Om will too come ??
Oooo God my heart started beating much faster

Some girls coming from de stairs
Archu , Swathi , Nilash , kanfi , kiki , Nila , Chitra
Archu : If it happens then I’ll firstly asked them to give some blush scenes to us ??
Nilash : Especially a hug nd a kiss ( haath se Aage
Sir se neeche ) ??
Swathi : I m too waiting for that ☺☺
Lax : ooooo ya Archu so that dp queen will get a perfect pic for her dp ??
Archu : yup nd for being de head of blush club it’s my duty too ??
Nivi : U r sounding like de head of monkey gang more Archu ??
Archu : Monkey gang ?????
Rani : Archu when did u joined this new club nd when nd that too without telling me ??
Anu : hmmm Archu say say ??
Archu : Are but which gang nd when I too don’t know ??
Lax : Girls relax ??
Nivi means u r sounding like Amyaa
She says like this na
Nd is she less than a monkey ??
Riddhi : She is de captain of her monkey team
I m wondering girls who have dinner at mid 12 in night
The whole city is like that only ??
Anu , Nivi , Archu , Rani , Nilash : She is a more than monkey ??

From de entrance few more girls r coming or better i say running towards de hall
They r : is there a need of telling
Okkkk so they r : Amayaa??, Shab??, Surbhi??

Amayaa : Did someone called me ?????
Nilash : Shaitan ka naam liya aur Shaitan hazir??
Amayaa : Did u say something ??
Kanfi : No Amayaa by de way y r u running ??
Kiki : All is well na ??
Shab : No ??
Swathi : No !!! What happened ?????

By coming towards them All the girls in 1 go : Kya hua
Surbhi : Wo wo wo ??
Lax : Wo wo kya behanus ??
Amayaa : Wo actually ??
Archu : Actually what ?????
Shab : Actually ??
Riddhi : Do u guys go after that ??
Shubbu : ya we will but first go nd take de puja thaal from de mandap of Mandir ??
Kanfi : kon aaya kon aaya oberois ??
Kiki : Really Oberois here in PkJ mansion ??
Riddhi : it means Ommi ??
Amayaa : Shut up all of u ??
No Oberois nd Riddhi di no Ommi ??
Shab : The member of pkj club ??
Shurbhi : who was not a native of this mansion ??
Shab : came to meet us ??

By coming forward
Anu : Really wow ??
Nivi : I m so excited ??
Lax : Where r they ?????
Riddhi : Ommi doesn’t come but okk I will meet our friends ??
Nilash : I was gayab from TU PAGE too for a long so I’ll meet after a long ??
Swathi : I too ??
Kiki : I’ll for de first time may be ??
Chitra : Me too ☺☺
Nila : I meet everyday ??
Kanfi : I knew some of them ??
Rani : Wow finally everyone came??
Archu : Guys relax let’s go outside ??

Amayaa : My head is spinning ??
Shab : Mine too ??
Shurbhi : Mine three ??

Some girls went for taking thaal nd left others move towards entrance

A big luxury bus?was standing consisting de whole pkj club nd Aastha on de driving seat
Arpita☺, Liji?, Harika?, Pushpa?, Maahi?, Ani?, Vivikhta?, Akriti?nd others

All came forward
Anu doing aarti of them ??
Rani : WELCOME in PkJ mansion ??
Archu : What a pleasant surprise guyyssss ??
Nilash : Baharo phul barsao meri aadhi family aai h aai h ??
Lax : we missed u so much ??

Liji : Vanakkam I too miss all of u very much
Aastha : I didn’t missed anyone as everyone were in my heart already
Amayaa : Oooo u liar really ??
Aastha : Except u AIR ??
Harika : Heyyyyy don’t tease my chirpy Amayaa ??
Amayaa : That’s like my di ??

( Shab , Nilash , Surbhi : Amayaa we know it’s ur ff but doesn’t mean we don’t get enough dialogues all de focus is on u only this is not fair
Lax : Sahi hai behanu??)
Arpita , Pushpa , Maahi , Ani , Akriti , Vivikhta : kya hame yahi khare hokar rahna h ??

Then only Vishu came from kitchen
Vishu : Guyssss dinner ready ??
U all ?? I have a limited dinner only but koi nahi Nila , nillu , Chitra , swathi , kanfi , kiki , archu , Rani , anu , Nivi , lax , Shab , Surbhi will share their share ??
Let’s go Ammu ??


Guys I wrote this crazy ff in a hour or less so may have a lot of typo nd autocorrect
Please ignore it
Just wanted to wrote something for our pkj nd this idea strike my mind

Luv u pkj ???
This ff is dedicated to pkj family

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  1. TUFriendsForever

    Hmm I liked it.I rarely comment on PKJ but I know shabana u nive shehkar more than u guys Kanfi di moreeeeeeeee
    This was funny awesomeee
    Keep writing

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u dr
      I m happy that u liked my craziness nd more than that I pleased that u know me nd some others pkj members too
      Kanfi is de member of our newly constructed pkj mansion
      Keep commenting like this on de next part

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome and full of fun dear…

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u so much Niki di ☺☺☺
      Wrote in a go after a long time after OBEROI FAMILY MOMENTS

  3. Zaveesha

    Woww PKJ Mansion…nd the great PKJ family…
    Well I’m not in the PKJ family but very well know the awesome pkj family…u guys r awesome..good one Amaaya…waiting for the meeting of Oberois nd pkj…

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u dr
      Nd i m glad that u know us well
      Will soon gonna upload next one …….I m too waiting for their meeting. …….

  4. Alekhika20

    NYC intro

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u alekhika

  5. Anitaaa3

    Hey Can I get addmission in your PKJ mansion??

    1. Amayaa

      No direct admission allowed
      U have to do hard work for that ???we too did once
      Thank u for reading it

      1. Riddhima

        Amu …


  6. Shraddha-DBO

    Hey Amaya this was wow……..felt so excited reading this& waiting for upcoming update…. superb.
    There r more pkj members too waiting to see Oberoi, specially frequently visiting members like me…he..he…???

    Next time give a chance to us also….Amaya bae?

    1. Amayaa

      Oooooo thank u so much shraddha
      I m too waiting dr. ……… lemme see how frequent idea for next episode will strike my mind
      See see Oberois everyday at 10 : 00 pm on one nd only star plus nd for seeing Oberois in my ff wait for de next one

      Next time pakka ??? next part me tumhe bhi Ek dialogue de hi dungi ???

  7. So nice,wonderful

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u AB

  8. VHM

    ha ha ha ha…my Chirpy Amayaa that’s a great surprise and you made my day…lol…i couldn’t believe i have a dialogue too…awesome one dear and a very good come back…keep writing whenever you have sufficient time….loads of love to you…keep smiling and take care

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u my harika di
      I m super happy that it pleased u ……. Nd y not to believe. …….
      U too a way more close to me like pkj …….
      I wrote everything in a go …… I know u say that only if it ever happens
      Luv u tanker ??? Ya for a changing I will write like this ……
      Hmmmm I’ll take care of mine nd urs too

  9. Nivika

    Its just amazing nd soooo different ff……
    Can u welcome me in ur pkj family…..
    But really loved ur ff????

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u snehal
      This ff is dedicated to my extandend family PKJ FAMILY
      Now a days I m not able to comment in TU ishqbaaz page which is a pkj page more for us so this ff for them
      Thank u again for giving ur time for my ff nd me

      Most welcome in our pkj club
      Keep commenting there nd here ( I mean on de next part ) Promotion indirectly ???

  10. Ananyagour

    Amazing ??? superb nice idea ?
    Can I come in pkj mansion

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u Thank u ??
      Ya u could
      Keep commenting

  11. Nivedita

    Ha ha! Total laughter riot!????? As cute as a button as you! ?

    1. Amayaa

      ??????Thank u ??????
      So whose dialogue is de best ???????

  12. Wow!!! Ammu Awesome intro dr….. I also want to join here before oberoi’s arrive…. Mujhe vi milna hain…

    1. Amayaa

      Heyyyyyyy banita it is a complete chapter nd TU made it an intro
      Thank u yaar for ur kind support
      Keep commenting de next ride of bus will have u too
      Oberois aate rahte h aksar
      Kabhi bhi mil le

      1. Yeeehhhhh!!!! Thnk u soooo much Ammu dr 4 adding me also…. I think i know sme of u in pkj mension….. Excited to meet u all also….. Lol..

      2. Amayaa

        Mention not ???


    Dear Amayaa
    Kya Aap Meri Welcome Kara Sakthi Hai Pkj Mansion Pe?Superb Concept??????Well Done?

    Take Care?

    1. Amayaa

      Yup welcome welcome ???
      Next part will have u too ???

      Thank u again

  14. Hawww yesterday you just mentioned the name pkj mansion and today you made a ff also…..hats off to you yar……

    Aise hi khidkitod likhte raho…

    1. Amayaa

      Rapid work Arpu baby
      Thank u very much for reading it
      Nd see at de end i too give u a dialogue so be happy nd do wait for meeting oberois

  15. Nilash

    Amayaa…… couldn’t stop laughing
    no problem with less dialogues but dialogues hona chahiye har roz (wink wink)
    And haan mai tere se share karne waali hu khana. But mere Vishu ko cook bana diya??? Good good. And SACH ME SHAITAN KA NAAM LIYA AUR SHAITAAN HAZIR
    My Amaayaa is back. And dinner ke baad don’t dare to forget my chocolate haan.
    Amayaa sab hamare PKJ mansion me aanaa chahte hai so now the responsibility goes to you. Sambhal lena.
    Jaldi aanaa aaj PKJ MANSION me hamara dimaag khaane. LOVE YOU

    1. Amayaa

      Oooooo really don’t stop laughing
      Laughter is de medicine for health nd for entertainment
      Next episode will have a less dialogue of urs
      Don’t share with me ……… Share it with de new members of pkj mansion AASTHA DI ND OTHERS
      As I nd Vishu already gonna have our share of food ……. U all have to share with others
      Vishu ko cook yes yes bana diya
      U r not less than a Shaitan ???
      KUCH MITHA HO JAI type
      Secretary duty is
      OKKKkk OKKKkk I’ll come there soon
      Nd wait my ff too get published ………. I saw it …….. I m gonna read my ff after a longggggg
      Sare ke sare purane authors ki khirkitor vapasi ?�Luv
      Luvvvvvvv uuuuuu 2222222

  16. AnuluvsIB

    Wow ammu!! Hilarious ??? the best part I loved is ridhi baar baar referencing to Om… lol ????
    Simply luved it yaar!!

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Am waiting for next update.. Maahi ko bi bula le.. pls ??

      1. Amayaa

        Lemme see how fast I could able to write it in words nd publish it ………. Nd MAAHI bhul jao
        No option

    2. Riddhima

      Anu …I am happy …

      Amu wrote correctly ..if I was there .. My recation will be like that true .. Thinking about om talking about om ..I loved it …

      1. AnuluvsIB

        We all clearly know that ridhi!!

      2. Amayaa


    3. Amayaa

      Thanku thanku Anu di
      Next part : Pushpa baar baar referencing to Shivay
      Nd many more

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Waiting for that ? U said mahi bhool jao.. ?

  17. Aastha_Reddy

    Aww…. You made so much fun of me. I was the bus driver. I wish it was a truck or other goods carrier(I am at front sear and others in trolley!!). I am eagerly waiting to see my own interaction and conversation with my lovely favourite Shivaay Bhaiyya. I hope I can get some good dialogue with my bhaiyya as only Pushpa is interested in him. I have to protect him from Anu-Archu-Lax…trideviyan attack.
    But hum sab gaye kahan the jo bus chlakar mujhe hi sabko wapas lana pada??? Shayad Oberoi mansion gaye the.
    Seriously I drove a bus… kiss Astha!!! This is neither dream..not reality..its fiction.
    Shall I take some credit for the pkj story!!!(wink wink). Lately I was trying such type of fiction with pkj for one shot so…… (tomato on my face and I am smiling…who will not??? After all tomato is rs.120/kg.)
    Ammu…hope this is your type of monkey comment.

    1. Amayaa

      Looks like my most of de lovvvveeeee is in my last reply for u
      Which moderation uncle ate ……. May be it was made by de maximum luv nd for that only it’s taste was yummmmm which results it into de stomach of moderation mamu. ……….
      I replied u 2 days ago only but this gr8 TU did vanish it ……..
      I have to type once again

      See I made u de driver of bus if only u did what I said then I may give u de honour of pilot too ……
      Aap sab pkj club se aa rahi thi madam pkj mansion me
      Ab tak to nahi aai h ff me to rahna tha na Oberois nd especially
      Hamare bhaiya se Milne to le aai aapko

      U can take all de credits ROCKSTAR
      U r de only reason of dis ff ……. ur OS ( something like pkj in oberoi mansion ) nd u r de inspiration behind this
      So I did reverse here nd not anything more
      Thank u for being my inspiratior

      Do u like tomato with such an extent always u know its current price
      Tell me if it is then I’ll gift tomatoes on this b’day of urs

      Nd do I hope to see u on hangout ??????

  18. Riddhima

    Amu …

    Your humor sense …was laughing ????? .like hell ….. Read it again and again …you understood me correctly and I was think how she wrote is excatly what i was thinking and what I will be doing in that situation…. Superu ..j liked the whole epi …waiting for the next one … Hope I have a convo with om ???? .. .???????????????……

    Do we have second dinner in pkj mansion ????

    1. Amayaa

      So u enjoyed it ……. I m pleased and pleased …….
      Wow what a humor of mine ??? OKKKkk OKKKkk I m not gonna compliment myself
      See I know u much well …….
      Aastha di has a wish of convo with her nd Shivay bhaiya nd u with ur Ommi

      The dinner part itself has a lot of fun
      Will try to write it in words nd publish soon
      Nd i hope ur comment on de next successive parts

      1. Riddhima

        Amu the CRAZY GIRL ….????????????????

  19. aww i amaya di it eas so good remember me pls add me too
    waiting 4 the next one
    love u
    take care
    love ib☺️☺️☺️

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u dr Shagun
      I remembered u but u urself not came forward always
      Once u commented on pkj page nd i replied too but after than no responses
      By de way very very thanks
      Love IB me too

  20. Sagithya

    Amazing n different concept too…. Loved it… Can I join in ur pkj club…

    1. AnuluvsIB

      sure Sagithya… we usually comment on the written update page.. U can join us there!! 🙂

    2. Amayaa

      Ya Ya pkj club is always open for everyone
      U can join us on IB TU PAGE which is a more PkJ PAGE
      Nd thank u for giving ur previous time here

  21. Nice waiting for next

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u
      Will upload soon

  22. Shabana

    omg ammmu subah subah itni hasa diya yaar muje im laughing like the hell u know
    and thuje patha hoga na ki muje kya pasand hai i dont want to be sso ki sissi plsssssssssss dont make me that
    and uu gave very less screenspace for mee ehheeheh im not at all botherd dear uu know if uu just gave me evn a single dialogue im soo happy i reallly felt happy uu gave me a part in this ff
    and do check my wall u will be more happy
    with love

    1. Amayaa

      MADRASSAN I m replying u again
      My 1st reply gone vanish
      May be it looked so much tasty to moderation uncle that he ate eat
      Hope this will get publish

      Thank u thank u
      Do laugh like this always
      So have this medicine at regular interval ……. if not possible then ask me I myself give u a necessary dose always
      I know i know that also
      That ending dialogue of urs , Shubbu nd Nilash di is just for pulling my own leg nd increase de dose of laughter
      I checked it ……… Thank u Shab for ur kind help ………
      But this part didn’t cross 100 but it’s okkkk
      I’ll try on de next ……..
      Thank u once again ??

  23. Kanfi

    Hey aamu…
    It was fabulous????,
    Ammazing loved it….
    Our manision is getting famous n latlrge too…
    Pkj mansion??
    Waiting for next part

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u kanfi

  24. Nila

    Ammu??????? superb yaar
    Good intro? & waiting for next update?????? I am
    Eagerly waiting to meet the Oberois????????

    Love u???? Ammu

    ??pkj Mansion??

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u Nila di
      Can I say something? ????? Ya Ya y not u will say na
      I m too wanna meet oberoi
      So let’s see how fast I could do that
      Thank u again

    2. Riddhima

      Nila ..I am also eagerly waiting for shivomru …??????????


  25. Amaya nice dear really enjoyed
    Dear will u plz welcome me into pkj mansion

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u thank u
      U will always be welcomed there

  26. Swathi..

    Ammu nice work Fantastic ff. Ff mein bhi drama nhi chodegi right? Crazy. Loved it writting Amaya. Keep writing. Update next part soon.

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u Swathi
      Drama becomes my reflection yaar
      Can’t leave it
      Nd will try to upload next part soon

  27. Surbhi Sharma

    Woww . Ammu . Itnaa amazingggggggggggggggg .

    We’re so exited to meet obros , especially ShivU . Yayyy . Am so exited .

    Loved it . ??????

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u Shubbu
      I m too excited to meet them
      Esp. Ur Shivu nd my dr bhaiya ……. I m too de same excited. …..

      Don’t luvvv uuuu ?????

  28. Archiya

    It’s awesome Amayaa ? ?

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u so much Archu ??

  29. LAX

    Amaaya Jaaneman
    This is fantastic.
    Ridhima is most funny character in the OS. But I loved me the most. ???

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u thank u didu
      I luvvv uuuuu di de ( de most lagaya to baaki Sab Mar hi dalenge to next part kon likhega )

  30. yay! main bhi hun ?? Chalo if not in real life at least in ff I can cook for a whole bunch of ppl ???? thanku amu ???

  31. Kiki

    OMG Amaya. ….. Today only I noticed ur work. Sorry for the late reply. It’s hilarious and awesome ?????
    You know Amu, All is well is the phrase I often use. What a coincidence ???
    Update the next part soon. I want to meet Obros soon ?

  32. Piyuu

    awesome ammu

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