Im sorry guyz..sorry for the delay…any wYs here is the 3rd part of piya rangrezz

Scene 1
Sher reaches college. ..and all girls were flat seeing his charm…sher move towards the auditorium. ..shradha was already present..bt both didnt see each other
Shradha:hii everyone..a warm gud mrng to one and all present here…
She speaks well….
And now I on behalf of the college would like to invite mr sher sigh on the stage…
And she turns back..shocked to see sher….sher smirks
Now its the time for award ceremony. ..shradha family are also present
After some times everything went smoothly. ..
In canteen
Teena:shradha..wt happen. .why are u so dull
Shradha:nothing teena…

Shradha goes to bath room. ..and was shocked to see sher there
Shradha:what the hell are u doing here
Sher:just to see u baby..look how hot and s*xy u are…come baby lets enjoy..
Sher grabs her waist and touches sensously
Shradha shouts and was trying to get rid of him…bt everything went vain..she started to bang on the door…all people came running and was shocked to see sher forcing shradha..
Arun:hey mr..dont u have shame…how dare u to touch our cutie
Shradha runs and huga her frnds
Sher:cutie..that too our cutie..have u ever get her along…look her naa..how..
Ravi intepted:u blo*dy f**k…dont u have any manners…is this ur mother tought u…
Heated arguments were going on there…all started to blame sher…
Sher was fuming in anger to see the insult…he looks at shradha…
Sher:ms baby U will be only mine….I thought to quench my thirstfor one day bt nw I need u completely. .till my whole life. ..

He gies from there
Shradha was crying vigorously and everyone was consoling her….
In car
Sher calls someone
Sher:I neex all her information. ..including her family bg..affairs..and even day to day schedule of her..

Ms shradhaa…I wont leave u at any cost…ill surely get u..
Precap:sher kidnaps shrDhas frnds…

Blackmilee….virat to slap sher

Thanku guys….next time long upsates
Always smile

Credit to: salluzz

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