PKHJD ( an analyse of last episode and also happy ending – in my mind)


Hey guys i am piyali and i was a great fan of pyaar ko ho janne do but as we know it has ended and i am really very sad due to its sad ending as i really wished everything to get sorted out in end and ishan-preet living happily with kavya and their child but it didn’t happen but i thought to give a good ending in my mind so i am here to give an analyse of the last episode and i also want to write the ending in my way to atleast make myself happy so here it goes….

Analyse :
The last episode was superb as other episodes of the series , like sana proved that she was a true friend of rizwan and preet but she got killed ???? i didn’t like it as she was good so they should have showed us that she was alive , really i wanted that to happen.
preet told rizwan the truth that she was pregnant and the child was their sign of love but then they both died????? Ok i understand that they wanted to show the extreme love of preet and rizwan but what was the fault of the child ???? they would have showed that the child got saved and hooda family cared for him .

And they didn’t even show us hooda families response , did they forgive rizwan ???? actually in the end on kavya’s book launch too no one of hooda family was their , they didn’t come in their granddaughters book launch or did they din’t forgive rizwan and started hating preet too as she killed herself for rizwan ?????they should have clarified this as they also knew that rizwan-preet sacrificed for this nation , isn’t it ??????

And they also forgot to to tell us about shergill , baba,the 26 january mission etc ????
so i just want to tell my story which has a happy ending to just give myself a feeling of happy ending , here it goes…..

the rest story is same and the scene starts from where prêet and rizwan are hugging and preet presses the bomb but in the nick of time she tries hard to remove rizwan’s coat and finally succeed and throws the coat to the other side of the room and the bomb blast .
everything is dark with smoke and when the smoke gets clear , we see prêet and rizwan lying down holding hands with few wounds but unconscious.

Hearing the bomb blast the terrorist run from their but shergill and his team get hold of them and also try to break the room and succeed .

They see ishan and preet there and rush them to hospital along with sana as they see her lying unconscious but not dead and also as shergill feels that to save someone’s life is important even if he/she’s a terrorist and also contact the hooda family who run to the hospital listening this.

In the hospital :
The doctor tells them that sana ‘s operation is successful and that she will be get conscious in a few hours while preet just got minor injuries so she and her child are safe.
The doctor also tells them that ishan is critical as he was too close to the bomb and got many internal injuries due to that and he is in comma , all family gets shocked and badi maa cries and says : i know he was not our ishan , he did all that as he was a terrorist but i also know that the care that he took of our famiy in these 4 years even real ishan would not have done that , his name was fake but his love for us was not , he did all that as he loved us , he really did.
She cries bittery saying this and sits on her knees while preet runs to her and says : maa , don’t worry ish… rizwan would be fine , i know we promised each other that we will live and die together , if i am fine then he will have to be fine , he will have to be (she says all this with tears yet strength in her eyes )

Trisha and sid too join and they all pray in front of Krishna god’s idol for rizwan while sana also gets conscious and gets to know everything and prays in her muslim style for rizwan .
Shergill sees her praying and thinks : i never thought that in my life i would ever see the change of heart of these ruthless terrorists but now i also can understand that not everyone is bad but only situation makes a person bad or good.
He too joins sana and prays to god in her style for rizwan’s health .
The doctor comes to kavya who was standing there and says : where’s your family?
Kavya says : they all are praying for papa.
Doctor smiles and says : tell them that their prayers have succeed and mr hooda got conscious , it really seems a miracle.

Kavya smiles and runs to them saying : papa got fine…
Preet turns to her and says : kavya …
Kavya nods smiling while all smile and run to his ward .
In the ward :
Rizwan (in pain and almost crying) : i am sorry bade papa, i am soory ….
He’s not about to speak further due to injuries while trisha , kavya, neeti and sid hug him and badi maa says : if children say sorry then they will not repeat the mistake na???
Rizwan smiles and nods while rizwan says sadly : i will go far from you all , bade papa i promise.

Bade papa slaps him on shoulder slightly saying : don’t even dare to say this again , who will take care of kavya, preet , our whole family and the new child , this sid and niti , will you leave your precious family trusting them (neeti and sid make faces still smiling) trisha will go to bilal’s house then only you and preet are left for our family na….
Riwan smiles.

Shergill comes their and says : but uncle , he will go to jail as he did a big crime.
Sana also comes with shergill’s support.
The whole family is shocked while shergill thinks : even sana will also have to go , 1st time i loved someone but to get separated from her .
He is thinking this while preet says : please mr shergill , he and sana saved our country , they were even ready to sacrifice themselves for us , please pardon the….
Shergill cuts in between saying : i can’t to anything preet its not in my hands.
Preet gets sad while rizwan tries to make her smile but suddenly the senior inspector (that who blamed preet for stealing important papers before – sorry i don’t remember his name ) comes and says : but the central government can.
All get shocked seeing him and he comes forward smiling and says : i will send a request to central government to pardon them telling their sacrifice but for that they both will have to tell everything they know to india .
Rizwan and sana nods smiling and rizwan says : it would be the best thing for me to get free from this guilt that i supported wrong people till now .
All smile and hug while the scene ends .

After 10 years :
Kavya (the same girl shown in the last scene of the series) is on the mike and says smiling : this is my book “ pyaar ko ho janne do “ na majhab dekho , na nam dekho bus pyaar ko ho janne do ,a story dedicated by me to my parents (neither see religion , nor name , just let love happen)
Preet and rizwan smile seeing towards each other and also towards their 9 years old son- ishreet
Kavya ‘s smile gets huge seeing them and says : and then sana aunty and shergill uncle also married and sid chachu married to depika chachi (you can imagine any girl who looks good with sid) and of course my trisha bua married bilal phupha ji .
Trisha –bilal are seen smiling with a young child seating next to them , his name is ishan (in the memory of real ishan)
Sid and deepika are seen clapping while shergill and sana enter
Rizwan runs to them asking : did you get any lead ? (the terrorist gang is still not caught but rizwan and sana are helping the police completely )
Shergill nods in no and says smiling : stop thinking about that now , tell me too what story kavya wrote , sorry we are late , you know due to traffic jam , she hidded from us now tell us na what was her story .

Preet comes smiling from back and says : she wrote “ our “ story .
Sana smiling : really .
Rizwan nods while badi maa comes from back and says : preet –rizwan , you both gave all you good qualities to our kavya , i always find you both in her .
Preet smiles and says : maa , my good qualities na as he doesn’t have any .
Rizwan looks towards her with a angry expression while preet and others burst out laughing.
Sid comes from back and says : its time for family photo and stop getting angry bhai.
Rizwan smiles while all – sana-shergill, trisha-bilal, deepika, neeti-her husband and their kids, bade papa join them.
All pose and kavya too runs to them while all click a selfie smiling and the show ends on their smiling faces .

Hey guys actually i just felt that they showed us everything but forgot to show us that preet and rizwan also lived happily as they deserved it na as they just showed that for the 4 years rizwan just suffocating inside himself that he was wrong and preet too suffocated , first due to her bitter past and then due to rizwan’s truth , they also desearve to be happy so my chapter is dedicated to them.

And yaa this was one of the best stories of Indian television as our hero –heroine were not some mahan person who always kept sacrificing for others rather they were nor too bad neither some even mahan than god personality .

I just expressed my ending here , hope fully you like it , if yes do comment.

Credit to: Piyali

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  1. Oh wow I loved the analysis I wish they really showed the last episode like that , I loved it keep it up Piyali 🙂

    1. thanks fatarajo

  2. Loved it????♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. thanks lovely

  3. I loved it!!!! Ekta kapoor is the only person in the telly world who can get dead people bak to life! This was just throwing away of a coat!! Idk why she did not show this story!!! You are tooooooo good!! I miss IshPreet sooooooooooooo much!!! That were such an amazing couple with a sizzling chemistry! Love you guys and miss you!!!! Come back together again PLEASE for a happy love story!

    1. thanks anisha and i know i got a little over dramatic like ekta but i thought to do it for the story , i guess she didn’t show it as she wanted to show their unconditional love but then also i wanted a happy ending for the show and missing them now only , hopefully they come back soon

  4. Hey,I loved your ending story more than the actual last episode.
    I am always in favour of happy endings.this was not at all a happy ending, but a sad and abrupt ending.
    I wish the producers make another last episode like your story.

    1. thanks aahuti but you know we can’t call it an abrupt ending after all they showed their unconditional love but yaa i too wished for a happy ending and i too am in favour of happy ending as sad ending make me cry yaar and now it is not possible but still hopes last forever

  5. Ekta kapur shud have rethought for a better ending

    1. i also think so but then also the ending was not at all bad but yaa i wish they showed the hooda family in the end atleast atleast they would have showed us their point of view na but then also it ended no problem we are getting an ff on it i guess so i am waiting for it eagerly

  6. Seriously. .. even i wanted this ending!!!!!

    1. same feelings dear but i wanted it to be even better than mine

  7. great ending

    1. thanks parul

  8. yeah its sooo lovely………..but i think the end is not happy but on other side its a good end…..and yeah your end is sooooo nice…..keep it up good luck.

    1. thanks myst and dear i feel exactly like you that the ending was not at all bad but not happy so i wrote it and realllly thanks for your praises , i thoguht my ending as a dramatic one but you liked it no problem for me

  9. Lalima Chatterjee

    Very much apt to the storyline. While going through the suggested part, l had a feeling that had Piyali been the writer, the extremely well crafted story would have gotten a remarkable ending which would end on a positive note.

    1. thanks lalima and dear pleaseeeeeee don’t honour me so much , you know the writers really carved the story well and the ending was also good as i know not all stories have happy ending , it was just one out of them but i thoguht this end and gave it and dear i must say the actual end was also remarkable but i know not possitive and i guess it wasnot the writers mistake he got less days so had to give the ending abrupt but i just hope ekta returns with another such show with same cast

  10. South African Fan

    I like the little details…the way you describe their expressions and the dialogue that you’ve thought of. Very nice ending, I could imagine the scene as I was reading your analysis. Well done!

    1. hey thanks dear actually i do it as i want to make the scene realastic and if i am able to do it then itsmy honour really thanks

  11. I like it.It’s very nice.

    1. thanks pooja

  12. Hy dear your ending is very nice I wish it ended happily,I was imagining while Reding it telling myself it ended that way,miss you ishan,preet and members of hoods family,love you guys.keep it up piyali you’ll be a writer one day with Gods grace.thank you

    1. thanks dear ,really thanks for your comment and i am too missing them all , hopefully ekta again casts them together in any serial and really thanks for you wishes , really i am overwhelmed dear

  13. Hi piyali?is this the same piyali who comments on my ff for reporters?

    1. hey ananya , sorry dear but no i don’t read any ff on reporters but really thanks for reading this part

      1. Oh okay.ur welcome.u write really we di.

  14. I like this happy ending
    I don’t like both were died and more ever seriel was finiahed

    1. thanks preeti , i also didn’t wanted them to die and yaa i also wanted it to continue but ekta always ends her good shows soon and keeps dragging bad shows , what to do

  15. Beautiful ending! I wish this was the real ending of the series. I was imagining the stoty u gave and must say that there is a sense of satisfaction after that, otherwise I was really disappointed with the way it ended. Thank u Piyali for such nice ending 🙂

    1. thanks BS and i also wished for a happy ending but more good than me and i am really happy thhat you felt good reading my part thanks a lot

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